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  1. jcc

    Death Anniversary Thread

    42 years ago today, Ian Curtis.
  2. jcc

    Von Trapps

    So long..farewell...
  3. jcc

    Hollywood Possibilities

    . Prolific character actor Jack Kehler whose credits include the Dude's landlord in "The Big Lebowski" felled by leukemia at 75.
  4. jcc

    Diego Maradona

    Seems only fair for Hodge to pocket the cash, I don't recall Maradona giving any money away when he sold Steve's shirt.
  5. jcc

    Ironic Deaths

    Veteran Texas snake handler mishandles rattler with all too predictable consequences.
  6. jcc


    Activist (or terrorist) Kathy Boudin dead at 78. Also the mother of current San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin.
  7. jcc

    Pat Robertson

    Pat's wife cops it and I really hope it was coronavirus.
  8. jcc

    FIFA World Cup Players

  9. jcc

    Darwin Awards

    Florida is as Florida does.
  10. jcc

    how long till' the next hit ?

    Ding-dong's birthday is on the 20th of April so...
  11. jcc

    The 5th death of 2022

  12. jcc

    Jamaican Jamming

    The Mighty Diamonds, roots reggae trio formed over 50 years ago, lose two members in 4 days. 'Tabby' Shaw murdered in a drive-by shooting in Kingston followed by today's news that 'Bunny' Simpson died after a long battle with diabetes. Probably most famous for penning 'Pass the Kouchie', later recorded by Musical Youth as 'Pass the Dutchie' to eliminate the drug reference.
  13. jcc

    Political Frailty

    Maddie Albright, dead at 84.
  14. jcc

    Ironic Deaths

    So, you're saying he introduced the right to die legislation because at some undetermined point in the future he knew he would get a terminal illness and use it to end his life. Well yeah, guess it's not ironic.
  15. jcc

    Ironic Deaths

    Diagnosed with mucosal melanoma a year ago, Vermont politician Willem Jewett uses right to die legislation he helped usher in 2011 to call it a day.

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