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  1. Paul Bearer

    Fort William Football Club

    Back instock....£7 plus postage Email fortwilliamfc@highlandleague.com or message the club on social media
  2. Paul Bearer

    A humanitarian Ukrainian thread

    We can take in an adult and 2 kids depending on their age and sex. We have 2 available bedrooms, a single and a double. And we we are still waiting to hear from the council/government. I was a bit puzzled why we had to contact our mortgage provider, but a friend told me it was because it could be considered as sub letting part of our house. The fucking red tape is unbelievable.
  3. Paul Bearer

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    Went last night. Really funny and had a new 'character' called URL. If any of you are parents to a kid with a mobile phone superglued to their hands and face in the screen, you'll get this. All the regulars were there, Walter, Achmed, Bubba J etc. He was on stage for about 2 hours. If you get the chance to see him, I'd recommend going.
  4. Paul Bearer

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    I was more surprised at France giving the UK 12 points.
  5. Paul Bearer

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Obvious winner. Will be interesting where they'll host it next year.
  6. Paul Bearer

    Ron Mael

    Thought I'd drag this one up again if only just to say the cd will be available at the end of the month. Ordered from Amazon if you're interested.
  7. Paul Bearer

    Fort William Football Club

    Last game of the season at Claggan before fertiliser and re-seeding are done. Get down there. 14:00 kickoff Free entry
  8. Paul Bearer

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    Going to see Jeff Dunham on Saturday. Looking forward to a good laugh.
  9. Paul Bearer

    A humanitarian Ukrainian thread

    Bump. Still waiting on word back from the government regarding this. Had a total of 3 standard e-mail replies.
  10. Paul Bearer

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    Well done to me, the old lady, old crem and JiroemonKimura. Sorry youth in Asia, your vote doesn't count as it was only made 4 hours ago. Better luck next pandemic.
  11. Paul Bearer

    has anyone famous posted?

    And I'm Sparticus.
  12. Paul Bearer

    Read This First ! + The Ranting Rules

    It happens. The search function , whilst not perfect, works reasonably well. Maybe if you put one word in to it ( i.e. Elsewhere) it may have brought it up.
  13. Paul Bearer

    Fort William Football Club

    Update. The club has chosen not to make a public comment before now regarding the situation surrounding our withdrawal from the playoff games due to the fact that discussions were ongoing with the Highland League Management Committee and the SFA, however after talks broke down at a meeting of the LMC with Directors of Fort William FC on Thursday evening we would like to make a number of things clear. Firstly, as many people are aware, Fort William’s pitch at Claggan Park was deemed unplayable by an unqualified person (contrary to LMC rules) at the beginning of the 2021-22 season. The decision was made by the LMC to make Fort William play their games away from home. Substantial work was completed and the pitch was deemed fit to play games in September by a registered SFA referee, however the LMC decided to uphold their decision to make Fort William play away from home. This was not based on the quality of the park, but on their belief and assumptions about other factors relating to the club. In the week leading up to the playoff games the club contacted the LMC with requests regarding player dispensations due to our desire to fulfill the fixtures and our understanding of the Highland League rules regarding goalkeepers. Up until 3.30pm on the day before the game, the LMC were unaware of their own rule regarding keepers and were wrongly advising the club. We were fully aware of the rules and as such did not want to enter into the fixture and be penalised should their mistake be found out. We had a squad ready to play, we understood the rules, our paperwork was all in order. The LMC decided that a pitch inspection was required at Claggan Park the day before the first leg. An unqualified person (contrary to the LMC rules) inspected the pitch and declared the game should be moved. At no point were the club advised to roll and line the park prior to this visit. Fort William FC have been in talks with the SFA during the past 2 weeks regarding the matters and the issues raised have been escalated. We hope that a resolution can be found by all parties involved.
  14. Paul Bearer

    Next Monarch

    Charlie. Like it or lump it, he's next in line.
  15. Paul Bearer

    Andy Goram

    Famous enough in Scotland for his own thread. Don't like it? Scroll. If I ever visit Deathlist.com, I'll be sure to watch out for that impersonator .

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