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  1. MrWonderful

    Tiger Woods

    So far there is no evidence that he was impaired. As for the specific nature of his injuries, you can see the direct quote from the doctor within a Twitter post that Tiger's people put out there. Sounds like he is going to have a long road to recovery, but at least he's alive.
  2. MrWonderful

    8. Rush Limbaugh

    As Rush started his career as a Top 40 radio DJ, it's only fitting that he goes out as my #1 hit for 2020.
  3. MrWonderful

    Carlos Menem

    Holy hell, I didn't even see that he kicked the bucket. I thought it was obvious that he was circling. Another hit.
  4. MrWonderful

    Olivia Newton-John

    Not if you like your women in that Tiffany Trump vein, with the duck lips and the nose more narrow than a pinkie! For real, I agree, she looks hideous.
  5. MrWonderful

    11. Bob Barker

    I second that. There's a good chance he's at death's door.
  6. MrWonderful

    7. George P. Shultz

    My list dropping like flies.
  7. MrWonderful

    43. Leon Spinks

    Pretty much an automatic pick once Michael Spinks tweeted what he did in late December. Hit #7 for me. RIP, Champ.
  8. MrWonderful

    Christopher Plummer

    Dammit. Just a brilliantly talented performer, and this is a big loss. May he rest in peace.
  9. MrWonderful

    Tony Blair

    He looks a lot more rough than George W. Bush, who is 74. Of course, some might offer that it was really Dick Cheney handling most of the work lol.
  10. MrWonderful

    Hal Holbrook

    Well, he died in January, so that was 6 hits in January for me. I'm better at this than I am at most things in life! There's a joke in there somewhere.
  11. MrWonderful

    22. Tony Bennett

    A pretty solid pick by the committee after all, it would appear. Sucks to hear this news.
  12. MrWonderful

    Dustin Diamond

    Well that certainly escalated quickly.
  13. MrWonderful

    Magic Johnson, And Other Basketball Players

    Well known for his stint at Temple, and for his fiery demeanor, Hall Of Fame coach John Chaney has died at the age of 89.
  14. MrWonderful

    15. Jimmy Carter

    That's true, but I do think it could be close, for two reasons. One, Biden is 4 years older. And two, Biden is the one currently in the office, and he'll actually take the job seriously, which means he'll get stressed like most presidents do.
  15. MrWonderful

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2022

    I should have had him on my radar. I knew he was frail, but I guess I just didn't think he was ready to go in his mid-80's. Mistake by me.

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