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  1. DaDeathGuy

    Hollywood Possibilities

    As a member of Gen Z, this was MY introduction to him
  2. DaDeathGuy

    Tim Johnson

  3. DaDeathGuy

    Notable Victims of the Russo-Ukrainian war

    About as believable that he was as any other death posted here. XD
  4. DaDeathGuy

    Notable Victims of the Russo-Ukrainian war

    Go fight in Ukraine if you care so much.
  5. DaDeathGuy

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Yep, high I.Q. posts going on around the Deathlist.
  6. DaDeathGuy

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    It's remarkable that a woman who's the monarch that doctors are trying to keep alive 24/7 is alive? Not really.
  7. DaDeathGuy

    Joe Biden

  8. DaDeathGuy

    World's Oldest

    A truly incredible lifespan, as with her successor Lucile Randon.
  9. DaDeathGuy

    Pat Robertson

    I finally hear a death reported in Pat Robertson's thread and it's his wife. NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  10. DaDeathGuy

    World's Oldest

    Lol very confusing statement that laid out exactly what I think.
  11. DaDeathGuy

    World's Oldest

    I hope she doesn't pass right after this milestone. If she lives to at least 119 1/2, I think that would be good.
  12. DaDeathGuy

    World's Oldest

    What will the longevity fans do if she surpasses Calment? Oh yeah, start counting the days she lived AFTER the milestones.
  13. DaDeathGuy

    World's Oldest

    Robert Young quote on his death: OMG WOW. I'm SHOCKED lol
  14. DaDeathGuy

    The 100 Club

    Sir Creep reply in 3..2...
  15. DaDeathGuy

    Political Frailty

    Yeah, I was messing around bro.

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