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  1. JustPassingThrough

    6. Jimmy Carter

    Can't remember if this was previously reported, but the article also says that there was no specific incident/illness that led to him starting hospice care:
  2. JustPassingThrough

    U.S. Political Figures over 85

    Though filing paperwork to run for re-election doesn't necessarily mean he really will run for re-election. Members of Congress often do this as a formality to keep fundraising for their party, so if they do end up retiring, the money can be transferred. Dianne Feinstein also filed paperwork for re-election before her retirement was announced, and her staff absolutely scrambled to clarify to the press that this didn't actually mean she was running again, since this was around the time that the public reporting about her decline was really starting to pick up.
  3. JustPassingThrough

    Aretha Franklin

    The jury has ruled that it's a legally valid will: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2023/jul/11/aretha-franklin-will-trial-ruling
  4. JustPassingThrough

    Ted Kaczynski

    Seems like it. The New York Times is citing "three people familiar with the situation" who say it was a suicide: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/06/10/us/ted-kaczynski-dead.html
  5. JustPassingThrough

    15. Rosalynn Carter

    I recently read a post somewhere else on the forum (can't recall specifics, sorry) about a retired boxer with dementia whose wife had died, and apparently he usually thought she was just out doing errands. I guess in a circumstance like that, it might be better not to correct him since he won't remember the conversation anyway.
  6. JustPassingThrough

    6. Jimmy Carter

    Jimmy Carter has now outlived a full 10% of the 2023 DL since entering hospice care. Tina Turner (RIP) is the list's fifth hit since February 18th.
  7. JustPassingThrough

    Dianne Feinstein

    For a while, I assumed she'd have no problem making it, because people can hypothetically carry on for a while with dementia, and it seemed she was in decent physical health for a long time. But it feels like she's really declined since her husband died, and the shingles and related complications have just been devastating.
  8. JustPassingThrough

    Dianne Feinstein

    The New York Times is reporting that, to no surprise, her recent illness was much worse than her office reported: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/05/18/us/politics/feinstein-illness-shingles-senate.html Key points: Her shingles infection spread widely to her face and neck, causing the partial paralysis of her face with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. The infection also caused swelling in her brain (encephalitis), making her memory loss even worse. Basically everyone around her has totally given up any hope she will choose to resign. The article suggests that were only two people who could have possibly convinced her otherwise (her husband and a former colleague), but they're both dead. There are still 18 months left in her term.
  9. JustPassingThrough

    6. Jimmy Carter

    Not so sure about Trump, to put it politely. I could easily see Obama and Bush making it well past 90 though.
  10. JustPassingThrough

    Bruce Willis

    I think some reports implied that he wanted to do that after he started to go downhill, because he wanted to leave as much money to his family as he could before he was completely unable to work. Apparently if you look at the movies in question he's hardly in them and he was only on set for a day or two each, so he could just bank them up.
  11. JustPassingThrough

    Political Frailty

    He's being treated for a concussion: https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/09/politics/mitch-mcconnell-hospitalized/index.html
  12. JustPassingThrough

    Political Frailty

    If so, that would in no way make him an outlier among many Americans of his background in that era. It was stunningly mainstream in certain avenues for a while, though it eventually was knocked off pretty decisively.
  13. JustPassingThrough

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Yes. NYT obit for Charles Silverstein: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/02/07/health/charles-silverstein-dead.html
  14. JustPassingThrough

    David Crosby

    Wondering if he is very ill, but not dead yet, and this was some kind of early draft statement accidentally sent out, quickly followed by the PR people telling the media outlets to disregard it.
  15. JustPassingThrough

    David Crosby

    My guess is that Yahoo automatically scrapes and publishes all of the press releases from NewsDirect, since they by all means look like a legit service. But then that raises the question that if this is a hoax, how did it wind up being run in the first place? I can't imagine anyone could just submit anything and have them run it as an official press release.

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