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  1. Paul Bearer

    A Joke

  2. Paul Bearer

    Name Shame?

    Physically an adult, mentally still a (morbid) kid.
  3. Paul Bearer

    Selma Blair

    Come back in about 30 years when she MIGHT be of any interest. http://www.itv.com/news/2018-10-21/i-hope-to-give-some-hope-to-others-selma-blair-reveals-ms-diagnosis/
  4. Paul Bearer

    Fort William Football Club

  5. Paul Bearer

    Fort William Football Club

    Just googled it. Seems we're both correct. Oban times incorporating Lochaber times.
  6. Paul Bearer

    Fort William Football Club

    Lochaber times. It's just a photo of the back page with the story about the chairman wanting to bring stability to the club.
  7. Paul Bearer

    Fort William Football Club

    There's an item in the Lochaber times but I couldn't download it on to this page. Not sure why it won't, but it seems to be like it since he last upgrade. I could put it on to our Facebook page and you can read it there. Or if you've got the knowledge, try to download it here.
  8. Paul Bearer

    Fort William Football Club

    Breedon highland league full time Fort William fc 1 v Inverurie Locos 7
  9. Paul Bearer

    Fort William Football Club

    Game on!!! Breedon highland league Fort William FC v Inverurie Locos FC Claggan Park Saturday 20th October 3pm kick off Clubhouse and gates open at 2pm
  10. You sure do talk a load of Shiite.
  11. Paul Bearer

    Death In The Family

    Sorry for your loss H.
  12. Paul Bearer

    Straws are gay.

    Lock it? Just delete the fekin thing.
  13. Paul Bearer

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    Thought I'd take time to watch blue peters 60th birthday celebrations on cbbc. Fuck me, have kids IQ's dropped in the last 20 years? Or are the presenters more condescending? Or is it me just being a grumpy old bastard?

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