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  1. MrWonderful

    Donald J Trump

    Kanye will save him!
  2. MrWonderful

    The Dead of 2020

    That's why I had to put Barbara Walters on my list! Didn't have Hugh but at least I have him in one of my pools with my buddies.
  3. MrWonderful

    Hollywood Possibilities

    I don't doubt it.
  4. MrWonderful

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Feldman actually accused Charlie Sheen of sexually abusing the then-13-year-old Haim on the set of the film Lucas, which was released in 1986 (the year before The Lost Boys).
  5. MrWonderful

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    This is my first time learning of his health troubles, so this is a good bit of info, thanks. Maybe he's not at death's door right now, but he's had several recent health issues other than the breathing issues that the article talks about. I came across this on his Wikipedia page: In July 2018 Benny underwent DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) which minimized the tremors, but unfortunately complications from the extensive surgeries created numerous other balance, stability, confusion, and pain issues. After surgery, Benny suffered multiple falls including one that dislocated his hip and shattered his pelvic bone. Continued dislocations and several surgeries later, Benny spent a long time fighting various infections. His hip replacement surgery was completed in January 2019. Since then, he dislocated his hip again and recently had another surgery to fix that. So, to recap, this is a 73-year-old man who has had Parkinson's for 20 years, very recently had pneumonia and still has breathing difficulties because of that, has suffered multiple falls, and has had multiple hip dislocations and two surgeries for that. Oh, and he was a cocaine addict for years and also suffered from alcoholism. Might not be a bad choice on 2021 teams.
  6. Biden moved from -140 to -170 over the course of 3 days this week. Trump is imploding. I guess the only "good" part of the terrible poll numbers for him is that there are still over 130 days to go.
  7. MrWonderful

    43. David Crosby

    I believe Crosby said last year that he thought he only had a couple of years left to live. He's had a bevy of health issues (he abused drugs and alcohol for years) including hepatitis C, a liver transplant in 1994, and he also has type 2 diabetes. I don't think he should be removed from the Deathlist if he makes it to 2021.
  8. MrWonderful

    American Football Players

    A bit more info on Floyd Little. His wife says he's responding well to treatments for stage 2 NET cancer. He's going to undergo chemo every day for two weeks, wait two weeks, and then do the chemo again every day for two weeks. From what I could gather, chemo on this type of cancer is not generally very effective, unless it's anaplastic metastatic disease, or SSRS-negative tumors. He could very well be one to watch for 2021, despite this seemingly-positive update.
  9. It wasn't a good weekend for Trump. There was the much-hyped rally which turned out to be poorly-attended, the awful speech where he spent 15 minutes talking about the water and ramp "incidents" from his West Point visit a few days prior (not to mention calling the coronavirus the "kung flu"), and the Bolton interview on Sunday night. And now on Monday morning, Biden has taken his biggest lead of the campaign in betting markets, at -140.
  10. MrWonderful

    Ian Holm

    A wonderfully talented actor. RIP.
  11. MrWonderful

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Back To School is easily my favorite Dangerfield film. RIP.
  12. MrWonderful

    4. Vera Lynn

    A big hit for the DL, as this makes 3 of the top 5 and 4 of the top 7 who have died this year. And we're only in June. It's another hit on my Top 50 too, although picking someone 103 years old isn't exactly a brilliant pick.
  13. MrWonderful

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    U.S. House Rep. Ilhan Omar's father has died from complications of COVID-19 . Apparently their relationship had been frayed since her divorce from her first husband.
  14. MrWonderful

    Donald J Trump

    He doesn't appear to be well. There's a lot of speculation going on that perhaps the reason that he was rushed to Walter Reed hospital last November is because he had a stroke or a mini-stroke.

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