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  1. maryportfuncity

    The 5th Death of 2020

    That's where my vote went
  2. maryportfuncity

    Guess The Song

    And she's still alive and obitable, thanks for reminding us!
  3. I'm guessing the DDP and HPDP will throw up loads of candidates fit for a paragraph and unfit for a busy thread or proper obit. Mebbe a good idea to collect such creatures on one thread so's those of us with an - ahem - sporting interest can keep tabs on 'em. I'll cop for having such an interest in Rachil Jonze, who might just be this year's Ms Groves. Similarly Ian McNicol may afford us that combination of brief media coverage and ongoing ranter fire we've come to know and love over the years. and Dawn Hughes' illness was the subject of television coverage as part of Channel 4's 'Mummy Diaries.' She's also made appearances on BBC television and the BBC web site, her husband works for the Beeb. Then there's everyone's favourite pin up: Winnie Langley. I took a long-shot punt on her for the DDP mainly because I thought if she went the various papers who'd covered her 100th birthday wouldn't be able to resist running that great picture again. Anyone else gonna cop for long shot picks before OoO and NAP do their duty and reveal all?
  4. maryportfuncity

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    So, I might take one for the team(s) here by asking for a ruling David Abel certainly famous for being ill but also caught up in a shitstorm which wasn't of his making - I can see the aversion to ffbi cases in the rules and I'd assume he's a nil-point case, but would I be right (cos he's currently training with the rest of my squad and I'm really hoping he'll infect the terminal and tottering lot of them)
  5. maryportfuncity

    Fort William Football Club

    Aye, the point being that drags Lossiemouth off the bottom and puts Fort back in the usual place (albeit with an amazing ten points!)
  6. maryportfuncity

    A Joke

    I wonder if my Vets receptionist realises how many peoples passwords she knows?
  7. maryportfuncity

    A Joke

    A couple of Halibut women from Leeds are looking through an old photograph album. 'Oh look,' says one, 'there's my son on his first day at school, and here he is in the school play, and here with his football team...' 'Ah the children,' says her friend, 'They blow up so fast these days.' C'mon guys, share a few rib ticklers with us.
  8. maryportfuncity

    Nazi of SS

    Germany has a good record in football cup tournaments, right - some DL Cup talent right there!
  9. maryportfuncity

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Shouldn't have snorted all that charlie with the other groovers back in the day, then!
  10. maryportfuncity

    The Dead of 2020

    Had brief dealings with her by way of a conversation at a conference in the last century. As is sometimes remarked when people like her die, she might now know the answers to some of the questions she spent years asking
  11. maryportfuncity

    Dead Danes

    Tom Belso - first Dane to compete in F1 - died in January. Just thought I'd - like - mention it in case anyone working for a major news organisation wanted to mention it in a story.
  12. maryportfuncity

    26. Genesis P-Orridge

    Klaus Kinski says thanks for the birthday wishes
  13. maryportfuncity

    Dead Pop Stars

    Just hit on a great site dealing with popular music deaths. Enjoy!
  14. I'll leave it to the crew in charge to decide if we should subsume the Nobel laureate thread into this but I was struggling to see where else to post the fact that I've just read a remarkably chipper interview with Carl Djerassi 87 years old yesterday. The length and quality of his remarkable life doubtlessy improved by his involvement in the development of the birth control pill. He'd probably have been competing more strongly for resources, a seat on the bus, space in a supermarket aisle etc if every one-night stand in the last fifty years had resulted in a sprog, or summat. There are probably many other obit-worthy 'Tomorrow's World' types we should be listing here, before we list them in search of points.
  15. maryportfuncity

    Jimmy Greaves

    The point of that piece on radio this morning was to celebrate Jimmy's 80th birthday
  16. maryportfuncity

    Dead Pop Stars

    My car died - briefly - in 2019, a squirt of good old WD-40 sorted the problem (maybe they should've tried that on Rick Ocasek)
  17. maryportfuncity

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    Those two on the cruise ship tested positive for the virus, right? So nine more to find
  18. maryportfuncity

    Dead Pop Stars

    The first radio show of every year is a List of the Lost special where we mark the death of our kind of artists in the previous year. So this year the script already has a Rush track and we'll likely edit the final three or four minutes of Isaac Hayes' Walk on By to get that Harold Beane guitar solo. On the other hand, Maria Carey can do what she likes up to and including a spectacular death and we'll continue to ignore her entire output - unless she does something like adding guest vocals to the next album by Scrotum Squasher!
  19. maryportfuncity

    Crashing Companies

    From Honez recent post on the deaths of 2008 thread......I take the point that thread is for people. But global markets are feeling the jitters and the odd airline, corporate giant or bank is always rumoured to be failing. So - since we speculate on the amount of useful life life wherever we find it - I reckon our recession watchers could use this here thread.
  20. maryportfuncity

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Some authors seem to go on for ages and they don't appear on boards like this because they often stay out of the public eye. Many people simply assume they're dead. However the following are unlikely to be setting sprint world records or clocking up high sales figures for pin up calenders these days. J.D 'Catcher in the Rye' Salinger, 1919 - Harper 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Lee, 1926 - Robert M 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainence' Pirsig, 1928 -
  21. maryportfuncity

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I've had reaction (as in ironic appreciative reaction) from listeners when I inflicted the somewhat clumsy lyrics of the b-side of that on them. I'd say this isn't what he intended but...you could hear it as a desperate mother offering to shag a shopkeeper in exchange for a chance to feed her family
  22. maryportfuncity

    Dead Pop Stars

    Aye, so - our list of the lost radio show (first one of 2021 featuring the talent lost in 2020) has a bit of a dilemma here. My best guess is that a fitting tribute is to play a section including the guitar solo on Walk on By from Hot Buttered Soul by Isaac Hayes - but not play the whole 12 minute track.
  23. maryportfuncity

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Awesome - no local dead pools in my neck of the woods so far as I know
  24. maryportfuncity

    Dead Pop Stars

    Yeah, and when she dies - it'll be Elvis!
  25. maryportfuncity

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Indeed - on a team that includes some other uniques and some with a few others picking them, like Prince Andrew

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