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  1. GMsohum

    World's Oldest

    I am just 27 years old now. If I live for around 90 years more , probably people will discuss about me here !
  2. GMsohum

    World's Oldest

    This thread is useless because we don't really know who is the oldest. There could be people born before 1900 still alive but they don't have birth certificate to prove their real age.
  3. GMsohum

    Why no Indians ever in DeathList?

    I am not trolling. The comment by Sir Creep was not funny. I am serious person.
  4. GMsohum

    The 100 Club

    One year is very small time period so 100 years is not a big deal. Just multiply that small period by 100 and there you are!
  5. GMsohum

    The 100 Club

    I will have to be alive on 3rd August, 2094 to enter this club. I will keep that my goal and post here my success story on that day .
  6. GMsohum

    Why no Indians ever in DeathList?

    This is a cooked up story in the first place. There is no such casuality in Shivajinagar. I stay near Shivajinagar. 3 hours away. Why do you hate this thread so much? I will soon come up with a comprehensive death list of Indians. Give me some time to do research.
  7. GMsohum

    World's Oldest

    Luck is most important factor. Even if your genetics are strong, you can die anytime in accident or by major illness. Those long living people have learnt the art of survival and also have great luck. For example, the people who died by Coronavirus were unlucky
  8. GMsohum

    World's Oldest

    That's a funny story. When i was 4-5 years old i used to think that I will live upto year 3000. Then later i understood it is impossible so came down to 2100. The reason is simple. Living that long implies good health for a long time and good health will come by staying in good environment and being busy in work and having a balanced life. Longevity is a result of many positive factors. Luck is also required. We get to live only once so why not live as long as possible?
  9. GMsohum

    World's Oldest

    I am saying seriously. As a child when anyone used to ask me what is your ambition in life? I used to say I want to be alive in year 2100. I am not kidding.
  10. GMsohum

    World's Oldest

    Best option is to live upto year 2150. Then i will enter Guiness Book of World Records and my name will be immortal even after my death. 150 years is not a big deal. One year passes very fast on count of 1-2-3
  11. GMsohum

    World's Oldest

    If I choose that option all the nations police will be behind me and they will kill me.
  12. GMsohum

    World's Oldest

    I challenge everyone that I will be the last man surviving from the 20th century. My birth year is 1994. Will post 'Hi' in this thread on 1st Jan 2120. All the 20th century born would be wiped out by then theoretically. I will be the only one surviving.
  13. GMsohum

    World's Oldest

    Not so easy. Death can occur anytime and in any form. It is unpredictable
  14. GMsohum

    World's Oldest

    What do I need to do if I want to be the oldest person alive?
  15. If you are young now you have hopes of making it to 130 atleast. Medical science is advancing very rapidly. Probably faster than technological advancements. If all diseases become curable and ageing slowed down, we could see many people reach age of 150 by the year 2150.

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