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  1. InnovationIsMySpeciality

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    That is terrible yet hilarious at the same time.
  2. InnovationIsMySpeciality

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    I'm glad you ask, you distinguished fellow. The DeathList can truly make a monumental impact by allowing us to find inspiration and courage from different iconic celebrities. We can come together to wish them well through different health crises that they may have. In addition, it allows us to stop needless discord by reflecting on our own mortality and making important changes in our lives. We could turn ourselves into the morbid version of Jezebel or HelloGiggles, staying true to our mission while making people reflect. Also, as a patriotic American who is also a self-admitted Anglophile, the DeathList can be a place where our different cultures interact and our membership realizes our commonalities. You Brits are indubitably cultured and intellectual, and I think there is a lot that we can learn from that while also teaching you all the more relaxed and laissez-faire way we live. I can basically be the cultural version of Jane Hartley while you all could be the selfsame version of Dame Karen Pierce. I appreciate how much Mr. Cooley stans the gays, this is truly appreciated and validating. One way I believe the DeathList could reiterate the message is by having a thread for all of the LGBTQIA2SABCD+++ community DeathListers to be able to gather together and plan ways to ensure the deadpool community knows we are not standing down. Plus the Grim Reaper logo needs to become rainbow colored and sing Barbra Streisand classics if you click on it during Pride Month. Representatives of the DeathList could also walk in British Pride Parades wearing rainbow merchandise to show how they care.
  3. InnovationIsMySpeciality

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    We as in people who read my post who would be interested in this idea, I am one person, thank you very much. Someone who truly believes in the vision and potential of the DeathList and wants to spread positivity and merriment. I want this site to inspire people and be a force for change in the world, as well as a joyfully good time.
  4. InnovationIsMySpeciality

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    Good evening all you ghouls and gals, I am not here to give my yearly social engagement suggestion yet. Instead, I am wondering how exactly we will celebrate the 20th birthday of this thread in March. It is my belief that we should pull the absolutely most audacious rants and highlight them in a special thread to celebrate the occasion. We also should have a competition to determine which one of you cheeky lot is the best at wittily responding to the uncouth simpletons who grace this thread. The 20th anniversary thread will be similar to the "This is Your Life" show with that Michael Aspel fellow with a voting twist except about the irate visitors and our gloriously snarky regulars instead of one person. It would be an absolutely marvelous way to unify and lightheartedly look back on how the DeathList has stood strong, no matter what challenges this site has had to face in the past. Who is with me in wanting to make the 20th anniversary of the irate visitors thread a magical moment for the ages?
  5. InnovationIsMySpeciality

    1. Jimmy Carter

    I took the time to read this magnificently satirical post and will sum it up for you majestic lot because you all are overwhelmed by its wordiness. TL:DR: My esteemed friend Mr. Doc believes Mr. Carter will undergo an experimental treatment that will put his mind into a peanut plant. He will live at his peanut farm and it will become a tourist destination. Scientists will find a way to translate his thoughts and he will become a political analyst on CNN.
  6. InnovationIsMySpeciality

    1. Jimmy Carter

    I have come to this thread to offer the dissenting opinion not to lock it because you curmudgeonly Brits offer the most off beat responses to the shenanigans that take place. I for one feel it is jolly good fun and believe we should all just take the insider info with a grain of salt. That being said, Mr. Carter is a national treasure and I hope he gets rejuvenated like Grandpa Joe did in Willy Wonka and starts contributing to public life again in the lead up to his 100th birthday. We need to gather as the DeathList and also bring the Derby Death Pool folks together too to wish him good tidings and positive vibes.
  7. InnovationIsMySpeciality

    2. Dick Van Dyke

    The wonderful gentleman who recently acted with Dick van Dyke on "Days of Our Lives," Bill Hayes, is now dead at 98. Interestingly enough, the first thing I thought of when he died was not his soap opera work but the fact that he was mentioned in this thread. I knew in that moment that I had to update the British blokes on the DeathList about this. As far as I know, Mr. van Dyke is still alive, thank goodness.
  8. InnovationIsMySpeciality

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    I have come back to tell all you fantastic people from across the Atlantic not to pick Johnny Mathis. I just went to one of his concerts in Rosemont and he is still very active and energetic on the stage, although a bit senile when he isn’t singing (such as needing to read certain monologues out of a book or outright repeating them when he did it impromptu). Sounds like something right out of his albums with that magical voice even now though and he truly enjoyed what he was doing on stage and how enthusiastic the audience was. He also keeps active because he mentioned he played golf with basically everyone he shouted out. He will survive 2024, if he doesn't I will leave the DeathList out of abject shame and embarrassment.
  9. InnovationIsMySpeciality

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    If this doesn't go over well here, I might have to reach out to the Derby Dead Pool and then they will get all the attention from having a TikTok and YouTube channel while the DeathList will only have hits on the forum when people actually die. I offered it to the DeathList first because you all secretly are my favorites.
  10. InnovationIsMySpeciality

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    I am back to provide some other excellent suggestions, because I believe that the DeathList could truly expand their reach if they embraced social media more. The DeathList should consider having a TikTok where the most influential person on the site (maybe the Paul Bearer guy who I think is the admin) provides celebrity health updates to some trendy dance music in the background and releases a weekly summary of what's popular on the forums. Watch LawyerLimor on TikTok and basically film your videos exactly like her and you will get some new blood and buzz on your website--especially from the younger generations that don't normally check out old-school forums. Also, the DeathList should consider having a YouTube page where you do some stunts inspired by the celebrities on the list like how Mr. Beast is always doing bombastic events. Like maybe you could donate 1,000 copies of Mary Poppins to the poor to honor Dick Van Dyke or you could cause some wacky shenanigans in Cambodia to pay tribute to the illustrious statesman Henry Kissinger. I will release another idea on revamping the DeathList this time in 2024 to continue the conversation on transitioning the site to provide a charitable and lifestyle perspective in the future, until then ta ta you magnificent blokes.
  11. InnovationIsMySpeciality

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    This isn't a rant, but just a idea that I had that some of the more curmudgeonly users will think is quite idiotic but I definitely think that will spread love and positivity around. Basically, next year of course we should keep the DeathList going because it's a classic website and a way to get my morbid fascination out. But we should also consider creating the LifeList, a list of the 50 celebrities most likely to survive the year, with only 25 being reused from the previous year. The criteria for inclusion would be that they got mentioned in at least one article in a major British media source the previous year. In each entry, there would be a short blurb mentioning what transferable healthy habits they have that any individual person could use to increase their own lifespan. If someone on the LifeList does pass away, there will be significant reflection on what went wrong and how you can learn from what happened to them. So in short, this would be an opportunity to increase the committee's (whose name will change to the Live and Let Die Committee to acknowledge the new endeavor) success rate, will allow the visitors the opportunity to empower themselves by changing their lives, and will introduce inspirational celebrities who we can all learn something from. I personally think it's a no-brainer. Plus maybe the Derby people will be inspired to create the Derby Life Pool out of this initiative so everyday people can also talk about celebrities who have motivated them in their exercise and health improvement journey.

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