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  1. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Passed-Punks & No-Wavers

    Delta 5 were absolutely a cusp of the 80s, post-punk band. They formed as students in Leeds, and it's probably just good luck that none of their three female members got knocked on the head by the Yorkshire Ripper. After their early singles on Rough Trade they signed to a major label, but they weren't cut out for the big time and broke up. Incidentally their drummer Kelvin Knight is dead too.
  2. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Kate And Gerry

    It's just one of those mysteries that catches the public imagination, more so here than anywhere else of course. As a mystery there's a lot to it. Was she murdered? Was she kidnapped? Have the parents really known the truth all along? What really happened that night? Could Madeleine yet turn up alive? If she did now she wouldn't yet be 20, so that's a thread that could run well into the century. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if in the next few decades rival candidates appear claiming to be Madeleine.
  3. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Joan Collins ultra glamorous British actress and Hollywood star

    I seem to recall that Alan Clark liked them young.
  4. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Michael Barrymore

    Dead (Terry Lubbock, that is).
  5. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    Weirdly impersonal voice to that Daily Express story. Where were the funeral details published, and when? Did the widespread anger actually erupt among people, or did it just blow up like spontaneous combustion when the spark of fury came out of nowhere? Who does Dickie Arbiter think should sack somebody? Is he still the Queen's official spokesman at 81, or is he just a rentaquote that they phone up when they've got absolutely no real sources?
  6. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    William Daniels

    As I said just the other day, he'll be best remembered as "the voice of Knight Rider's car." Actually the other night I watched the Naked City episode "Idylls Of A Running Back" and he turned up in that.
  7. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    British Science Fiction Series

    He's passed his Selby date.
  8. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    Jean-Paul Belmondo's a major death in French film, one of the key actors of the New Wave. And Jane Birkin has just had a stroke.
  9. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Gary Glitter

    I remember Sounds reviewing Neu 2 and pointing out Neu's increasing resemblance to the Glitter sound. In 1973 that seemed like a crushingly bad review, but they had a point... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LfODdusZu-o
  10. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Destined to be mainly remembered as the voice of Knight Rider's car.
  11. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Who Will Be The First Rolling Stone To Die?

    Considering he'd had cancer Charlie did well to last to 80. And he kept playing, and in the later photos looks healthier than the rest of them.
  12. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Passed-Punks & No-Wavers

    Earlier he'd been a genuine, if minor, pioneer on the punk scene as vocalist with The Unwanted, who appeared on one of 1977's first punk albums, the live compilation The Roxy London WC2.
  13. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Class Of 1937

    Actually only about six or seven of them are deceased.
  14. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    British Character Actors

    It feels as if a little bit of the Sixties has died.
  15. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Hollywood Possibilities

    https://deadline.com/2021/08/alex-cord-dead-airwolf-star-obituary-1234812180/ Character actor Alex Cord dead at 88. Evidently he'll be best remembered for being in 80s action show Airwolf, but for me his most interesting part was as the lead in Synanon (1965), a movie that gave a sympathetic picture of the later-to-be-notorious drug rehab organisation turned cult.

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