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  1. MrWonderful

    American Football Players

    1979 Heisman Trophy winner Charles White has died at the age of 64, due to cancer. He was in a care facility where one of my best friend's wives works.
  2. MrWonderful


    Would be the same for me, if it happens.
  3. MrWonderful

    Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

    Wait, this cunt actually puts his brother William on blast for his "alarming" baldness and lack of resemblance anymore to their mother? Uh, fuckface, you have thinning hair yourself. He really is just saying shit to sell books. He's a twat of the highest order. I mean, sure, I don't think William has that youthful cuteness anymore (I say this as a gay dude), but you're his brother, so why is this even relevant to him, other than to just be vindictive in a book? As I said before, fuck him.
  4. MrWonderful


    Chicago White Sox closer Liam Hendriks announces he has non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
  5. MrWonderful

    Tennis players

    Because I'm saying this he'll probably drop dead soon, but he doesn't look too bad to me at all for a person of his age. I don't see gaunt face or even gaunt body, really. Looks better to me than, say, Pope Benedict did years ago, even. So we'll see.
  6. MrWonderful

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Appeared as a priest on The Golden Girls, too, as I remember. He was certainly one of those faces/voices that you immediately recognized when he appeared in a movie or on a TV show, even if you didn't know his name. I live in Anaheim, California, where Disneyland is, and he was the voice you heard on the Disneyland Railroad from 2002-2016. RIP Mr. Boen.
  7. MrWonderful

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    She's still been pretty active over the past year or two. She had a recurring role on Days Of Our Lives, appeared in a couple of episodes of Grey's Anatomy last year, and has a role in the upcoming movie A Snowy Day In Oakland. Still, at 91, she could certainly prove to be a worthy pick by the start of 2024, assuming she makes it that far.
  8. MrWonderful

    American Football Players

    Peyton Hillis saved his kids from drowning in the ocean and is now in critical condition in the ICU. Goodness gracious, what is going on already in 2023?
  9. MrWonderful

    Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

    Whatever, fuck him. His willingness to so publicly air this when it's all one-sided and when he knows damn well that there won't be a response in kind, it's bullshit and I find it reprehensible. The attempts at self-martyrdom. OMG, my brother got in a fight with me, see, he's terrible! Even bringing up his mother in an attempt to gain sympathy for himself and his family, I just think it's disgusting. The more information that comes out and the more he talks, the more I loathe him.
  10. MrWonderful

    Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

    He and his wife are both cunts. They deserve each other.
  11. MrWonderful

    American Football Players

    Yes, the news has turned quite positive and he looks like he is on the road to recovery. So great to hear.
  12. MrWonderful

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    Just mentioned on the ESPN broadcast of Lakers-Heat, former St. John's men's college basketball coach Lou Carnesecca turns 98 tomorrow. Mark Jackson brought him up because that was his college coach and he's broadcasting the game. Jackson brought him up in a happy, upbeat way, so I don't know that he's in imminent danger. Still, the guy's about to be 98.
  13. MrWonderful

    Chevy Chase

    In adding to the above comments (about heart failure and his previous drug abuse and the like), I'll just throw in an observation that might be nothing, but what the hell, I look for shit like this. So there were commercials for Raising Cane's that aired during the holidays on American TV. They basically do a play on the scene in his movie Christmas Vacation where they light the house up, in this case where they light up a Raising Cane's. Anyway, I noticed that he was sitting in a chair for the shots in the commercial, even though his character is standing in the movie, and even though everyone else in the commercial is standing. And while I found this clip, which does show him standing a couple of times, he does look like he's moving pretty slowly. All in all, given how he sounds and given that I am not sure that they want him to stand for long periods, I wonder just how frail he is. Not sure that he's in imminent danger, but I do think he's one to keep an eye on for sure. Chevy Chase Goes Full Clark Griswold For Raising Cane's Commercial - YouTube
  14. MrWonderful

    Hollywood Possibilities

    He looks better than the alternative!
  15. MrWonderful

    American Football Players

    He's now on 50% oxygen, not 100%, but there's some other distressing news coming out from his uncle. He told CNN that his nephew actually had to be resuscitated twice, not only on the field but then once again when he arrived at the hospital. He's also been put in a prone position on his stomach to apparently aid in fluid buildup in the lungs. Upon watching a couple of doctors on CNN discussing these new revelations, it appears to me that this kid is facing long odds to recover. Really hope I'm wrong but it doesn't sound good at all.

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