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  1. DDI

    King Charles III

    Ok, since you want to poke the bear some more with your hindsight retaliatory facepalming... You literally said you hadn’t posted there in weeks. However you actually posted there once this past Monday, twice last Friday, once last Tuesday, four times last Sunday. And as far you moving the goalposts to “not having gone back and forth with someone” …. you quoted someone in every single one of those posts!
  2. DDI

    King Charles III

    Mango, why haven’t you responded to the allegations that you posted in the Carter thread on Monday, when you previously claimed it had been weeks?
  3. DDI

    1. Jimmy Carter

    No, nobody knows. It’s uncartered territory.
  4. DDI

    1. Jimmy Carter

    This just lends to my theory that people who enter hospice are near death.
  5. DDI

    Rugby Players

    For what it’s worth, it’s believed the origin of the word football referred to any ball sport played on foot, as opposed to horseback. Over time it for some reason stuck specifically to what eventually became American football.
  6. DDI

    Steve McMichael

    https://x.com/mikebermannbc/status/1775643791585677650?s=46 Another UTI and to be released back home within the day Edit: HDS beat me
  7. DDI

    5. Pope Francis

    So cringe and predictable
  8. DDI

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    I don’t see any soaps in his filmography. Just rushing to be the first person to post the news?
  9. DDI

    1. Jimmy Carter

    “The only living Democratic president who will not be in New York for the fundraiser is 99-year-old Jimmy Carter. A spokeswoman for Carter confirmed that he remains in home hospice care and is not making any public statements.” For those that don’t want to dig through the article about Biden for brief mention of Carter.
  10. DDI

    Interesting Ways To Die...

    You’re gonna be very busy posting here every time someone dies in a car accident.
  11. DDI

    The 2nd Death of 2024

    Noam Gone-sky
  12. DDI

    The 1st Death of 2024

    No more Chomsky
  13. DDI

    The Dictionary Deadpool

    Ryan Minor is a hit for me, and I believe it’s a unique hit as well
  14. DDI

    Life In Prison

    I see no good reason to spend any more time or resources on such a person.

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