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  1. Charles De Gaulle

    King Charles III

    That's it mango. You tell them. You tell those treasonous rats the truth. King Charles will heal and survive his cancer. Thf big manly monarch will live and punish those who think otherwise. I cannot live in a world where there isn't a big manly monarch watching over me. Keeping me safe. I FUCKING CANTTTTTTTTT
  2. Charles De Gaulle

    1. Jimmy Carter

    The deed is done. Mr Mango is now castrated
  3. Charles De Gaulle

    Benjamin Netanyahu

    I dunno. I'm very cautionary optimistic about Benjamin Netanyahu going. The big fear for me is Ben Gvir taking over. Ben Gvir is a phenomenally evil man who makes Netanyahu look tame.
  4. Charles De Gaulle

    1. Jimmy Carter

    BBC has i Well. It looks like it finally happened
  5. Charles De Gaulle

    23. Gene Hackman

    His hands are way darker now. There's clearly heart issues.
  6. Charles De Gaulle

    5. Pope Francis

    I believe you. I am have been praying 40 times a day for Jimmy Carter's life and it has worked like a charm so far.
  7. Charles De Gaulle

    1. Jimmy Carter

    It's definitely deathray. The snappy obsessive anger over minor bullshit. It has to be him
  8. Charles De Gaulle

    1. Jimmy Carter

    First we had that guy in the worlds oldest thread frigging role kissing @Ulitzer95 and now we have this dude hitting on them. I think it's time we as a forum come together and discuss the secret sex appeal of Ulitzer.
  9. Charles De Gaulle

    Alexey Navalny

    Stunned by this death. I'm amazed Putin was stupid enough to make his biggest political rival a martyr around election time while he is still face in people's minds. Mark my words this will go down as one of Putin's biggest blunders.
  10. Charles De Gaulle

    Political Frailty

    Because helicopters are the most efficient way to get to yo mama's house.
  11. Charles De Gaulle

    Chuck Norris

    Not old enough to please me.
  12. Charles De Gaulle

    World's Oldest

    @PLANet and @lay_kulast95 massive fan of both of you don't mind the grumpier members here. I'm just curious what can you tell us about the oldest verified porn star?
  13. Charles De Gaulle

    World's Oldest

    Maybe this will offer some explanation

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