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  1. Sideik

    Alberto Fujimori

    Alejandro Toledo candidates himself for the role of the next Fujimori, he asks to be freed for receiving treatment for the cancer that affects him and pointed out he has been suffering for the last 15 years from a serious but undisclosed disease for which he has been treated in the US. I used this thread since he already succeeded Fujimori in the presidece of PerĂ¹ and he is the first of the four Peru presidents involved in the Odebrecht scandal (Garcia shot himself in 2019, Ollanta Humala and Kuzcinsly are currently in jail) but feel free to move this in a more appropriate topic.
  2. Sideik

    Derby Dead Pool 2023

    This should put me back ahead in theme team league
  3. Sideik

    Gangster, Gangster

    I had him in my DDP team this year. Is it "List of the Lost" material? Messina Denaro was my substitute in that team
  4. Sideik

    The 100 Club

    At least I have met this one in my studies (Lax-Milgram theorem), he won an Abel prize and he has a prize named after him (2022's recipient is a brilliant italian mathematician). Usually the "great mathematicians" named in this site are completely obscure to me
  5. Sideik

    6. Jimmy Carter

    there's still time for that...
  6. Sideik


    You really love being the acculturated one in the room I was just pointing out that just because you never heard of him it doesn't mean that he is just a niche character for french people. Glad you fancy Kitano movies, we can start a digression about cinema in the proper section but there was no need to rattle off your knowledge, I discovered many interesting personalities thanks to the forum and sometimes thanks to your work, take this opportunity to discover La Haine and appreciate the movies and the man behind them
  7. Sideik


    Things I wouldn't be proud of...
  8. Sideik

    Yevgeny Prigozhin

    Most influential death of the year so far
  9. Sideik

    The Chequered Flag

    OMFG! There were not so many notable figures from my hometown while I was growing up...he was one of the very few I followed since I was a kid. I didn't even know he was sick...
  10. Sideik

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    Fun fact: Mario Frick was one of the most famous football players in Lichtenstein history (at least for me), he has two sons who both play in national team as strikers, Yanik Frick and Noah Frick. It has nothing to do with deadpools but it pops up in my head every time one name Yannick Noah and I wanted to share, sorry
  11. Sideik

    Death, Italian Style

    Updates on the death of Andrea Purgatori: two members of the Clinique that was treating him are now suspected for manslaughter. According to the family they misdiagnosed the cancer. The doctors, in fact, found the tumor had spread from the lungs to the brain, but in latter analysis no brain metastasis were found, ischemic injuries has been spotted instead. Neglecting the therapy for the lung tumors could have led to a quick demise. In the next few days an autopsy and a CT scan will try to shed some light on the situation.
  12. Sideik

    Thoughts on 2023 Deathlist

    I think picking Jimmy Carter was a mistake
  13. Sideik

    Time Added

    Massimo Mauro, (61) well known football commentator who also played for Zico's Udinese, Platini's Juventus and Maradona's Napoli, has suffered a heart attack yesterday while playing padel and received an emergency angioplasty. He seems to be out of danger now.
  14. Sideik

    Death, Italian Style

    Andrea Purgatori, journalist, writer, TV presenter, dead at 70. I loved his work as a TV comedy writer alongside Corrado Guzzanti but in the 80s he was mainly known as a Corriere della sera journalist who covered Ustica massacre and other Italian black stories like Emanuela Orlandi's and more recently as the presenter of TV show Atlantide. I was talking about him just two weeks ago when he performed at FOROF in Rome and looked in good spirit.

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