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  1. Charles De Gaulle

    Mysterious thread…

    From a glance at the Wikipedia page I can see that he visited a house around that area and acted in a strange manner until the woman's husband arrived. He is responsible for numerous sexual attacks on women in that area. Lamplugh's DNA was found in a car he owned at the time of the disappearance. The man she was meeting in the house who used the alias Mr. Kipper strongly resembled John Cannon according to witnesses. He claimed to others in the days before the murder that he met a uptown girlfriend called Susu. And the claim that no evidence connects him to her death contradicts his own words as he claims to know who killed her. And I got all this information from a quick 5 minute read of the article you linked.
  2. Charles De Gaulle

    Lord Of The Dancing On His Grave

    Just saying this is the man who self funded a movie where he plays a James Bond knock off. He strikes me as the type to exaggerate how ill he is for media attention.
  3. Charles De Gaulle

    2nd Crowdsourced Deathlist his

    I vote for Ruth Buzzi
  4. Charles De Gaulle

    1st Crowdsourced Deathlist hit

    Who will go first
  5. Charles De Gaulle

    Thoughts on 2023 Deathlist

    I swear typing "very old famous people" into Google is how they get 70% of their picks.
  6. Charles De Gaulle

    Noam Chomsky

    Honestly I'd love to Greenspan to be dropped. Greenspan is only taking up space because he is really old and he is an economist *yawn*. They are way more interesting people.
  7. Charles De Gaulle

    Twisted DL 2022-2023

    Roberta Flack and Ted Turner as my two new subs please.
  8. Charles De Gaulle

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    So does Bella Throne who is apparently one of Hollywoods biggest junkies.
  9. Charles De Gaulle


    Isabel Peron is just old as fair as I know. What Zhu Rongji instead.
  10. Charles De Gaulle

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    In the off chance the committee are reading this I am going to toss out a few names 1. Mathair Muhammad: 98 next year with a history of heart disease. Absolute political giant I his country of Malaysia and was in the headlines a couple of years back for controversial statements. Also recently lost his first election 2. Eugenia Cooney: Severely Aneroxic YouTuber who has been fighting a very public battle with an eating disorder. Probably a change from who you usually include on the list but I think including her on the main deathlist will introduce this site to a lot of new people. 3-5 Ruth Buzzi, Chaim Topol and Edie McClourg: All 3 are according to reports deeply in the throes of dementia. 6. Zhu Rongi: 95 next year and has parkinsons for several years at this point. Former Premier (basically prime minister) to the world's biggest country. Definitely sick enough and famous enough 7.Manmohan Singh: Former Indian PM who is over 90 years old with diabetes and heart disease. Surely he can't last much longer 8. Giorgio Napolitano: Italian political giant. 98 in 2023 and is clearly in failing health. Significant enough for inclusion. 9. Martti Ahtisaari: Former Finland PM with dementia who hasn't been seen in public in years. There's many more as well but I just thought I'd mention these names.
  11. Charles De Gaulle

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2023

    1. Pele 2. Pope Benedict 3. Rolf Harris 4. Ruth Buzzi 5. James Earl Jones 6. Roberta Flack 7. Sonny Rollins 8. Andy Taylor 9. Eugenia Cooney 10. Giorgio Napolitano Subs 1. Chaim Topol 2. Vanessa Redgrave
  12. Charles De Gaulle

    The Simpsons

    Show can't go on much longer now. I watched a recent episode and it's very clear that Julie Kavner can't do the Marge voice anymore.
  13. Charles De Gaulle

    Who Should Make The Deathlist 2023?

    Norman Lear who was basically the most powerful man in the Television in the 70s is now 100 years old and in 2023 will be 101. Carl Reiner who worked with him on a lot of things was a deathlist hit in 2020. Norman is probably the most famous person over 100 right now.
  14. Charles De Gaulle

    Who Should Make The Deathlist 2023?

    It's more than likely going to be the other way around. Vialli has a couple of days left at most from what I am hearing and Pele could go at any time surprised he hasn't already.
  15. Charles De Gaulle

    Nikolai Ryzhkov

    I mean like why should any a list name that has reached 80 not have a thread? Also makes going through their health history easier. Also it's a good way to lobby the deathlist committee into putting your pick on the actual deathless.

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