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  1. Charles De Gaulle

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    People who I would like to see on the Deathlist in 2023 Ayatollah Ali Khomeini- regime facing its biggest challenge in decades as protests continue meanwhile he is increasingly frail and rumoured to have cancer. Jack Nicholson- rumoured to have dementia though unlikely what isn't a rumour is that he is morbidly obese and getting closer to 90 Alberto Fujimori- Has basically been to hospital 20 times within the last 5 years maybe even more. It feels like the year he'll finally be on the deathlist is the year he'll finally die Ruth Buzzi- Had a series of strokes earlier this year and has lived with alzheimers for the past 10 according to her husband. Her last update sounds like she has very little time left Vanessa Redgrave- Lungs have been on only 30% capacity since 2015 very likely on a much lower capacity now since she got covid which has forced her to retire. Rolf Harris- 93 years old under 24 hour care due to suffering from advanced neck cancer. Interesting to see if he makes it Chaim Topol- His son revealed that he has had alzheimers for several years now and no longer recognises him Toby Keith- Country singer with 40 million records under his belt. Currently withdrawing from public appearances due to stomach cancer. Duke of Kent- Has looked like a corpse for muti years now and it just won't be the deathlist without at least one royal family member on it. Peter Tobin. Extremely frail health right now. He is a must if he sees out the year James Earl Jones- In his 90s with diabetes and has been in I'll health since 2018. Publicily announced retirement earlier this year but likely retired earlier given his last two roles use archival recordings.
  2. Charles De Gaulle

    The 10th death of 2022

    Mel Brooks might shock us
  3. Charles De Gaulle

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

    He looks very pale in those photos. I can definitely see a health decline here.
  4. Charles De Gaulle

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Additional information Here. There's a interview where a friend of hers talks about it and at one point they play an audio clip of her talking. She sounds really frail. Also according to that page she's been bedridden since 2019.
  5. Charles De Gaulle

    Aaron Carter

    Officers called to do a welfare check after fans thought he had overdosed during a livestream
  6. Charles De Gaulle

    James Earl Jones

    Apparently he didn't actually as that role was done using archival recordings https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-63032248 On a semi related note does anyone here really hate that the biggest entertainment company in the world is using AI to keep a long since stale character alive. God forbid they cast someone else, or make a new character or the worst yet actually try to make something new.
  7. Charles De Gaulle

    Joe Biden

    I side with @Ulitzer95 here. It likely was a joke but was no way appropriate for him to say. Extreme cringe. Thank god he is only in office for another year and a half now then Kamala Harris should be taking over.
  8. Charles De Gaulle

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

    So. Right now there are mass protests in Iran because of people opposing its oppressive regime meanwhile the supreme leader is rumoured to have cancer. Is it me or is history repeating itself?
  9. Charles De Gaulle

    Woody Allen

    Woody Allen has announced his retirement from filmmaking after 72 years to focus on his novel. https://euroweeklynews.com/2022/09/17/woody-allen-announces-his-retirement-from-filmmaking-after-72-years/ Personally I wouldn't make much of this but at 88 next year you'd never know.
  10. Charles De Gaulle

    Toby Keith

    61 year old country star Toby Keith has had stomach cancer for a nearly a year now. And now he is too weak to travel https://countrynow.com/breaking-toby-keith-will-no-longer-appear-at-cancer-benefit-amid-tough-week/ According to Wikipedia he has sold over 40 million records which is quite a lot. Enough for me to say that despite his us centric fame he would very likely still get an obit over here. A good name for next year's deathlist.
  11. Charles De Gaulle

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    Time for another sweepstake. How many people are going to die in the ensuing black Friday esque mass brawl/stampede that's going to happen when the window for seeing her lie in state closes. My guess is 27.
  12. Charles De Gaulle

    James Earl Jones

    I checked his IMBD page. His workload has been very sparse since 2011. Honestly I am shocked he isn't dead yet considering that he is over 91 years old and has diabetes.
  13. Charles De Gaulle

    12. Queen Elizabeth II

    No one knows the cause of her death but I am guessing maybe cancer given how heavily it runs on her fathers side of the family.
  14. Charles De Gaulle

    The 9th death of 2022

    Noam Chomsky
  15. Charles De Gaulle

    King Charles III

    I am giving him somewhere from 25-30 years. His father was 99 so if he lives that long that'll give him 26 years.

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