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  1. Sideik


    I loved him in 'Juste la fin du monde', very sad news
  2. Sideik

    Deathrace 2022

    Little hit for me
  3. Sideik

    World's Oldest

    Age currently unvalidated according to this
  4. Sideik

    Life In Prison

    It would have been icing on the cake for my bad boys theme team if I found it out
  5. Sideik

    World's Oldest

    Oh ok, forget my previous message then
  6. Sideik

    World's Oldest

    Ok I just looked, Frau and Baldo were oldest person alive just for a month, preceded by Chiacchiani and Fumarola but the kingdom of Todde may have lasted almost three years since the death of Petraccone in October '99. According to Wikipedia the oldest woman alive in Italy seems to be Caterina Abate, 20 days younger than Delio
  7. Sideik

    World's Oldest

    Wow A man is the Oldest Italian alive? Has this ever happened?
  8. Sideik

    Bollywood Stars

    It reminds me of the Vicente Fernandez situation...I think it's more serious than family want us to believe
  9. Sideik

    Nobel Prize In Death

    Some people think covid is a joke and do stupid things and then die for their beliefs, some people are simply afraid of vaccine and still they die, some people refuse treatment and...guess what? They die. Some people survive and change their mind about the disease, some other people isn't affected at all by the disease, that's the case he is building and even if in most of the cases the symptoms are very mild, people still die and people who declare they are not taking precautions to avoid covid have slightly more chances to die. I find much more annoying the narration of vaccine killing people , but I'm ready to change opinion if data become relevant. Conspiracy theorists are like broken clocks, law of the large numbers don't lie.
  10. Sideik

    Disc Jockeys

    Recent picture on his Facebook profile, he hopes this new year brings some strength
  11. Sideik

    Deadpool Detective Work

    No but probably region and cookies makes some difference in the results. Sometimes I struggle to find the news you report here if I Google them
  12. Sideik

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Renato Cattaneo dead
  13. Sideik

    Deadpool Detective Work

    I can try to find some info about Piero Trapanelli who played 3 years in Pisa, maybe someone is keeping track of the lives of former players but I think if he died the news would get out
  14. Sideik

    Boris Johnson

    ..and I thought I knew English before joining this community... what a waffle stands for in British slang?
  15. Sideik

    David Bennett

    That's a philosophical dilemma, if he had a brain transplant we could say that actually it was the pig that had a transplant of his entire body...

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