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  1. Etushispushingupdaisies

    Golf: The 19th Hole

    Well, he has turned out not to be a qualified pick, after all.
  2. Etushispushingupdaisies

    ABC Deadpool IV

    Here's my team. I'm not expecting to win either, but, at least, it's way better than my very first team. A - Alagiah, George (b.1955, BBC presenter) B - Banali, Frankie (b.1951, drummer) C - Causion (Reggae singer) D - Dale Hawerchuk (b.1963, hockey player) E - Evgeniya Simonova (b.1955, Russian actress with lung cancer) F - Fowler, Norman (b.1938, British Politician, Margaret Thatcher's Health Secretary) G - Gulpilil, David (b.1954, Australian actor) H - Hogh, Lars (b.1959, Danish footballer/soccer player) I - Ion Iliescu (b.1930, Romanian ex-strongman) J - Jim Hagedorn (b.1962, Republican congressman) K - Kerslake, Lee (b.1947, drummer for Ozzie) L - Limbaugh, Rush (b.1951, draft dodger, conservative pundit and all-around piece of *censored*) M - Margarita Terekhova (b.1942, Russian actress with late-stage dementia) N - Necro Butcher (b.1973, wrestler and a guy, whom I share my birthday with, although I'm 27 years younger) O - Okamura, Takaka (b.1962, Japanese singer) P - Pleitgen, Fritz (b.1938, German journalist) Q - Quincy Jones (b.1933, record producer) R - Ruth Bader Ginsberg (b.1933, incredibly tough Supreme Court Justice) S - Smith, Tom (b.1971, Scottish rugby player) T - Trebek, Alex (b.1940, Game show host) U - Urquhart, Brian (b.1919, UN employee) V - Varsha, Bob (b.1951, racing pundit) W - Weir, Doddie (b.1970, rugby player) X - Xi Xi (b.1938, Chinese writer) Y - Yoo Sang Chul (b.1971, South Korean footballer/soccer player) Z - Zavorotnyuk, Anastasia (b.1971, Russian soap opera star with possible brain cancer)
  3. Etushispushingupdaisies

    ABC Deadpool IV

    My team has already been sent to you long ago.
  4. Etushispushingupdaisies

    how long till' the next hit ?

    August 13.
  5. Etushispushingupdaisies

    Deathlisters who are dead

    I'm still kicking too and I turned 20 today.
  6. Etushispushingupdaisies

    Voice Actors

    .https://vk.com/wall-4358706_116457. I know that I'm late and that this is not a proper obituary, but here are reports of Mark Makarenkov's passing. Mark Makarenkov was a Russian actor and dubber, who lived and worked in St. Petersburg. He died on 13th of June at age of 76 after suffering a stroke. Makarenkov was famous for dubbing John Lithgow in "Confessions of a Shopaholic", Jonathan Pryce in "The Two Popes", Mark Rylance in "The BFG", Julian Glover in "Mirrors", Derek Jacobi in "Murder on the Orient Express", Ludwig Von Drake, Owl Capone in 2009 dub of "Talespin" and many other characters.
  7. Etushispushingupdaisies

    Voice Actors

    https://rg.ru/amp/2020/06/19/umer-akter-vasilij-stonozhenko.html. Here's a belated obituary for Russian actor and dubber Vasily Stonozhenko. He died of a head trauma on 16th of June 2020. He dubbed Bill Nighy in "Jack the Giant Slayer", Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first "Expendables" movie, Jared Harris in "Lincoln", Mark Rylance in "Blitz", John Hurt in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", Hector Elizondo in "New Year's Eve", Wheeljack in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon", he also voiced General Alexander Lebed's and Yevgeny Primakov's puppets in Russian adaptation of "Spitting Image". RIP
  8. Etushispushingupdaisies

    Ennio Morricone

    RIP. He was one of my favourite film score composers along with John Williams, Danny Elfman and the late Jerry Goldsmith
  9. Etushispushingupdaisies

    The 12th Death of 2020

    Prince Philip
  10. Etushispushingupdaisies

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Well, one of the last things Ignatyev has done before getting the rona and dying was suing Putin.
  11. Etushispushingupdaisies

    how long till' the next hit ?

    13th of July
  12. Etushispushingupdaisies

    The 11th Death in 2020

    Phil the Greek until he goes
  13. Etushispushingupdaisies

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    I'm sorry, the reporters got it wrong. According to his wife, his causes of death were complications from a stroke, not COVID-19. https://rg.ru/amp/2020/06/05/eto-ne-koronavirus-zhena-kokshenova-nazvala-prichinu-ego-smerti.html
  14. Etushispushingupdaisies

    Birthday Deaths

    Frida Kahlo, Alfred Stieglitz, Walt Kuhn, Red Buttons, George Steinbrenner, Richard D. Zanuck, Leonard Garment (White House Counsel under Nixon), Cory Monteith, Liu Xiaobo, Nadine Gordiner have all died on my Birthday. (July 13).
  15. Etushispushingupdaisies

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    https://rbc.ru/rbcnews/society/05/06/2020/5eda1f1b9a794720e4a42a81. Russian actor Mikhail Kokshonov dies of the corona aged 83. He was also a crappy filmmaker and directed such horrible films as "The Prosecutor's Birthday" (a movie, about a prosecutor and his guests celebrating the prosecutor's birthday (that was on the New Year's eve) and ending up stuck in the prosecutor's apartment, because one of the guests has lost the key.) Here's the BadComedian's review. I'm Russian and I understand everything, but it's a pity that there are no English subs. Alexey Buldakov, the actor, who played the prosecutor, has died a year ago at 68, while touring in Mongolia

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