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  1. MrWonderful

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Clinton, as we've long discussed, has heart problems and looks frail. (Sounds hoarse all the time, too.) Bush is the same age as Clinton and looks significantly better. Bush looks very good for a 74-year-old man. Obama has aged too, but still looks pretty good for 59.
  2. MrWonderful

    Golf: The 19th Hole

    Yeah, Elder doesn't look like he has a lot of time left, unfortunately.
  3. MrWonderful

    Beverly Cleary

    She had a good run. I may have mentioned before (perhaps on the Olivia de Havilland thread?) that I had a great aunt who lived just shy of her 105th birthday as well.
  4. MrWonderful

    Joe Biden

    Yeah, that's fair. I guess you never know if that could shorten his life. He doesn't look aged from it, though, and never really did, honestly.
  5. MrWonderful

    Yaphet Kotto

    Good call by those who thought he could be in trouble. Growing up, I remember him as one of Schwarzenegger's cohorts in The Running Man. I know he did a lot more than that, obviously.
  6. MrWonderful

    Liza Minnelli

    If you google "(insert name here) celebrity net worth", it comes up. And I was mistaken, as Collins has $50MM according to that site.
  7. MrWonderful

    Liza Minnelli

    I mean, Stewart is worth $20MM, Collins is worth $30MM, and Liza is worth $50MM, so they all have plenty of money.
  8. MrWonderful

    Liza Minnelli

    Alana Stewart is 75? Just from this picture, I would have thought that she was about 15-20 years younger than Liza. Joan Collins continues to look great for her age.
  9. MrWonderful

    Tiger Woods

    So far there is no evidence that he was impaired. As for the specific nature of his injuries, you can see the direct quote from the doctor within a Twitter post that Tiger's people put out there. Sounds like he is going to have a long road to recovery, but at least he's alive.
  10. MrWonderful

    8. Rush Limbaugh

    As Rush started his career as a Top 40 radio DJ, it's only fitting that he goes out as my #1 hit for 2020.
  11. MrWonderful

    Carlos Menem

    Holy hell, I didn't even see that he kicked the bucket. I thought it was obvious that he was circling. Another hit.
  12. MrWonderful

    Olivia Newton-John

    Not if you like your women in that Tiffany Trump vein, with the duck lips and the nose more narrow than a pinkie! For real, I agree, she looks hideous.
  13. MrWonderful

    11. Bob Barker

    I second that. There's a good chance he's at death's door.
  14. MrWonderful

    7. George P. Shultz

    My list dropping like flies.
  15. MrWonderful

    43. Leon Spinks

    Pretty much an automatic pick once Michael Spinks tweeted what he did in late December. Hit #7 for me. RIP, Champ.

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