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  1. DaDeathGuy

    Hollywood Possibilities

    You know why he rescued his kids? Cause he's a real life superhero. Now go watch the latest Marvel movie folks.
  2. DaDeathGuy

    Donald J Trump

    I think all that's going to happen in the end is Trump and his "brand" will find a place in politics. He will die eventually and the Republican party will remain with a more rightward tilt.
  3. DaDeathGuy

    World's Oldest

    Tired of all the 110 club fanboys i assume.
  4. DaDeathGuy

    Elvis Presley

    I don't even notice when they're scientologists, it's not an uncommon thing for rich people.
  5. DaDeathGuy


    The real inventor: chickens.
  6. DaDeathGuy

    Lynch Mob

    Shame she died in her 60s. If it makes you all feel better, her character's appearances were the worst part of the show.
  7. DaDeathGuy

    Dying Bigots

    You could've just described him as "Russian" and we all would've understood.
  8. DaDeathGuy

    World's Oldest

    Hendricks is an example of someone getting so old it's surreal. Her oldest child died at 90 a few years ago, and all her other children lived in the same nursing home as her.
  9. DaDeathGuy

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Looks absolutely horrible, but I'm sure Hollywood's silly medicine can have him up and making more Marvel movies soon.
  10. DaDeathGuy

    25. Alan Alda

    I don't think the new picks are bad, it's bringing in the next generation. Can't have the same 96-year-old picks every year.
  11. DaDeathGuy

    The 1st Death of 2023

    Henry Kissinger, voted for him every time and one day I will be right dammit!
  12. DaDeathGuy

    4. Alan Greenspan

    The zoomers have joined the board XD.
  13. DaDeathGuy

    Pope Benedict XVI

    You can not believe me, but I did believe he would die December 31 to finish off a string of deaths. Didn't say cause if I was wrong I'd be made fun of.
  14. DaDeathGuy

    Pope Benedict XVI

    I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN TODAY. One last middle finger to the commitee and deadpoolers.
  15. DaDeathGuy

    Life In Prison

    You don't have to like Tate to see what's being done to him is blatantly communist and anti-freedom of speech. He said things you're not allowed to say and went after the Holy Greta, and now he's being punished.

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