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  1. Summer in Transylvania

    How's Your 2023 Shortlist Looking?

    I still need to find a way to sub in Roberta Flack and Jonnie Irwin. Is Attenborough worth the drop? I would be kicking myself for a long while if he joins Poitier and Gorbachev among my misses.
  2. Summer in Transylvania

    Betty Boothroyd

    A musical of her life starring Maxine Peake opened at Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre on Saturday.
  3. Summer in Transylvania

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Louise Weinberg, widow of the aforementioned Steven Weinberg, is also 90 today.
  4. Summer in Transylvania

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Bob Dole died on this day 1 year ago, aged 98.
  5. Summer in Transylvania

    Who Should Make The Deathlist 2023?

    Brian Murphy is getting on a bit, and rather well-known. Definitely famous enough for the DeathList. I think that, after the Peter Bowles miss back in March, and the sudden emptiness of the "Comedy Actor" slot, he would fit right in, although I hope I'm wrong.
  6. Summer in Transylvania

    41. Pelé

    Already picked by TQR and Grim Up North respectively. See the Sweepstakes thread.
  7. Summer in Transylvania

    Ideas and possibilities for 2023

    Surprisingly never mentioned before on this forum, but Shoichiro Toyoda KBE, son of Kiichiro Toyoda (who founded Toyota) is still alive aged 97.
  8. Summer in Transylvania


    Apologies. Edited to add the name now.
  9. Summer in Transylvania

    41. Pelé

    Some reports of his death floating about the murky pools of Twitter, but all seem to be hoaxes.
  10. Summer in Transylvania

    41. Pelé

    @Lafaucheuse has already picked this, sorry.
  11. Summer in Transylvania

    41. Pelé

  12. Summer in Transylvania

    41. Pelé

    I said this on the sweepstakes thread, but crossposting here: 5th December.
  13. Summer in Transylvania


    Moved this Discussion from Pelé's thread to the sweepstakes one. I think 5th December. Full list of entries: Lafaucheuse: 6th December Theoldlady: 25th December TQR: 1st January Arghton: 4th December Summer in Transylvania: 5th December Grimgrass: 10th December Clorox Bleachman: 3rd December Sean: 7th December Clarence: 8th December Ladyfiona: 14th December Chel: 15th December Wannamaker: 9th December Redrumours: 11th December Hell: 12th December Grim Up North: 10th January Bibliogryphon: 13th December DeathByArsenic: 24th December Youth in Asia: 19th January Thadee: 5th October Sly Ronnie: 31st December Diego: 17th December
  14. Summer in Transylvania

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Terribly sorry, @Yvonne, but Donald Gelling was born in 1938, 9 years after Chamorro, the youngest on the list, and therefore isn't an option.
  15. Summer in Transylvania

    Country For Old Men (And Women)

    Jake Flint, Country Singer, dead at 37, just hours after his wedding.

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