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  1. Paul Bearer

    David Bennett

    Found guilty of stabbing someone in 1988 leaving his victim paralysed. I'll try to post the BBC news link.
  2. Paul Bearer

    Dead Pop Stars

    Good. Wasn't she?
  3. Paul Bearer

    Frankie Muniz

    You are, of course, correct. I'm biding my time before putting this one on mod preview too.
  4. Paul Bearer

    David Bennett

    Good point. However, we had Bill Gates dad on the list and apart from being Bill Gates dad, I don't know what he was famous for. Having said that, he's a famous first. One for the committee to decide on.
  5. Paul Bearer

    David Bennett

    If he does, I'm sure he can have the number 50 position.
  6. Paul Bearer

    David Bennett

    Really? I'd have given him 6 months.
  7. Paul Bearer

    David Bennett

    First ever recipient of an animals heart. Modern medicine at its finest. Guess they saved his bacon. I wonder how long he's got now. Wasn't famous before the operation, but confident he'll get a QO when he dies.
  8. Paul Bearer

    Deathlisters who are dead

    Welcome back CP.
  9. Paul Bearer

    how long till' the next hit ?

    January 20th
  10. Paul Bearer

    The 3rd Death of 2022

    Ted. Only 'cos I haven't heard of him.
  11. Paul Bearer

    Unlikely 2022 death

    @haley823 you've been warned a few times. You are now on mod preview.
  12. Paul Bearer

    George Dzundza

    Apparently an overweight older guy.
  13. Paul Bearer

    Michael Moriarty

    Take this as a final warning. Mod preview imminent.
  14. Paul Bearer

    R Dean Taylor

    I wonder if there's a ghost in his house now.
  15. Paul Bearer

    George Dzundza

    I must try to introduce you both. Might help.

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