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  1. maryportfuncity

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Seriously, even by the fairly tolerant standards at MPFC Towers this is strangeness!! Bought as part of a 3 CDs for £20 offer from the wonderful Global Emporium mob who do merch tents at festivals - this is a collection of Christian cuts from late 60's to mid 70's all of which pack fierce fuzz guitars. Bought for no other reason than I liked the cover and guaranteed to be coming to a cult radio show before too long!
  2. maryportfuncity

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Aye, under the rules of a more lenient dead pool with regard to q/o's your outfit would truly be on fire this year
  3. maryportfuncity

    Peter Sutcliffe

    Oh aye, and... One reason for that is - I guess - the somewhat surreal nature of some of Sutcliffe's most atrocious acts means that some people just marvel at the extremity and inventiveness of it all. It's a bit sick but in All Points North by Simon Armitage (basically a 20 year old book in which he explores what it is to be northern) there's a list of unlikely encounters in the first chapter in which he says the north is where this person meets that person. At one point in that list he pairs David Hockney and Peter Sutcliffe and just lets that thought hang there. He also says the north is where Bernard Ingham meets Prince Naseem Hamed (or if there's any justice he does).
  4. maryportfuncity

    Peter Sutcliffe

    But... I'll guarantee you now there'll be less jubilation than the day Thatcher died (and likely no ironic #1 record to follow)
  5. maryportfuncity

    Deathlist Football Prediction League 2019/2020

    Aye, lost by one against Keith last weekend (noticed when I finally went back over the results after an intense weekend of UFO conferencing).
  6. maryportfuncity

    Deathlist Football Prediction League 2019/2020

    I'm staying out of this but will point out sometimes games go against stats Cheltenham (39% possession) 2 vs Carlisle (61% possession) 0
  7. maryportfuncity

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Respect Ms Blanco has - briefly - hauled my middling outfit into the top 30. Have a hunch my joker Ms Bracknell may frustrate me and many others, mind
  8. maryportfuncity

    Peter Sutcliffe

    Sutcliffe doesn't think so
  9. maryportfuncity

    Peter Sutcliffe

    Wiki page for all those youngsters wondering wtf Humble was A low-life so low I doubt anyone's considering a biopic - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wearside_Jack
  10. maryportfuncity

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    Sterling and important work completed here and congrats commendations to DI and congrats to DC. Obviously, the band of winners and former winners of the HDPD is a dead pooling niche elite frequented by only the most skilful, or summat. Then again, as a former winner my dismal performance last year suggests losing a touch is way easier than finding it in this most demanding of dead pools!
  11. maryportfuncity

    A Joke

    I have just been diagnosed with ADHD. Apparently, this condition can lie dormant in oh look a squirrel!
  12. maryportfuncity

    Hilary Lister & other sailing nutjobs

    Holy Fuck! I'm on the same metaphorical page as Arron Banks, this is scary - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-49358108
  13. maryportfuncity

    Passed-Punks & No-Wavers

    Worried for a minute there - until I realised it was the Bauhaus frontman and not the 38 year old current manager of Annan Athletic who holds the record number of outfield appearances for Carlisle United
  14. maryportfuncity

    The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    Hmm My top ten from last year. A few of the stubborn gits - Herd, Harrison, Lynott - waited until this year to die HPDP Dean Francis – D. 25 May Robin Herd Philomena Lynott Nobby Stiles John McCain – D. 25 Aug Eric Harrison Patrick Cryne – D 22 Jan Linda Nolan Reinhard Hardegen – D. 9 June Bessie Camm – D. 11 May
  15. maryportfuncity

    The Dead of 2019

    Epstein - journalist in The Independent discusses the vermin infested hell-hole of a jail in which he died and suggests there's no mystery as the conspiracy theorists are suggesting: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/jeffrey-epstein-prison-death-conspiracy-theory-suicide-guard-a9054976.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR0GNIv-53iPgJb4QciKs4zV7R3IUqia6GHGFSDwOA7bCNGEFGjEMSf2cxA#Echobox=1565636508

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