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Elvis is alive!

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  1. Elvis is alive!

    2. Henry Kissinger

    Yes, Biden certainly is.
  2. Elvis is alive!

    4. Bob Barker

    I think Bob is a lock for this year for sure. Maybe the next to die.
  3. Elvis is alive!

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    Then why number them at all? Why not just have a list of names?
  4. Elvis is alive!

    50. Shane MacGowan

    Bad choice. Don't think he will be going anywhere for another 10 years or so.
  5. Elvis is alive!

    5. Alan Greenspan

    Damn dude! Did he rape your dog or something?
  6. Elvis is alive!

    Bob Newhart

    Yea, thats hillarious. I m thinking you might be one of his toliet habits.
  7. Elvis is alive!

    Bob Newhart

    Sure, Ill remeber that.
  8. Elvis is alive!

    Bob Newhart

    I was refering to when he passes.
  9. Elvis is alive!

    Bob Newhart

    Im going to miss him. Hes a funny, funny guy!
  10. Elvis is alive!

    Clive Dunn

    I just saw him on Youtube. Wish I knew about him when he was alive. Very Funny!
  11. Elvis is alive!

    9. Jimmy Carter

    Jimmy Carter is a good man! Great humanitarian! For sure someone who seems like one of your buddies. Horrible President. Maybe one of the worst in history.
  12. Elvis is alive!

    11. Dick Cheney

    Wow, did he take your piece of Birthday cake???
  13. Elvis is alive!

    9. Jimmy Carter

    Carter will probably outlive Biden.
  14. Elvis is alive!

    Bob Dole

    Yea hes a "great, kind, upstanding, decent person". He just needs to remember what planet hes on.
  15. Elvis is alive!

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    That is true, but I have a feeling about him. He seems to spry to die. Although I think we should keep him on the list.
  16. Elvis is alive!

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    He could make it to 105, maybe more.
  17. Elvis is alive!

    Walter Mondale

    Why would you insult people like that? It seems you do not like a place that you have no intention of, nor have in the past visited? You might want to investigate or experience something that you say you dislike, before passing judgement.
  18. Elvis is alive!

    Walter Mondale

    He was well loved in the state of Minnesota. He did more than just provide Deathlist with another hit. He was a good man who only wanted to make this world better. He devoted his whole life to it. We were on opposite sides of the belief system, but he only wanted what he thought was the best. RIP Mr. Vice President.
  19. Elvis is alive!

    Rush Limbaugh

    Are you saying, Rush Limbaugh gave gay people AIDS? Wow, where did you hear this? I completely missed that article.
  20. Elvis is alive!

    Rush Limbaugh

    I am not sure I mentioned politics. What did this man do that warrants a death by cancer?
  21. Elvis is alive!

    Rush Limbaugh

    Its a shame that you feel that someone should die, just because they have varying opinions then yourself. It shows what type of person you indeed are.
  22. Elvis is alive!

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Papa Smurf
  23. Elvis is alive!

    Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    I am sure he will not die before the Queen. He wants a chance to chase tail again.
  24. Elvis is alive!

    Peter Sutcliffe

    I was never personally invited to spend time in prison, and I am not sure what they serve prisoners in Britain, but I do know that American prison food is one of the most disgusting cuisines. It should be left to dogs and hogs. I am sure his bulkiness is due to non -activity. I do not believe they require you to move around too much. Especially him. Even gruel will make a man gain weight if he is not active.
  25. Elvis is alive!

    9. Jimmy Carter

    Actually, I think Carter is an upstanding man. He is a great citizen of these United States. I like him very much. he just didn't make a very good President. TRUMP 2020!

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