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  1. Salmon Mousse

    Larry King

    What he said
  2. Salmon Mousse

    Larry King

    Huge miss. Was always a lock to die this year and plenty famous enough to be on the list.
  3. Salmon Mousse


    Fact checked: True
  4. Salmon Mousse


    Ah yes, you're right, it's all Pfizer and Moderna here so I'd forgotten about Oxford. Chimp tech, I believe. Roughly about 20% less effective than the other two, supposedly, correct?... not that we know yet... as you stated earlier "early stages" I do have a lot of hope for emerging therapeutics, by the way, and think that they are being criminally ignored.
  5. Salmon Mousse


    Yes, both use new synthetic mRNA technology, though Correct, and basically my point. People should, at very least, moderate their expectations about them and not ignore the existence of negative results.
  6. Salmon Mousse


    1) Given the peaks and valleys over the year I'd say it's clear that it doesn't. The virus follows the seasonal/regional curve with no real regard for the differing measures taken. 2) I don't want to answer inaccurately. Could only speak to UK numbers through mid-November, as I can't find an overall total for the year at this point. Need a hard number for 2020 to be able to compare it to prior years. 3) If I'm a sassy twat it's because I've had way too much time to sit around and watch total destruction be pushed as a solution by people who have seemingly lost very little. Data and actual science being dismissed constantly because it goes against the original narrative. The billionaires becoming trillionaires while the lower classes are destroyed economically, mentally, and then physically through lockdown schemes that no only has absolutely no proven effect on the virus but directly puts the "essentials" at far greater risk of contracting it. Whole thing has been a massive shift of both wealth and health from middle and bottom to the top-tier of the top-tier and the kicker is it's been done in a way in which even self-proclaimed socialists applaud it. The most infuriating thing has been seeing is those who, seemingly for entirely political reasons, have developed a blind devotion to the official narrative to the extent that, instead of blaming those in charge for their policies failing, blame their fellow citizens for "not doing their part". It's always those whose lives have been disrupted very little who are so quick to jump on anyone mentally struggling to put up with what's happening. Let me be clear, too, none of this is directed at you and is just a full explanation of where I'm personally coming from as I attempt to retain my remaining humanity. A twattish comment, like the 28-day-counting one that originally launched this (which I stand by), may slide out here and there, sorry. Also, in relation to the vaccine: it's not a normal vaccine and being skeptical that it's the magical savior, devoid of risk to all who take it, shouldn't be seen as some sort of heresy. Anyway, back to wagering on when celebrities will die for fun.
  7. Salmon Mousse


    1) why does it work for one and not the other? 2) having a tremendously hard time finding a total number of deaths in the UK in 2020 (only find it up to mid-November) and I don't simply want to go by macrotrends death rate chart. 3) No, I'm never happy... but I am sorry for your losses. The virus is very real and very serious for many people (I had it very seriously early on and took a long time recover, myself) but that doesn't mean the data is completely accurate. That said, the western world has seemingly lost sight of everything else and the result will be millions of deaths over the next many years from poverty, famine, heart disease, depression, drugs, TB, etc. Not only has the gap between have and have not never been made increasingly wider but those who have jobs that can't be done from home, but are required to be done for those who can to function, are being unceremoniously asked to bear a greater risk of infection.
  8. Salmon Mousse


    It's for your presumption that I must think all covid deaths are actually road accidents. The flu has disappeared and totals for other usual killers has gone down noticeably but if you don't care to audit the numbers and instead take them at face value, that's fine.
  9. Salmon Mousse


    So, they are counted in the same way covid deaths are counted then
  10. Salmon Mousse


    It's going to be hard to get real world data as there is this all out push to embrace these vaccines as our saviors. Time will tell if either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines actually accomplish anything. Israel seems to be the one to watch, at the moment, and it's not trending well.. yet. The serious side effects are absolutely there, as are deaths. The point is: moderate expectations. Not sure how your media is portraying it but, over here in the states, they keep telling us we're not allowed to act like normal human beings even after being vaccinated. Either way, again, my tongue--n-cheek comment about how deaths are being counted was accurate.
  11. Salmon Mousse


    Did the math(s) and here's how my team breaks down in terms of potential points (factoring in season & solo bonuses but not all the unpredictable ones the site also has):
  12. Salmon Mousse


    That's pure speculation. My comment, while tongue-n-cheek, accurately referenced how deaths are counted. This is not a normal vaccine. It's not magic. It was rushed out with a technology never before tested in human beings. It's benefit is still in question and it will and has caused deaths. Would love to trust it as the smoking gun that gets us beyond the virus but that's just incredibly wishful thinking and no amount of facepalm reactions will change that.
  13. Salmon Mousse


    Hank Aaron dies within 28 days of getting the shot.... by covid logic this makes him a vaccine death, right
  14. Salmon Mousse

    Magicians And Hypnotists

    No information elsewhere yet but according to Teller, of Penn & Teller, magician Mark Wilson has died. Widely credited as being the first major "television magician".
  15. Salmon Mousse

    Babylon 5

    Babylon 5 actress Mira Furlan has died at age 65 https://www.superherohype.com/tv/492010-babylon-5-star-mira-furlan-passes-away

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