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  1. maryportfuncity

    Deathrace 2020

    That other team making significant strides across the gap to the lead - kinda hotting up as a contest, then. Still no sign of a q/o for Grindstaff that'd put the afterburners on Banana's bid for glory Banana - 1449 The Old Crem - 1431 GC Reptile - 1086
  2. maryportfuncity

    Deathrace 2020

    The stewards are with you on that GC and it pains me to report that the only confirmation I can find is on funeral sites - it pains me because I'd picked the fucker too. Points removed (temporarily at least). So Banana remains two deaths away from victory
  3. maryportfuncity

    Deathrace 2020

    Aye, a fair point Banana and thanks for the honesty of pissing on your own parade - a stewards enquiry will commence- feel free to spike it with a higher quality obit
  4. maryportfuncity

    Deathrace 2020

    So, the podium - Banana is one death from victory - and he's got some serious totterers on the surviving team Banana - 1801 GC Reptile - 1436 The Old Crem - 1085
  5. maryportfuncity

    The Chequered Flag

    A fair point, though he's landed some Deathrace points - a fitting profile for a racer who's best F1 results were in the low-hanger "non championship" events. Like I pointed out he was a gamble for me, partly because I thought the Belso Cereals thing might have snuck him into regional BBC coverage. When Jody Scheckter goes presumably the national farming press and obits will have to take into account the stuff he's done successfully for the last few decades. There are doubtless people who meet him in that life who are stunned to find out what he achieved in 1979
  6. maryportfuncity

    The Chequered Flag

    Holy fuck, that's suddenly brightened up an afternoon of tediously editing punctuation and a few words. So, this is a brief description of Custer's Revenge - one of Arundell's greatest video hits In the game, the player controls the character of Custer, depicted as a man wearing nothing but a cavalry hat, boots and a bandana, sporting a visible erection. Custer has to overcome arrow attacks to reach the other side of the screen. His goal is to rape a Native American woman tied to a pole. In General Retreat, it is the woman who has to overcome various obstacles to have sex with Custer. Instead of arrows, cannonballs are fired at the woman.
  7. maryportfuncity

    The Chequered Flag

    Yeah, Arundell earned some podium places didn't he? And he was proper aristocracy.
  8. maryportfuncity

    Dying Off The Radar

    What, he was literally acting when he died? So that would be a heart attack on stage in a subsidized touring production playing a local theatre on a wet Tuesday night, then. I.e. nobody saw it but once they'd established he was dead the snack sales went up because the paramedics shared a bag of Maltesers.
  9. maryportfuncity

    Deathrace 2020

    Just had a random Google on a few masterlist names - who all seem to be alive - is it just me or do our masterlist seem extremely vulnerable to weekends?
  10. maryportfuncity

    The Chequered Flag

    Hmm - so he's turning out to be a bad pick for Banana and I on the DDP and me on the HPDP. Tbh when I Googled him last year I thought there was a marginal chance since he also set up a food company in Peterborough and sold it not that long ago, was - kind of - hoping that colorful collision of things would sneak him into BBC local obit contention.
  11. maryportfuncity

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Predictions

    T. Rex - 'bout time, frankly and a wake up call to the BRIT Awards That said the classic four piece is down to one survivor - Bill Fyfield - aka Bill Legend, the drummer Tony Visconti - producer of most of the hits that mattered and Gloria Jones (Bolan's girlfriend and a sometime member of the band) are both alive and obitable
  12. maryportfuncity

    50. Peter Sutcliffe

    Yeah, link: https://www.anorak.co.uk/339101/sports/that-photo-of-frank-bruno-peter-sutcliffe-and-jimmy-savile.html
  13. maryportfuncity

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Aye, I had marginal hopes of a sneaky pick with Occleshaw and Hitchon but in both cases, and Belso, TWO of us have them
  14. maryportfuncity

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    SERIOUSLY good work getting the site up so quickly - respect!
  15. maryportfuncity

    Hartlepool Deadlypool 2020

    Yeah, tell me about it - me and Banana both awaiting DDP points as well. Cashed in on my own low-hangers pool, mind

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