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  1. Charles De Gaulle

    Songs that should be Banned

    All current christmas songs I am fed up of hearing the same 15 songs every December.
  2. Charles De Gaulle

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2022

    Hello, Arghton. I don't know if this is the right place to ask but could you please make a list for me? I would like a list of the oldest people who produce sex toys that are still alive. I'm thinking of running a theme team
  3. Charles De Gaulle

    FIFA World Cup Players

  4. Charles De Gaulle

    FIFA World Cup Players

  5. Charles De Gaulle

    FIFA World Cup Players

    I pissed and shit myself all over my neighbours floor and carpet Could it be vaccine related? Only time will tell.
  6. Charles De Gaulle

    The Dead of 2021

    50% of emergancy room visits are vaccine related so say some random person on twitter. Sadly its an inevitablity that the vaccines are going to kill some people but lets not push misinformation like this please.
  7. Charles De Gaulle

    48. Shane MacGowan

    Oh my fucking god just say 70 years old like a normal human being.
  8. Charles De Gaulle

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Why the fuck are you on this forum then?
  9. Charles De Gaulle

    The 8th death of 2021

    Bob Newhart for a change
  10. Charles De Gaulle

    Jack Nicholson

    No! If you read the source which you posted you would know it completely debunks that claim.
  11. Charles De Gaulle

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2022

    Brad Pitt is just been wheeled out because he was under the influence of novacane and couldn't walk straight.
  12. Charles De Gaulle


    ....... This is literally how this it's been done for years.
  13. Charles De Gaulle

    Who are the immortals?

    Dilip Kumar (1922). The King of Them All. 98 years old an counting. If three years ago someone would say he would be still alive by now he would have been transferred to Bedlam Asylum immediately. Bob Dole (1923). With an incredible history of hospitalizations at Walter Reed, extensive heart and lung disease and having looked like a corpse for at least seven years, this wheelchair hero deserves his high spot on the list. Jimmy Carter (1924). Cancer survivor who seemed fucked, fall, brain hemhorrage, extremely frail. But going on nonethless. Which is amazing. Thich Nhat Hanh (1926). Suffered a tremendous stroke in 2014, expected to be dead within months then. Went to Vietnam two years ago to "spend his last days" there. Was reported to be dying last year. Sought treatment for pneumonia in Thailand in autumn 2019. Again weak and not eating at his 94th birthday, quickly recovered. Syed Ali Shah Geelani (1929). Has suffered from heart failure and lung disease for years. He has been on the brink on death at least four times in the last five years. In February 2020 his death seemed imminent. Tin Oo (1927). Survived a terrible stroke and a consequent fall in 2017. Expected to be dead within days, he is still hanging around in his wheelchair with seemingly swollen legs. Mikis Theodorakis (1925). Has suffered many heart attacks and he was reportedly "on the brink of death" (yeah, again...) last year in March. Leslie Phillips (1924). This guy is incredible. He has suffered multiple strokes, has been on a wheelchair for years and anyway kept watching while many other beloved British actors and entertainers were wiped out in recent years. Monica Vitti (1931)/Joanne Woodward (1930)/Carmen Sevilla (1930). Their resistance to Alzheimer's is incredible. Vitti has had a neurodegenerative illness for 17 years and counting, the other are above 10 years (not sure about Woodward). Ma Shitu (1915). Popular writer of Sichuan, he is a three-time lung cancer survivor and also suffered from other types of cancer. Was on his deathbed in 2003, he pulled a surprise recovery. Retires in July 2020 due to failing health, likely another recurrence of cancer. Hospitalized again some months later, he bounces back as nothing even this time. A prodigy. Meshulam Dovid Soloveitchik (1921-2021). He has been close to death many times. In December 2019 he was so much dying he was a Deathrace pick. Now he is still dying, but a human corpse like him survived a severe bout with COVID, which put him on life support and forced him to undergo tracheostomy. Now in danger for complications. But his time never comes. Saleh Ajeery (1920). A COPD and heart failure sufferer who has been on a critical condition with COVID for two weeks. Seemingly he will test negative and be in a Meshulam-like situation. Against the unbelievable odds, again. David Musuguri (1920). This Tanzanian general was reportedly near death at his 100th birthday due to "sever complications of diabeetus". Wheelchair bound guy is still somehow going. Vassos Lyssarides (1920). Suffering from emphysema and heart failure, he bounced back from a critical condition ahead of his 100th birthday and itw as the second time at least. Wan Haifeng (1920). Reportedly bedridden, selling memorabilia, and mostly unable to even speak, his moment seems to never come anyway. Saalumarada Thimmakka (1911). Was in a critical condition some years ago, was in a bleak condition in May this year. Somehow this incredibly frail environmentalist from K'taka (also the land of Venkatasubbiah, we hail you, 108 year old fucker) looks good enough at her last appearances. K'Taka has something magical, way too many old geezers down there. Henry Kissinger (1923). Already overweight at birth and sometimes hospitalized, at 98 he does not show any sign of impeding death. Carlos Manha Manha Menem (1930-2021). Has suffered from double pneumonia (June 2020), heart failure (July 2020), urinary trait infection, heart failure and kidney failure (December 2020). Still, their concern is if he will be able to vote on abortion tomorrow and everyone is confident he will get out alive of this. Fauja Fraudster Singh (1911). Age has caught up with him. Has been increasingly frail for the last two years. When? V. S. Achuthanandan (1923) and K. R. Gowri Amma (1918). The former has survived cerebral hemorrhage and organ failure in 2018, the latter has survived a fall this summer and has been in failing health for years. Philipose Mar Chrysostom (1918). He was so frail at his 2019 birthday that practically no celebration was held. Result: this years his younger successor died. G. Venkatasubbiah (1913). He was still able to vote in 2019, but looked like he had lost dozens of kilos. Reportedly frail at his last birthday, still heading to 108. Edwin Edwards (1927). He gets acute pneumonia each year, is regularly hospitalized and alway discharged within a week. This year it has happened twice. His health has been utterly frail for the last 4 years. Jiang Zemin (1926). Fan favourite Jiang spent many months in a coma in 2012 following a heart attack. At least, that's the most plausible version, other ones including his abduction by alien zoologist to study frogs. Rumoured to be dead once in a while, had at least a serious health issues in 2017. Hu Qili (1928) and Zou Yu (1920). They were on their deathbed respectively in 2018 and 2017. Somehow bounced back better than ever. Emmanuel Evans-Anfom (1919-2021). Ghanaian academic administator who looked like a Goblin at 98, the like a dugong at his 100th birthday. Unable to hold a knife properly and mostly bedridden. Florence Alice Lubega (1917). She has been wheelchair bound for years and was suffering from a "serious illness" in March this year. Gaositwe Chiepe (1922) and Archibald Mogwe (1921-2021). Interesting outliers of Botswana longevity. Chen Ning-yang (1922) and Tsung Dao-lee (1926). What surprises more about them, like the couple above, is how they share incredible longevity as unrelated people. Prince Philip of Edinburgh (1921-2021). Last year he seemed on his last legs. This year he is likely perfectly fine. Competes with all Indian and Chinese phenomenons on this list. Alberto Fujimori (1938) and Mulayam Singh Yadav (1939). Far younger than the other names on this list, but their number of ailments and hospitalizations is impressive. Fujimori survived heart failure and tongue cancer, Mulayam recently beat COVID (and his wife is currently in ICU with complications) Luis Echeverria (1922). Hospitalized a ridicolous amount of times with pneumonia, sometimes for months. In 2006 he was already in failing health with cerebrovascular disease. Lucia Hiriart (1922) and Leonor Oyarzun (1919). The Bad and the Good. Absolute monster Hiriart survived a serious stroke two years ago which kept her in hospital for weeks. Also congestive heart failure sufferer and morbidly overweight. Oyarzun recently survived COVID. Lotfollah Safi Golpaygani (1919). Iranian Twelver Maraj who has looked 1000 years old for 20 years. Apparently invincible. Also a remarkable cunt. John Rigas (1924) had terminal bladder cancer in 2016. The jailbird is still flying high as to this day. Sarah Onyango Obama (1922-2021) is cranky old and was hospitalized in dire conditions two years ago. Maria Nyerere (1930) has an extensive history of ill health with many hospitalizions, most notably in Kampala last year. That doesn't seems to have affected her too much. Tran Thiem Khiem (1925) was wheelchair bound and on his last legs when he received baptism in 2018 and has grown increasingly frail. Yuriko, Princess Mikasa (1923) is known for many health woes, most notably congestive heart failure which sent her in hospital recently. Queen Sirikit (1932) has been a zombie since the stroke she suffered in 2012 and hold the Thai record of hospitalizations. Chief Raoni Metuktire (1930) has survived severe internal bleeding with ICU hospitalization and a subsequent bout with COVID. Also widowed in 2020. Song Ping (1917) the last living hardliner from Tien An Men era, rumoured to be dead or gravely ill many times, he seemed near the end when his wife died in 2019. Kenneth Kaunda (1924) survived multiple bouts with pneumonia, has been overweight and walking with sticks for a long time. Also rumoured to have Parkinson's. Tommy Lasorda (1927-2021) has suffered at least four heart attacks and has been hospitalized many times since 2016, the last one being this past December. Still in hospital but expected to go home soon. Good for another time. VMAR Ri Yong-mu (1925) is the eldest North Korean leadership member and also the frailest. Wheelchair bound for years, he periodically disappears from ceremonies before bouncing back every time. Larry King (1933-2021) has survived heart attacks, strokes, lung cancer and possibly COVID, beside the deaths of two children. Ahmadou Mathar M'Bow (1921) is the designated Senegal immortal, so is Abdoulaye Wade (1926), who was already reported dead at least three times, all fake news. Emmanuel Milingo (1930) defrocked Zambian bishop and exorcism fraudster, has been in and out of hospital since December 2018, suffering from malaria, heart an dlung failure. Falsely announced to have died in February 2021. Mustafa Ben Halim (1921) has eaten at a Libyan McDonald's for most of his life judging by his weight. Falsely announced to have died in February 2021, insted the ghoul is "respectably immortal". *copy pasting it here so others can find the list more easily.
  14. Charles De Gaulle

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

  15. Charles De Gaulle

    Golf: The 19th Hole

    Your mom is 40 years younger than you. Get rekt

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