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  1. JustPassingThrough

    King Charles III

    What's the old saying? Never believe anything until it's been officially denied?
  2. JustPassingThrough

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    My main team, Plausible Passings of 2024, looks like it made it in OK, except for my selection of Prince Edward the Duke of Kent, which was filed under Prince Edward, the younger brother of the king. Re-checking my spreadsheet, it looks like I entered the phrases Prince Edward and Duke of Kent in the wrong order vs. the DDP listing, so my apologies for the mistake. (Though the fact that the younger Edward is currently listed on 5x as many teams as the older one suggests mine was not the only lost Duke of Kent pick.) I'm also unable to find my theme team, Six Feet Under the Dome.
  3. JustPassingThrough

    Political Frailty

    Also the father of Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, who is virtually certain to be elected to the US Senate from Delaware this November.
  4. JustPassingThrough

    49. Franz Beckenbauer

    Considering that he was a pundit for Sky Deutschland, I'm bracing for a "Football Host is Toast"
  5. JustPassingThrough

    Pope Benedict XVI

    My own lists would have done much better if I knew this kind of thing was allowed.
  6. JustPassingThrough

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    I've submitted two teams for 2024. I've entered a main team for the second year in a row and will also run a theme team for the first time.
  7. JustPassingThrough

    The 20th Death of 2023

    I mean, he kind of has been in a continual turn for the worse for a long time now. He might keep on for a little while longer, but there wouldn't be any surprise at all if he died before the end of the year without any further statement from the family or something.
  8. JustPassingThrough

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Funnily enough, Norman Lear did not vote for Carter in 1980. He actively campaigned for John Anderson, a liberal Republican-turned-independent candidate.
  9. JustPassingThrough

    2. Dick Van Dyke

    I think some of you are forgetting one of the forum's most famous mottos: Not everyone makes it to 100 or is beyond 100.
  10. JustPassingThrough

    Who Should Be On The 2024 Deathlist

    Not so sure about Dukakis imo. Looks he was just able to do a full interview this month for his 90th birthday, and he looks pretty good in the pictures: https://commonwealthbeacon.org/politics/at-90-michael-dukakis-still-looks-ahead/
  11. JustPassingThrough

    Joss Ackland

    Out of curiosity, I checked the old threads, and it looks like the first posts on the Tony Booth and Liz Dawn threads about their deaths were 52 minutes apart. Today, the first posts on Rosalynn Carter and Joss Ackland's threads about their deaths were 24 minutes apart.
  12. JustPassingThrough

    The 15th Death of 2023

    It appears we already have an answer: https://forums.deathlist.net/topic/10073-21-joss-ackland/
  13. JustPassingThrough

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Can't remember if this was previously reported, but the article also says that there was no specific incident/illness that led to him starting hospice care:
  14. JustPassingThrough

    U.S. Political Figures over 85

    Though filing paperwork to run for re-election doesn't necessarily mean he really will run for re-election. Members of Congress often do this as a formality to keep fundraising for their party, so if they do end up retiring, the money can be transferred. Dianne Feinstein also filed paperwork for re-election before her retirement was announced, and her staff absolutely scrambled to clarify to the press that this didn't actually mean she was running again, since this was around the time that the public reporting about her decline was really starting to pick up.
  15. JustPassingThrough

    Aretha Franklin

    The jury has ruled that it's a legally valid will: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2023/jul/11/aretha-franklin-will-trial-ruling

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