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  1. Salmon Mousse

    The 10th death of 2021

    beat me to it
  2. Salmon Mousse

    Whose death will actually break your heart?

    beyond devastated
  3. Salmon Mousse

    Norm MacDonald

    devastated beyond words by this
  4. Salmon Mousse

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    this is indeed an in-depth analysis
  5. Salmon Mousse

    Sarah Harding

    Let me know what he says, as he's my joker too
  6. Salmon Mousse

    Darwin Awards

    Maybe you're assuming I'm Joe Rogan... I'm not. I'm not taking ivermectin or suggesting its use... What I am is someone able to recognize that its being characterized as a horse drug is ludicrous.
  7. Salmon Mousse

    Covid 19 ------- Third wave?

    Without resorting to specious reasoning ("without...it would have been pretty sh*tty"), I'm struggling to see how the jabs benefited you at all.
  8. Salmon Mousse

    Darwin Awards

    I also understand he's been drinking water, which we all know is only a horse thirst quencher
  9. Salmon Mousse

    4. Bob Dole

    No clue why, because it's completely illogical, but I get this odd feeling he might see out the year
  10. Salmon Mousse


    My apologies. Saw the article dated to yesterday and thought it was recent.
  11. Salmon Mousse


    BBC radio presenter and journalist Lisa Shaw dead at 44 due to vaccine complications
  12. Salmon Mousse


    Vague, potentially positive, development:
  13. Salmon Mousse


    Barring some sort of miracle benefactor stepping in, it appears the Doug Stanhope Celebrity Death Poll site itself will soon be dead:
  14. Salmon Mousse

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    It's an endemic respiratory virus that will be with us for the rest of human history, ffs.
  15. Salmon Mousse

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2021

    Have 4 cards now but it's not even a playable starting hand in Omaha... and certainly not Omaha Hi/Lo
  16. Salmon Mousse

    Deadio Times

    Fez Whatley, former co-host of the "Ron and Fez Show", has died of heart failure. He had a long history of heart issues. While I never really got into their show, Ron & Fez's cross-over appearances on O&A were always a joy to listen to.
  17. Salmon Mousse

    Ice Hockey Players

    Hockey Hall of Famer and the voice of hockey in Pittsburgh for the last 46 years, Mike Lange, has announced his retirement. He's had a number of health issues in the past few years and has a rather frail appearance, these days. Love the man and hope he has many years left... but I'm not optimistic.
  18. Salmon Mousse

    Christina Applegate

    Between this news and the loss of Markie Post, the sexiest women of the late-80s/early-90s are becoming an endangered species.
  19. Salmon Mousse

    20th Century Americans Sitcoms

    One of my first childhood crushes. Sad day.
  20. Salmon Mousse

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    This can't possibly be... haven't you read all the joyous posts in the Ironic Deaths topic?
  21. Salmon Mousse

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    Excellent work
  22. Salmon Mousse

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    “It was on Ched’s show that At Buchanan and Teve Torbes first agreed that Dob Bole should drop out. At said, ‘Teve, what about Dob?’ Then Dob motioned for At to come towards Steve...".....”Teve Torbes, At, Dob Bole, Uchanan, Ucotos, Ucomos, Ucant, Teve, At, Bole, Dat, Boba Fet, Toni Kukoc, Bee-Bo-Bo, Lamar Alexander 2.” ...Hope someone gets that reference
  23. Salmon Mousse

    Death By Numbers 2021

    Brian Henderson a hit for me: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9862661/Nine-news-legend-Brian-Henderson-dies-89-following-battle-cancer.html
  24. Salmon Mousse

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    Guess Henderson gets me within 3 points of the lead
  25. Salmon Mousse

    Covid 19 ------- Third wave?

    and everyone will get it eventually. Good thing viruses attenuate

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