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  1. jcc

    Donald J Trump

    Mad as a hatter.
  2. jcc

    Donald J Trump

    Guess it's just a matter of time before SMERSH and SPECTRE endorse him!
  3. jcc

    John Daly

    Gotta love JD.
  4. jcc

    Donald J Trump

    Early doors and it is Florida but doesn't look too promising for old Trumpy.
  5. jcc

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Pretty sure this huckster will see it as another money making op.
  6. jcc

    American Football Players

    Former 'Canes WR Aieem Jolla murdered in N'awlins
  7. jcc

    Donald J Trump

    Well, I thought the traditional Republicans ( Powell, Rice etc) would have been much more critical of him but I meant, more specifically, Congress and the Governors. Probably should have made that clearer.
  8. jcc

    Donald J Trump

    Seriously? He would (as he always does) simply deny any responsibility at all. Besides, there has not been one dissenting Republican voice in the last 4 years regarding anything that Trump has done, spineless set that they are.
  9. jcc

    Donald J Trump

    I'm still worried. He defied the polls 4 years ago and now he has more means to manipulate the result....if he survives of course.
  10. jcc

    Donald J Trump

    Just wondering if his condition continued to worsen would his team summon the "demon sperm" doctor.
  11. jcc

    Donald J Trump

    Not so sure about that. DT always projects a tough guy persona and openly mocks sick people. Him going to the hospital is a huge deal.
  12. jcc

    Donald J Trump

    Why would they give him a clinically untested drug? Sounds like he's severely ill.
  13. jcc

    Donald J Trump

    The black dems had a lot to do with Biden getting the nod.
  14. jcc

    Donald J Trump

    Should be sectioned.

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