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    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    ‘This is obviously proving difficult because he is his son and it’s playing down his role in the family.’ <cough>
  2. Toast

    British Character Actors

    And an unnecessary use of "basically".
  3. Toast

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Fitz Hugh, sir!
  4. Toast

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    Not a proper Brummy accent between the lot of them.
  5. Toast

    British Character Actors

    Those are reactions (to other people's posts). I was talking about emoticons that we can include in our own posts. The 'sad' reaction doesn't have "two big fat fucking teardrops under the eyes" as described by Deat nothingtolose anyway.
  6. And when I mentioned that "special needs" told me nothing about the nature of a child's needs, I was told it was none of my business and that was all I needed to know! I despise the way these blanket terms are devised to make a problem sound nice and cosy. Surely it's better to be upfront about it? The kid could be blind, deaf, have only one leg, be seriously brain damaged, or just mildly odd, bad at reading, plain thick, or just a little shit. Give us a clue. Whatever shiny new term they come up with, it soon becomes a playground insult anyway.
  7. Toast

    UK Singles Chart

    Slave? Slave?
  8. Why, has Nana joined them live on stage? I need to see that.
  9. Toast

    British Character Actors

    I did that the first time I packed in (patches weren't a thing in those days) but the most recent time I'd get pissed off with work/someone at work/something else equally inconsequential, bum one off someone then buy a pack on my way home. Then someone gave me two cartons when they came back from holiday (never look a gifthorse etc.). Yeah. I gave up once before, for about three months, and then smoked one as a reward/celebration of a personal achievement. From this I learned that I can't have just one occasional smoke, as that becomes ever more frequent.
  10. Oh! There's a Ska Collection too. Who knew? https://www.discogs.com/Amy-Winehouse-The-Ska-Collection/master/676316
  11. Toast

    British Character Actors

    I just stopped buying them. If I don't have any, I can't smoke them.
  12. Toast

    British Character Actors

    Where's that then? This is what I get when I hit the emoticon button.
  13. Toast

    British Character Actors

    A lot of people say that ......
  14. Toast

    Guilty Pleasures.

    Not at all, no. But there's something about his voice, those particular songs, and that they aren't sung in English that takes me to a happy place.
  15. Toast

    Guilty Pleasures.

    Go on, then. Leapy Lee and 'Little Arrows'. We're waiting.
  16. Toast

    Guilty Pleasures.

    Not the same thing. Guilty pleasures is usually referring to music that is generally seen as uncool. But it can certainly be extended to cover a multitude of sins. This album is one of my guilty pleasures.
  17. One time I got banned on there was when they were on about SN kids (all of them claim to have at least one child with "special needs". Well, we're all special, aren't we? But I digress.) Anyway, in a conversational way I said that my brain always reads SN as "sub normal" because in my day some children were classed as ESN (educationally sub normal). Or, as my mum used to say, "a bit backward". There was outrage and I got banned. Ridiculous. It's just a constant stream of ever-changing jargon that seems to get less and less informative about people's condition.
  18. We need a 'Guilty Pleasures' thread, if there isn't one already.
  19. Toast

    Game of Thrones

    I love this little scene
  20. Toast

    21. Leslie Phillips

  21. Toast

    British Character Actors

    I gave up 18 months ago because it was just too expensive. Apart from the financial aspect, I haven't felt any benefit whatsoever.
  22. Toast

    Where to post?

    But keep in mind that there is no "we". The Death List is compiled by the Committee, and us lowly forum members have no say in it.
  23. Toast

    21. Leslie Phillips

    Hang on. It looks like a sequel to this 2012 film with him playing the same character. Could be he's just appearing in flashbacks. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1822203/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_2

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