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  1. maryportfuncity

    Fort William Football Club

    Beat me to it by a couple of minutes Five games in, not a point on the board and a goal difference of -46 (i.e. they average a defeat by 9.2 goals every game) Could be a record breaking season - surely no team in a league significant enough to get regular coverage in the main news media has had a team this bad in living memory.
  2. maryportfuncity

    UFOs, Space Aliens and the like

    Put it this way - if there'd been any serious suspicion he DID see that the incoming shuttle would have been in quarentine (the first four crews to walk on the moon were kept locked up for three weeks when they came back - as a precaution)
  3. maryportfuncity

    Richard O'Sullivan

    Currently wearing trainers so no polish required but truly appreciate the post!
  4. maryportfuncity

    Richard O'Sullivan

    Aye, and a rarity - one that many years ago came back from the dead after poster pressure forced a rethink from the mods.
  5. maryportfuncity


    This'll doubtless end up being a banter thread in the great Dickie O tradition. Other than the unpredictable actions of a crazed stalker she's going nowhere and will likely get all Greta Garbo cranky and be the Zsa Zsa Gabor type thread hereabouts when our grandkids are dead pooling.
  6. maryportfuncity

    Kim Jong-Un

    What They prop up the coffin and blow it to pieces with an anti-aircraft gun!
  7. maryportfuncity

    47. Olivia Newton-John

    Aye Scientology clearly keeps him alive and alert. I read something amusing a while back I can't find now suggesting Travolta has a bit of an ongoing issue with his faith (still believes it etc. but is mightily miffed to be well behind Tom Cruise as their favourite celebrity)
  8. maryportfuncity

    Britney Spears, Kerry Catona, Heather Locklear et al.

    There's an Amazon review of her album that calls her a "hunch fronted attention junkie" - so the problem of younger bimbos hoovering up her audience will likely take its toll and offer less money for the same work. Also if the current global warming continues won't all that expensive work on her face and body just - like - melt?
  9. maryportfuncity

    Britney Spears, Kerry Catona, Heather Locklear et al.

    Well, she's got 100 days to sort out her finances to the point the creditors can be wrestled legally under control. With you otherwise - can't see her doing the Madonna thing of posing on a magazine cover to mark her 60th birthday.
  10. maryportfuncity

    Boris Johnson

    A fair point but another thing driving this is his clear aim to be leader of his party and Prime Minister. However much the lowest-common-denominator stuff plays well in a poll he has two serious problems ahead. Firstly, the shit storm he's unleashed here exposes the fact he's apparently on holiday and unavailable and someone will doubtless point out either now or in the future that he doesn't look much like a leader at this moment and - in any case - most successful leaders have been obliged to be inclusive. Even David Cameron worked hard to make the Conservatives a home for hoodies, gays etc. Cameron was mocked for how plausible he made that sound but he clearly was trying to be inclusive. Secondly, the Conservatives have a history of turning on the apparent leaders in waiting (especially those who've blatantly tried to oust the current leader). Heseltine's moment should have come when Thatcher was deposed but so many were against him that Major was installed despite the slender track record by comparison. So too Cameron arriving quickly to ensure that the Europhile Kenneth Clark (who made the "boy oh boy have you kept me waiting" joke about being the leader in waiting) was never going to lead them. Rant over But Boris isn't going to die soon IMHO.
  11. maryportfuncity

    47. Olivia Newton-John

    Or she needs money to feed the young 'uns coke habit Likely doing okay, mind
  12. maryportfuncity

    Jonathan King

    In case you missed it King's trial has been halted and abandoned and the police forced to apologise for some of their actions. Summat they'll doubtless do through gritted teeth. JK will not be retried. Someone with stronger nerves than me might want to hunt down the inevitable santimonious self-posted video King has probably recorded already.
  13. maryportfuncity

    James Randi

    Geller's considerably younger and a noted exercise hound A more realistic aim (and Randi specialises in realism) might be to live long enough for someone to expose Gellar as nowt but a magician - Randi's replicated many of Gellar's tricks but people still believe in Gellar's "gifts"
  14. maryportfuncity

    The Dead of 2018

    True story - Paul Chuckle once had a moped accident in Greece and was taunted by British passers by who put the Chuckle catch phrase to sarcastic use Link: https://metro.co.uk/2007/04/27/chuckle-brother-in-motorbike-smash-333009/
  15. maryportfuncity

    James Randi

    With enough life-threatening shit stalking him for years now to suggest he hasn't totally given up on the escapology

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