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  1. The Daredevil

    Dying Off The Radar

    This is going back a while, but I am trying to ascertain why French actor, Xavier Saint Macary, died aged only 39 of a heart attack in 1988. Up until the year he died, he was seemingly in good physical shape (like in Quelques Jours Avec Moi (1988)), and I have found nothing to indicate he at any point led an unhealthy lifestyle. In future, is there a thread to discuss celebrities who mysteriously died at a young age?
  2. The Daredevil

    Ideas and possibilities for 2025

    Some essential newbies for the 2025 DL... if they make it Alain Delon: Wheelchair bound, verging towards ninety in 2025, suffering from lymphoma, recovering from a severe stroke from five years ago, his family is breaking apart and he is in the middle of the Delon family fight. James Earl Jones: Will be 94 in January, has been close to 300 pounds for most of his life, has been out of the spotlight as of late, has had a history of diabetes going back to the 1990s. June Spencer: Um, she'll be 106 next June. Eva Marie Saint: Um, she'll be 101 next July. Teri Garr: Will be 80 this December, has suffered from multiple sclerosis for decades, has been too quiet.
  3. The Daredevil

    30. Bob Newhart

    Very possibly- I still see Kennedy, Baxter, Chomsky and Le Pen pulling out in front of Jimmy.
  4. The Daredevil

    how long till' the next hit ?

    August 4
  5. The Daredevil

    The 5th Death of 2024

    Ethel Kennedy- surprised no other votes for her yet...
  6. The Daredevil

    Xi Jinping

    Rumours he has suffered a stroke
  7. The Daredevil

    The 4th Death of 2024

    It's almost as if all the surviving 2024 DL candidates are holding on indefinitely to ensure it's Jimmy's turn next.
  8. The Daredevil

    10. Robert Wagner

    Ideal DL candidate to drop in 2025 and bring back in 2026
  9. The Daredevil

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Does anyone know whether Larry Manetti was born in 1947 or 1943? Most sources say 1947, and Larry himself remarked he must have been six or seven when he did an audition for The Harder They Fall (1955). However, according to the California, Marriage Index, 1960-1985, Larry was 36 years old when he married in February 1980. Had a stroke circa 2016 and is wheelchair bound, a good one to consider going forwards.
  10. The Daredevil

    The 4th Death of 2024

    Whoever has the honour of breaking this drought will be a significant hit. It would therefore be fitting if it was Jimmy... but it won't be, of course.
  11. The Daredevil

    39. Robert Duvall

    Video of Duvall from March 2024 He has continued to stay active on Facebook since; safe for rest of 2024 and a reasonable drop for 2025.
  12. The Daredevil

    Shelley Duvall

    In consequence of Dennis Christopher's mysterious post calling for praying for Shelley Duvall, it seems that this thread is now warranted. In terms of health issues, Duvall, now aged 74, suffers from diabetes, mental health issues and an injured foot that causes mobility problems.
  13. The Daredevil

    Ideas and possibilities for 2025

    @MortalCaso Could you please share the source of this information or any photos/footage in the Dick Cheney thread? The last I saw of Cheney was his rant about Trump in August 2022.
  14. The Daredevil

    Ideas and possibilities for 2025

    When I see Cheney moving as fast as this, I'll believe it Hackman seems an early 2026 hit to me; Cheney has been out of the spotlight for years- must be near the end.
  15. The Daredevil

    Ideas and possibilities for 2025

    Keeping Hackman, Nolan, Greenspan and Redgrave would also be ideal, but based on all the surviving names and the 22 needed to stay off next year at this rate, those seem the best drops currently. Brooks and Van Dyke are getting through 2024 fine; not sure about Greenspan. Hackman looks rough but can still be fast on his feet. But with someone like Dick Cheney, it's either this year or next.
  16. The Daredevil

    Ideas and possibilities for 2025

    Sensible drops for 2025 DL (at this rate, 22 cannot be carried over) Dick Van Dyke Alan Greenspan Robert Wagner Mel Brooks Clint Eastwood Vanessa Redgrave Desmond Morris Gene Hackman Hans Blix Julie Walters Linda Nolan Louis Farrakhan Norman Tebbit Daniel Barenboim Prunella Scales Robert Duvall Brigitte Bardot Raul Castro Ted Turner Buzz Aldrin Sly Stone Tom Baker
  17. The Daredevil

    5. Pope Francis

    Was well enough to meet and greet roughly 100 celebrities last month- safe until 2025 at this rate (not a good drop option though)
  18. The Daredevil

    Thoughts on 2023 Deathlist

    A good thing the 2023 DL stopped when it did; otherwise we'd still be waiting for a 20th hit!
  19. The Daredevil

    33. Willie Nelson

  20. The Daredevil

    33. Willie Nelson

    On the contrary, that sort of activity for any 91-year-old, let alone one with a long history of emphysema, gives reason to worry about a potential health strain.
  21. The Daredevil

    Joe Biden

    tells Democratic governors he needs more sleep and plans to stop scheduling events after 8 p.m.
  22. The Daredevil

    19. Clint Eastwood

    Was in attendance at his daughter's wedding last month; looks like a drop for 2025 Also, Juror no. 2 might not be his final film after all...
  23. The Daredevil

    French Deathlist 2024

    @Lafaucheuse What is the most recent photo you have seen of Delon? I haven't anything since that photo taken on April 19.
  24. The Daredevil

    French Deathlist 2024

    Now at half way through the year (and potentially half way to this list's total), below are some predictions of what the rest of the year might look like for this list, in terms of hits. Hit #15: Geneviève Page (July 19) Hit #16: GIlles Jacob (July 24) Hit #17: Charles Biétry (August 30) Hit #18: André Chandernagor (August 31) Hit #19: Jean-Marie Le Pen (September 6) Hit #20: Alain Delon (September 21) Hit #21: Claire Maurier (September 27) Hit #22: Edgar Morin (October 13) Hit #23: André Darrigade (November 14) Hit #24: Bernadette Chirac (November 21) Hit #25: Marthe Villalonga (November 28) Hit #26: Anne Vernon (December 5) Hit #27: Charles Dumont (December 17) Hit #28: Jean-Pierre Serre (December 26)
  25. The Daredevil

    33. Willie Nelson

    Was back on stage for a 19-song set on July 4th

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