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  1. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Kamala Harris

    Will she really be allowed to take the presidential nomination? Her brains aren't much better than Joe's.
  2. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Donald J Trump

    Kind of an "I'm Spartacus" thing?
  3. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Seven of the Hill Street Blues main cast gone now, and half a dozen more in their 80s and late 70s. The youngest member is Megan Gallagher (b.1960), she could be the last survivor in a decade or so.
  4. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Joe Biden

    It often doesn't take that long - once people in the club talk about him being removed, a momentum builds up fast. It wouldn't surprise me now if Biden goes suddenly.
  5. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Dead Pop Stars

    Stealers Wheel extinct, at least in their form as a duo (who made their best album, Ferguslie Park).
  6. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Liz Truss

    Eight of them living now - the most ever? Most look like lasting a good few years yet, too. We could have enough to make a football team before long.
  7. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Liz Truss

    As an ex-pm she's got a life pension and eventually a damehood or a seat in the House of Lords. Could become the Ted Heath of the 21st century, sniping at her successors for decades to come.
  8. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Sir Cliff Richard

    His legs are hanging down like Kermit's used to on the Muppet Show.
  9. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    General Election 2024?

    There used to be a guy on Youtube who had about 10 videos up, all of the same thing: him in a kitchen, standing with his back to the camera in tight trousers and riding boots, farting. I think he was French. Anyway his channel was deleted for violating community standards. I remember Youtube wanting adult verification a few times years ago, but then it seemed to go away.
  10. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Donald Sutherland

    The last survivor of the main cast from Dr Terror's House of Horrors, now he's caught the train for Bradley too. (I have to admit the first thing I thought of was his early parts in British films and TV shows like Gideon's Way and Man In A Suitcase.)
  11. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Catherine Windsor AKA Kate Middleton

    If Major had still been prime minister when Diana died, he'd presumably have been thought too busy. Most likely the job would have gone to a former home secretary or chancellor - Major is both, as well as being ex-pm.
  12. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Rishi Sunak

    Perhaps this is why he didn't want to spend too much time on D-Day.
  13. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Nigel Farage

    The girl who flashed the New York-Dublin portal was on OF too.
  14. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    Nigel Farage

    The other night I was watching a Youtube video about Samantha Wohlford (Youtuber turned murderer) and thought that these days she'd have been on Onlyfans. But apparently there are plenty of girls on there who don't make much money.
  15. Slackhurst Broadcasting

    UK Singles Chart

    I've just realised I had them mixed up with Paper Lace, who dressed as US civil war soldiers for "Billy Don't Be A Hero," then gangsters for "The Night Chicago Died," and then bikers with matching jumpsuits for "The Black-Eyed Boys"... and then the gimmick ran out of steam. All but one of the hit-making lineup of Paper Lace are still alive, it seems.

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