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    This isn't a rant, but just a idea that I had that some of the more curmudgeonly users will think is quite idiotic but I definitely think that will spread love and positivity around. Basically, next year of course we should keep the DeathList going because it's a classic website and a way to get my morbid fascination out. But we should also consider creating the LifeList, a list of the 50 celebrities most likely to survive the year, with only 25 being reused from the previous year. The criteria for inclusion would be that they got mentioned in at least one article in a major British media source the previous year. In each entry, there would be a short blurb mentioning what transferable healthy habits they have that any individual person could use to increase their own lifespan. If someone on the LifeList does pass away, there will be significant reflection on what went wrong and how you can learn from what happened to them. So in short, this would be an opportunity to increase the committee's (whose name will change to the Live and Let Die Committee to acknowledge the new endeavor) success rate, will allow the visitors the opportunity to empower themselves by changing their lives, and will introduce inspirational celebrities who we can all learn something from. I personally think it's a no-brainer. Plus maybe the Derby people will be inspired to create the Derby Life Pool out of this initiative so everyday people can also talk about celebrities who have motivated them in their exercise and health improvement journey.

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