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  1. Sideik

    47. General Pervez Musharraf

    You never forget your first prime minister...
  2. Sideik

    Dementia afflicted footballers

    Or american football, I've seen a movie about this...I had to search for the title but it was easy: "Concussion" with Will Smith Anyway...if all the concussion stuff is true I think Raul Jimenez made a big leap towards the illness today...
  3. Sideik

    Ironic Deaths

    If it can be of any consolation, it made me laugh again. Old but gold!
  4. Sideik

    Hooroo, Mate.

    Deadpool Detective Work by Ulitzer
  5. Sideik

    Who Should Make The Deathlist In 2021?

    I was already wondering about that but that propose is too specific, why not include Tom Parker? Ok medium survival rate for glioblastoma is 15 months after diagnosis and he announced it in october but seems a solid name, same for Paul Westphal I don't know if they are DL worthy but according to what I read on this forum, I think Dai Davies, Floyd Little and probably Mary Fairhurst are quite certain they won't see 2022 I would consider at least the following: Dai Davies Tom Parker, Paul Westphal Jiang Zemin (if drol advocates him so much i won't ignore its suggestion) Raul Castro (increasing rumours of a terminal illness ?) James Whale, George Alagiah, Bill Turnbull (this trio should be included as a block) Jerry Lee Lewis Rush Limbaugh Shannen Doherty Larry King Mikhail Gorbachov
  6. Sideik

    FIFA World Cup Players

    An argentine version of 'Goodbye Lenin'...
  7. Sideik

    Diego Maradona

    You should read more about the man...I don't know if you call him cheater for the hand touch or the drug addiction but every person who truly knew him describes him as a very loyal person...the drug abuse didn't enhance his performances in the field, it has been more an obstacle to his career. He was naive and mentally frail in some situations of his life but I consider him less cheater than any of the diving empty players i see nowadays. Just my opinion, don't kill me
  8. Sideik

    Diego Maradona

    In Naples stadium "San Paolo" will be renamed after Diego Armando Maradona according to the city mayor Luigi De Magistris. The whole city is very affected by this departure.
  9. Sideik

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    I'd rather keep an eye on Gino Paoli if I had to choose, but I guess it's less international...
  10. Sideik

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Did you ever give a look at this list? It should provide enough detective work for a couple of years. I don't think any of them could live longer...
  11. Sideik


    After being refused the bail, he is now back in hospital for a two weeks treatment, the report says he is "almost on the deathbed", he suffers dementia and an urinary tract infection. Looking for an early release or real life threatening situation?
  12. Sideik

    Deadpool Detective Work

    He'll need a shovel too then....
  13. Sideik

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Loongkoonan of course! Take the next flight to Australia, you will need a whip, a hat and a treasure map, don't forget the mask!
  14. Sideik

    Life In Prison

    I haven't found any mention about him so, even if they are old news to break I want to introduce John Arthur Getreu. He is suspected to be the Palo Alto killer who murdered two 21yo girls in the '70s, like the Golden State killer DeAngelo he was linked to the case thanks to DNA found on the crime scene through some genetic genealogy site, and just like DeAngelo he has shown signs of failing health after he was charged. He was hospitalized for a brain embolism a month ago and had his trial postponed to January. Here they say the trial could last a month so next year he is definitelty going to be sentenced. I think any prison term is going to be a life sentence for him, so one to watch. With this post I also take the opportunity to propose (if it doesn't exist) a thread about trials in general, not only for alleged murderers, I find interesting to keep track of people who stand trials because they have a lot of good reasons to see their life expectancy reduced. At the moment I can mention Lee Myung-bak who was confirmed to get 17 years prison term but also Iliescu, Hashim Thaci or Felicien Kabuga, all standing trials for crimes against humanity. I'm not a law expert so I would like to hear someone else's opinion about the chances these people have to receive harsh sentences...
  15. Sideik

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Stefano D'Orazio, drummer of legendary Italian band "The pooh" for almost 40 years has died with covid at 72. He was hospitalised a week ago according to the family.

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