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  1. Lothar_The_Lurker

    Lady Bird Johnson

    Yeah, I'd be among those who got bored. Now all I can say is wow.
  2. Lothar_The_Lurker

    Fidel Castro

    Would you now? Take a look at this website and see the pics taken from Cuba. Living in America I haven't experienced the NHS first hand, but I'd rather have NHS healthcare than Cuban after lookign at those photos.
  3. Lothar_The_Lurker

    Sun Myung Moon

    This guy has been around for almost 87 years (will be 87 in February). Is there anyone who knows how his health is doing? Since Wikipedia doesn't have any word on his health, he must be doing fine for the moment. He should be on the list for '08.
  4. Lothar_The_Lurker

    Ian Smith

  5. Lothar_The_Lurker

    Ian Smith

    If this forum is anything like the P.W. Botha forum or the Pinochet one, we're going to have one big heated debate. Why not, let's get it over with. Someone post a pro-Rhodesia argument and we'll all argue it to death. I noticed old Bobby Mugabe didn't make the DL '07. We better hope one of these would-be assassins Zimbabwe claims to discover every-other month doesn't get lucky and actually kill the guy.
  6. Lothar_The_Lurker

    Rowdy Roddy Piper

    Rowdy Roddy Piper, now there's a name I never thought I'd see on deathlist 2007. Speaking of pro-wrestlers, nothing amazes me more than knowing that Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are still alive. I honestly expected Kevin Nash to have been dead in 2005 when he suffered his heart attack.
  7. Lothar_The_Lurker

    Betty Ford

    With her husband now dead, I think she should be considered for 2007. For all we know she could have just lost the only reason she had to keep on living.
  8. Lothar_The_Lurker

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Somehow, I have this feeling that Clinton will be the next ex-president to go. Seeing how old Bill is the only living ex-president who has shown signs of life-threatening health conditions. Question: does Walter Mondale (Carter's VP, ran for president in '84, and was a Minnesota Senetor for years before) meet the qualifications for Deathlist?
  9. Lothar_The_Lurker

    James Brown

    James Brown died on christmas. Read here.
  10. Lothar_The_Lurker

    Gerald Ford

    No, president Ford wasn't elected in office. He was appointed vice-president after Spiro Agnew resigned and became president after Nixon did the same. regards, Hein Does that mean that Spiro would have been president if he hadn't resigned? Why did he resign, was it because he knew what Nixon was up to but didn't stop him or because he didn't know and should have realised what was going on? Spiro T. Agnew resigned because of charges of tax evasion.
  11. Lothar_The_Lurker

    Joseph Barbera

    Today is my birthday, and when I woke up I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if somebody on deathlist.net died, just for my b-day?" Lo and behold, Joesph Barbera did! Kinda sad though, I liked the shows he made.
  12. Lothar_The_Lurker

    2007 DL Nominations Please

    I don't think you understand. This is www.Deathlist.net You're right. I'm just trying to use caution since I'm new here.
  13. Lothar_The_Lurker

    2007 DL Nominations Please

    Over the years, rules have become more sifisticated. Red Rum was on the list a few years ago, but in Deathlists modern day, Cheeta would be considered illegal. If nobody minds me asking, what exactly is the harm of having an animal on deathlist? I understand that if we allow one animal, we're opening the door to allowing more. But how many famous animals are there? I don't mean to be disrespectful, but sometimes rules have to change. And I don't see any harm in putting a chimp on the list. Even if we allow animals, there will always be a preference for humans on the list. I hope this doesn't turn into a large debate, because I don't think this is the right forum to do so in, but I just want to express why I think Cheeta should be allowed. Cheeta isn't going to harm anyone if he's on deathlist.
  14. Lothar_The_Lurker

    2007 DL Nominations Please

    I don't know if this is the place to say it or not, forgive me if it's not, but I'm against the idea of having Saddam on the list. I haven't been here for long, but I feel having someone who's going to be executed isn't in the spirit of the deathlist. I'd also like to suggest Cheeta the Chimpanzee, he's 74 this year. I think he'd add a variety to the list.
  15. Lothar_The_Lurker

    2007 DL Nominations Please

    Ian Smith, former Prime Minister of Rhodesia, 87. You take a look at this picture that was taken in 2000 and you tell me how long he's got to live. Also, he's moved from his farm in Zimbabwe to live with his step-daughter in South Africa. His health must be real bad if the stubborn old man was willing to give up his farm. Jack Kevorkian, 78. Dr. Death is terminally ill with Hepatitus C. Go here for the source. It only seems right for Kevorkian to be on deathlist. Thanks.

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