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  1. The Graham Slamwich

    Superstar has outlived his 2 year prognosis by a good few months already. Reverend is just old. My vote is with Superstar. (although after a few ports I have clicked the wrong name...so my ACTUAL physical vote is, regrettably, on Reverend).
  2. 5. Prince Phillip Duke Of Edinburgh

    I don't buy into the idea that he is certain to die before Elizabeth. Nor do I think that either of the pair will die from heartbreak immediately after the first one goes. I think both will be able to deal with their spouses death and live independently until their own natural demise.
  3. Conspiracy Theories

    Bloody hell that Dyatlov Pass story is a good one. I'm glad that I have another week off work as I tend to get obsessive over conspiracies, I imagine I will be reading every morsel of info over the next few days. I'm thinking some kind of chemical released in to the area causing extreme hallucinations, making them turn on each other/go insane. Much like those tales of people who take acid and "peel themselves like a banana" or that guy who took bath salts and ate a homeless man's face. That ties in with the radiation and skin/hair colour and also with the government involvement and secrecy. Thanks for sharing!
  4. The 14th Death Of 2013

    Al Molinaro, The Weezer video with him in it just came on telly.
  5. Ideas And Possibilities For 2014

    I say go for it, those kind of picks have always made it more fun when they turn out successful. Otherwise we would all have the same 20 90 year olds on our team entries.
  6. Ideas And Possibilities For 2014

    Tila I understand but have I missed something with Kirsten?
  7. Ideas And Possibilities For 2013

    http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/tv/Ayaz-Ahmed-diagnosed-with-Dengue/articleshow/17253240.cms are any Indian celebs likely to get a UK obit? If they all keep getting dengue.
  8. Robbie Coltrane

    I sold Robbie a piece of computer equipment recently in work. He was heavily breathing and coughing throughout and sounded strained when he was speaking. Could have just been a batch of flu or anything but couldn't help ASSUMING he was about to drop there and then. Make of that what you will.
  9. Wrestlers/actors

    I'm hedging my bets on the mannish Chyna. Not sure why but she's as messed up as anybody and a quick read of her bio shows a lot of abuse to her body throughout her life. Only takes another incident lie this http://www.blippitt.com/joanie-laurer-chyna-hospitalized-following-benadryl-overdose/
  10. Sexy Politicans

    Louise Mensch/Bagshawe surely gets a shout? Also, maybe it's a case of over exposure at the minute but Jeremy Hunt is a confusing one.
  11. The Dead Of 2011

    Sickipedia is down, could it mean.....
  12. Nelson Mandela

    Just got to grips with twitter and how it all works etc. Learnt a valuable life lesson in NOT trusting the trends after RIP NELSON MANDELA fooled me and almost made my day a bad one.
  13. Most Significant Death Of Each Month

    I think it will be quite hard for Postlethwaite to be beaten for January 2011. But it is only the 3rd...
  14. The Dead Of 2011

    He has been in so many things, yet I automatically see him as "Old Man" in James and the Giant Peach.
  15. Zsa Zsa Gabor

    However it does also say if the operation is a success it is likely to add a few years to her life.