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  1. ixion

    Walter Cronkite

    walters cronked it
  2. ixion

    Harold Pinter

    bbc news reports harold pinters death what a tally for 2008 We know , threads merged - LG
  3. ixion

    14. Angela Lansbury

    Hi guys I do hope Angela Lansbury makes it through the year I think she's 82 but then she's always looked 100 does she ever get a mention ?
  4. ixion

    Billy Smart

    which "smart" holds the title smart a*se ?
  5. ixion

    Patrick Macnee

    i heard that one avenger trapped her finger in a door i think it was linda sore thum
  6. ixion

    Patrick Macnee

    It sounds like cockney rhyming slang to me gareth hunt ( self explanatory ) honor blackman ( giving head to a Jamican )
  7. ixion

    Patrick Macnee

    is he still here ? and wheres pussy g?
  8. ixion


    and one for michael barrymore he's behind you
  9. ixion


    fan dabby dozee
  10. ixion

    Sharon Osbourne

    ozzy has a mansion at chalfont st peter ( just off m25 ) just look for the piles of dog sh*t and empty beer bottles also by appearances look for the house like in the munsters
  11. ixion

    Carry On Dying

    apparently stayin alives favorite is patsy r is that fav carry on or fav to die ? they say things come in threes so next is j douglas and then babs
  12. ixion

    Paul Gascoigne

    Ive heard chris evans has moved gazza in as he has no home but apparently is off the booze. I think he must of heard of the deathlists concern " final whistle approaching " and wants to lend a hand. Its party time now (topics merged. ATJ)
  13. ixion

    Carry On Dying

    the carry-ons are classics carry on columbus was sh*t and dont even compare, as for london its a "B" list help up the ladder after sid died it was finished Sid, Kenneth W, Kenneth C, Charlie H, Babs & joan sims were the best I did'nt understand Jack Douglas he was a bit of a Norman Collier My fave has to be convenience with that budgie brilliant A few years ago they did a film of the carry ons focussing on sid & babs and the affair. It was quite good as for the deathlist god knows
  14. i'd like to see some young blood ( literally ) his there's the odd young celeb death but not often only aids / car crash etc there needs to be a young celeb death list @75 names
  15. there used to be an advert on tv for do-it all "how do do it all do it" and one of the actors (i think the one with the beard) he used to be in blake 7 a younger uncle albert (fools and horses)

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