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  1. DoltonMoney

    Passed-Punks & No-Wavers

    My least favorite thread to get an update on. Rest in peace.
  2. DoltonMoney

    Magic Johnson, And Other Basketball Players

    A scroll through Wikipedia suggests all who's left is Dick Rosenthal, 94.
  3. DoltonMoney

    Passed-Punks & No-Wavers

    Ignatius Jones of Jimmy and the Boys, an Australian shock rock/punk/new wave act, dead at 67 on the 7th of May. I never would've known his name had I not found his single "Like A Ghost" atop a pile of rubble. Really good stuff!
  4. DoltonMoney

    Dead Pop Stars

    Among the greatest to ever come from Chicago. Rest in peace.
  5. DoltonMoney

    Three Steps To Heaven

    Article says 30 April
  6. DoltonMoney

    9. Noam Chomsky

    This was posted in February, on here too.
  7. DoltonMoney

    O.J. Simpson: Run Out Of Juice?

    It's so sad, he'll never know who killed his beloved ex-wife..
  8. DoltonMoney

    Political Frailty

    Karen Yarbrough, current Cook County, Illinois (including Chicago) clerk, dead at 73. Pretty big shock, she seemed pretty much fine when I've seen her.
  9. DoltonMoney

    Donald J Trump

    I think he's pretty much got the evangelicals down pat at this point. It'll either be someone from a minority, like you said, or a nutjob buddy of his.
  10. DoltonMoney

    People I Was Surprised To Find Are Still Alive

    In my forensics class, we've been watching a short documentary about the body farm (a large plot of land where people do research on the way human bodies decay) and I was surprised to learn that the founder, William Bass, is still around. Not only that, but it seems he's still somewhat active. Maybe hanging around with rotten flesh does well for the human body.
  11. DoltonMoney

    Dave Swarbrick (And Fairport Convention)

    One also died in a bizarre gardening accident
  12. DoltonMoney


    Dorie Ladner, American civil rights activist, dead at 81. I hadn't heard of her until I got the obit notification. Seems like she did some important stuff back in the day.
  13. DoltonMoney

    Benjamin Netanyahu

    Surprised to hear he didn't already have a thread! An older, very relevant world leader with a history of a couple health problems.
  14. DoltonMoney

    Dead Drummers

    "Candy" John Carr, drummer on Donovan's album Open Road, reported dead via Donovan's Instagram account.
  15. 3/3/24 50 Coldplay — In My Place 49 X-Press 2 ft. David Byrne — Lazy 44 Kylie Minogue — Love At First Sight 42 Mis-Teeq — Scandalous 41 Rachel Stevens — Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex 40 Justin Timberlake — Rock Your Body 40 Justin Timberlake — Cry Me A River 38 Pink — Get The Party Started 38 Busted — Year 3000 34 Oasis — Stop Crying Your Heart Out 32 Dido — White Flag 31 Liberty X — Got To Have Your Love 25 Scooter — The Logical Song 23 Girls Aloud — Jump 18 Oasis — Little By Little / She Is Love -6 11 The Darkness — I Believe In A Thing Called Love 10 Electric Six — Danger! High Voltage +4 06 Ultrabeat — Pretty Green Eyes Hi everyone it's been a minute

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