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  1. MrWonderful

    American Football Players

    My eyes didn't deceive me on this one.
  2. MrWonderful


    I feel like a dolt for dropping him from my own DL this year. RIP, Superstar.
  3. MrWonderful

    Joan Collins ultra glamorous British actress and Hollywood star

    After reading the back and forth with you and Ulitzer, and after seeing this video (without sound), I must say, she looks good still. I mean, she does look old, in the sense that the woman is about to turn 90. When you're 90, yeah, you're old. Having said that...it's a "good" old. She looks better than the vast, vast majority of women her age.
  4. MrWonderful

    Dianne Feinstein

    Damn, I hadn't seen these pictures until just now. It's actually quite sad. She looks incredibly frail and gaunt, and is a must for the '24 DL if she's still with us at that time. It's also worth noting that her husband died in February of 2022 (this was her third marriage; the first ended in quick divorce and her second husband died of colon cancer in 1978), and they had been married since 1980.
  5. MrWonderful

    Poker Players

    Dammit. The biggest legend in poker history, certainly here in the U.S. RIP, Texas Dolly.
  6. MrWonderful

    Jack Nicholson

    First time he'd been to a Laker game since the fall of 2021. The Lakers, no doubt inspired by the presence of the legend, closed out the series against Memphis and won by FORTY POINTS!
  7. MrWonderful

    Bruce Willis

    And a missing front tooth; apparently the family doesn't give a shit about that anymore! In all seriousness, I think he's a decent pick for next year.
  8. MrWonderful

    Raquel Welch

    One of the most stunningly beautiful people to ever walk this Earth. And I say this as a gay dude, so, yeah, grain of salt I guess. Still, she was an absolute bombshell in her prime, and was still spectacularly beautiful even in her 40's and 50's. I also hold a special place for her in my heart because she figures prominently in my favorite scene ever in what I think is the greatest film ever made, The Shawshank Redemption. No, she doesn't act in it, but for those who are familiar with the movie, of course it's her poster from One Million Years B.C. that is on the wall when it's revealed that Andy has escaped. Rest well, Ms. Welch.
  9. MrWonderful


    Wasn't a fan of his broadcast career (and neither was Deion Sanders, ha), but I have respect for his playing career. RIP.
  10. MrWonderful

    Bruce Willis

    Sorry to hear about your family member. From what I read, the average FTD lifespan from diagnosis is about 7.5 years. I know that there have been whispers in the film industry (which was already pointed out) that something was going on with him at least by 2017, and possibly sooner. But I will note that he seemed fine at his Comedy Central Roast, which aired in 2018, so even if you go by 2018, 7.5 years out puts us at 2025-26. But perhaps his case won't be an average case and perhaps the onset is happening much quicker with him, who knows. What I'll be watching for are statements made by the family, and trying to read tea leaves based on exact word choice they may use. If they still release pictures of him, for example, his death may not be imminent. But if all that stops and if the words look cryptic, look out. Bruce has always been one of my favorite actors. This sucks.
  11. MrWonderful

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    He's still goddamn dancing out there. 2023 will not be his time! (Don't make me regret this, karmic heavens!)
  12. MrWonderful

    American Football Players

    Barely! But yes, he looks like he's in really rough shape.
  13. MrWonderful

    American Football Players

    Jim Brown is in attendance at the NFL Honors show, and he looks extremely, extremely frail to me, and not super-aware of his surroundings, either. Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders came on stage to announce that the running back of the year award will now be known as the Jim Brown Award. I don't think he makes 2025, and he'll be on my list next year if he makes it that far.
  14. MrWonderful

    American Football Players

    1979 Heisman Trophy winner Charles White has died at the age of 64, due to cancer. He was in a care facility where one of my best friend's wives works.
  15. MrWonderful


    Would be the same for me, if it happens.

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