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  1. Summer in Transylvania

    Michael Heseltine

    James Hong.
  2. Summer in Transylvania

    From Cleric To Relic

  3. Summer in Transylvania

    20/20 +3

    Congratulations Diego! 1923: TBA / Doris Johnson 1924: Khamtai Siphandon / Priscilla Pointer 1925: Dick Van Dyke / TBA 1926: Abdoulaye Wade / Noreen Riols 1927: Thomas Noguchi / Joan Morecambe 1928: Jean-Marie Le Pen / Hazel Ascot 1929: Milan Kundera / Violeta Chamorro 1930: John Astin / Gladys West 1931: Daniel Ellsberg / Isabel Martinez de Peron 1932: Rosey Grier / Louise Weinberg
  4. Summer in Transylvania

    Political Frailty

    Pohiva Tu'i'onetoa dead at 71.
  5. Summer in Transylvania

    Non-British Royals

    Princess Maria Del Rosario de Ligne de la Tremoille dead at 100. Mother of businessman and aristocrat Charles-Antoine Lamoral, 14th Duke of Thouars.
  6. Summer in Transylvania

    World's Oldest

    As a former first lady, I have little doubt she will, not to mention that, at 112, she is the oldest ever.
  7. Summer in Transylvania

    Death Anniversary Thread

    So, what you're saying is that Saint Patrick of Ireland isn't a Saint, isn't called Patrick, and isn't Irish? Brilliant.
  8. Summer in Transylvania

    Last appearances

    Buddy Holly, the day before the music died: Tommy Cooper, moments before he died live on air in 1984: Disgraced MP John Stonehouse, perhaps 30 seconds before he suffered a heart attack during a televised interview in 1988. He died less than three weeks later:
  9. Summer in Transylvania

    Last appearances

    Betty White, 20th December 2021, eleven days before becoming the latest DL hit ever.
  10. Summer in Transylvania

    Foreign Personalities, From Stage, Screen, Politics And Life

    I quote the post, and then copy+paste the quote into a comment on the thread I wish to crosspost into. This procedure only works occasionally, and there are occasionally formatting errors when it does go through, though, so I'm led to believe there is another way that I'm not aware of.
  11. Summer in Transylvania

    Last appearances

    Deaf O'Connor, May 2020. Possibly not the last picture of him, but this is the one given that title after his death six months later.
  12. Summer in Transylvania

    British Character Actors

    He was the caretaker, Danny, in Crime Traveller, too.
  13. Summer in Transylvania

    Hollywood Possibilities

    I hear one can get pills for that.
  14. Summer in Transylvania

    Death Anniversary Thread

    On this day two years ago the legendary commentator known as "The Voice of F1" Murray Walker passed away aged 97. He was the fifth DeathList hit of that year, and the sixth for my own Shadow List.
  15. Summer in Transylvania

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Mitt Romney is 76 today.

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