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  1. Toast

    Covid passports

    They would still have the right to refuse the vaccine. But others would have the right to choose only to admit vaccinated people to their events or premises.
  2. Toast

    So .. What Do You Watch On TV?

    I've just finished watching The Terror, and OMG it is stellar! I wanted to watch this a couple of years ago when it was on Amazon Prime, but it wasn't included in the sub, it was a pay-extra option which I can't do even if I wanted to as I'm a plus-one on somebody else's Prime subscription. So I was very pleased to find it on iPlayer. I can't believe this didn't get shedloads of awards. It's superbly written and acted, and I came to really care about the characters. The best thing I've seen so far this year, and I am going to watch it again as there were so many little things seeded throughout that I will appreciate more on a rewatch. It probably goes without saying that it's not for the faint-hearted. I had to watch some scenes through my fingers Some scenes had me in tears and there was also one extremely satisfying death scene I can't recommend it highly enough.
  3. Toast

    Covid passports

    I don't think that follows at all. I see it more as making it safer for large gatherings at football matches, music gigs and similar events.
  4. Toast

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Yes, that's better. The point is that a post with only a link in it will not be picked up by someone searching for mentions of Sachin Tendulkar (or whoever the post is about). It's also good practice to mention what it's about in the post, because people are not always able or willing to click on links.
  5. A handy guide for the Easter weekend from the local paper. It's usually the comments that are the best thing about "news stories" like this. https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/19203413.oxfordshire-beauty-spots-used-dogging
  6. Toast

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2021 Deathlist

    ........ unless ..........
  7. Toast

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    She's his grandfather's wife. I prefer to confine the "step" prefix to the most immediate family: parent/child, and siblings.
  8. Going back off topic, is 'Billericay Dickie' really filthy or is it Ian's delivery of it and my dirty mind?
  9. I did those at school. I remember there was one about a ghost, but that's about all.
  10. Toast

    Holly Johnson

    Was that anything like the Len Ganley Stance? More in the sense of a jail sentence.
  11. Toast

    Holly Johnson

    My friends and I religiously watched TOTP every Thursday while getting ready to go out pubbing & clubbing. I well remember the Lena Martell stretch and I think we would have noticed.
  12. Toast

    Holly Johnson

    I so wish that had really happened.
  13. Toast

    Holly Johnson

    They also did a decent cover of Springsteen's 'Born To Run'. (embedding working for me)
  14. Toast

    Bob Uecker

    I read it as Bob Fucker.
  15. Toast

    The English Language

    I'm not happy with the way "cancelled" is being used these days. If something is cancelled, it means it will not take place - it never happened. Never existed. People talk about a TV series being "cancelled" when what they mean is that it won't be continued. You could say it has been "dropped", but for some inexplicable reason the term "dropped" has been appropriated to mean broadcast, aired, or made available for the first time. As for the other new meaning of "cancelled", pretending or wishing that something never happened or existed, there are several perfectly good words for that, eg erased, expunged, deleted etc.
  16. Toast

    Horse Racing

    Thank, Harry, I saw that in passing but as he was named as Hamdan al Rashid I didn't realise who it was. He owned a lot of horses round my way at one time.
  17. Toast

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2019

    It's a very good pool, so I hope you do. I enjoy the random element.
  18. "Celebrities" aren't what they used to be. It is also a shame that the word "star" has sunk to such a base level. It used to denote excellence, now it just means somebody who's been in something.
  19. Toast

    Terrorists & Topical Terrorist Targets

    Oh, I don't know. They have to publish genuine death notices if people have paid for them, but publishing letters is at their discretion. I would be inclined to allow it as it could be a source of further entertainment, and possibly even award a bonus point for the achievement.
  20. I think Mike's father's name is Philip too, but IMBW.
  21. Toast

    Roger Taylor

    To avoid confusion, could we have a subtitle on this thread, please, as I can think of at least three notable Roger Taylors.
  22. Toast

    Room 101

    A bit like dead pools really.
  23. Toast

    Covid 19 ------- Third wave?

    He did say lockdowns and masks, not just masks. The problem with masks is that they hamper human interactions as well. Difficult to smile at people, or to know if they're smiling at you, the loss of all those little wordless exchanges between strangers. For people who are cooped up at home alone, even the weekly shopping trip offers less social communication because of masks.

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