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  1. jcc

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    John Cooper Clarke is 75 today.
  2. jcc

    The 3rd Death of 2024

    Allez Franz
  3. jcc

    The 2nd Death of 2024

    Der Kaiser.
  4. jcc

    Time Added

    https://www.leedsunited.com/news/team-news/32655/rip-noel-peyton-1935-2023 Noel Peyton, Irish international, played for Leeds United at the beginning of the "Revie era" dead at 88.
  5. jcc

    The 20th Death of 2023

    Le Pen for the old "une-deux"
  6. jcc

    Jacques Delors

    Le Pen is mightier than Delors...or summat
  7. jcc

    American Football Players

    https://x.com/jasrifootball/status/1733903844352860432?s=20 Frank Wycheck, 3 time Pro Bowler and co-star of the "Music City Miracle" dead at 52.
  8. jcc

    Shane MacGowan

    Or will she be "Lonely This Christmas"?
  9. jcc

    Ron Jeremy

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/ron-jeremy-released-private-residence-235409644.html Apparently suffering from severe dementia and moved to an undisclosed "private residence" The article is short on specifics but all charges against him have been frozen.
  10. jcc

    Jamaican Jamming

    https://t.co/OnADjjMlpE Neville Garrick, award winning art director for Bob Marley, dead at 73
  11. jcc

    The 14th Death of 2023

    Kennedy (22/11)
  12. jcc

    Jamaican Jamming

    https://t.co/ZmnKjeBHHW Michael 'Ibo' Cooper, fouder member of Third World, lost his record producer son, Arif, in March and his wife last month has just completed the trifecta.
  13. jcc

    Dianne Feinstein

    Unfortunately Feinstein could not retire because Mitch McConnell would have refused to seat her replacement on said committee despite pleas for compassion from the Dems.
  14. jcc

    how long till' the next hit ?

    I'll stick with 9/9
  15. jcc

    The 12th Death of 2023

    Grim Reaper to finally Get Carter.
  16. jcc

    how long till' the next hit ?

    5th September
  17. jcc

    The 10th Death of 2023

    Bob B

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