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  1. maryportfuncity

    1. Kirk Douglas

    Was actually thinking along those lines as I spent time this weekend reading Lemmy's autobiography. So far as you can tell all his (copious) sexual partners were willing but he fathered kids he seldom saw afterwards and there are plenty discussions about "chicks" and the fact he likes "to get laid right after the gig." Book published 2003, I've found myself wondering how many of the females alluded to in these comments might have had a rethink afterwards and how Lemmy would look if any #metoo case levelled an accusation at him.
  2. maryportfuncity

    Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

    Hell yeah My bad
  3. maryportfuncity

    The Osmonds

    Not that I know Obviously, he's deaf so we're waiting for a sign
  4. maryportfuncity

    A Joke

    He had an argument with them and left looking frazzled
  5. maryportfuncity

    Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

    Hmm Funny you should mention that - I've spent a fair amount of the weekend reading Lemmy's autobiography and drinking Jameson Irish Whisky as I do.
  6. maryportfuncity

    A Joke

    I was a Samaritan many years ago, and I'll tell you what, easiest sex ever. You just had to get there before she went cold
  7. maryportfuncity

    The Osmonds

    Okay - nowt on the Osmonds official site And these are life-changing, not threatening, right? I mean, I would ring him, but...
  8. maryportfuncity

    UFOs, Space Aliens and the like

    Davey Jones Locker just put a confused emoji on this so let's remind ourselves again Cedric Allingham is the pen name of a man who wrote a book called Flying Saucer from Mars (1954). The book is a fairly obvious re-write/piss take on the second part of the best-selling Flying Saucers Have Landed and the purpose of the Mars book appears to be to snag as many credulous fools as possible into believing the story and - thereby - expose the gullible nature of many of those believing in UFOs/Flying Saucers. Years later some investigative work suggested one of the two people who had authored the Mars book was Patrick Moore. Whilst the other hoaxer came clean Patrick to the very end of his life was threatening legal action against anyone who claimed he was involved. All highly odd because what evidence there is points in that direction and nobody has ever come forward claiming to be the second author. Wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cedric_Allingham
  9. maryportfuncity

    Michael Schumacher

    Hmm Somehow can't see the young 'un filling his close season with a skiing holiday
  10. maryportfuncity

    Female 'Firsts'

    Hung around after the fast laps, then
  11. maryportfuncity

    Sir Michael Caine

    In the late 1960s, Michael Caine was approached by Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, John Densmore. The idea was that they all wanted oral sex from his wife and offered an outrageous sum of money to do so. Caine obliged. When all was set and done Michael Caine walked in to collect his dough and noticed Mick Jagger and Keith Richards stripped to their ankles as well. Caine turned to his wife and yelled, “you were only supposed to blow the bloody Doors off!”
  12. maryportfuncity

    Fort William Football Club

    Goal difference is -88 on the back of 13 league games Surely this is verging on a record breaking season in Scotland
  13. maryportfuncity

    UFOs, Space Aliens and the like

    Finally got round to reading Lemmy's autobiography White Line Fever Page 49 recounts a UFO sighting when a very young and (by his standards) relatively clean living musician
  14. maryportfuncity

    Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

    Oh aye and Bit early but... Paul (77)
  15. maryportfuncity

    Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

    Cigs AND spliffs

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