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  1. jcc

    Death By Selfie

    Indian+selfie+raging river = somewhat inevitable conclusion.
  2. jcc

    Life In Prison

    Four down now.
  3. jcc

    Donald J Trump

    How very curious. Is this Trump's resignation or has the State Department been hacked ?
  4. jcc

    Widow(er) Shopping

    Following up on this, she's had a stroke. Obviously she's not 100% but she is talking and moving. Speech is slurred but recovering.
  5. jcc

    Widow(er) Shopping

    This is not correct.
  6. He died from "covid complications". His son is a rabid Trumpite. Anti-masker, anti-vaxxer etc. More to come on this no doubt.
  7. jcc

    Larry King

    Larry's looked very iffy for some years now but always bounces back. I think he'll see the year out quite comfortably.
  8. jcc

    Dr. Dre

    He's out of the ICU and according to him will be home "soon". Cedars-Sinai ICU in LA has been awfully busy lately.
  9. jcc

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Guess that makes 2 former presidents that won't be there.
  10. jcc

    15. Jimmy Carter

    Allegedly lying low on account of the virus.
  11. jcc

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Guess it's only the inner circle that get the regeneron treatment.
  12. jcc

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    It does seem odd that only GOP politicians are dying from Covid. I wonder why that is ?
  13. jcc

    How Many Hits This Year? 2021

    Lowest available is 3 but that could gone by the end of January so 28 it is then.
  14. jcc

    Life In Prison

    Serial killer extraordinaire Sam Little reportedly dead at 80.

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