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  1. Toast

    Sickest game in the world (parts 1&2)

    Fortunately we don't need to maintain a facade of politeness and good manners on this forum, so the passive-aggressive approach isn't very effective here.
  2. Toast

    Shakin' Stevens

    Might be an idea to amend the topic title to include his name, so the search has a chance of picking it up. Not that I'm sure what his name is. Shaking? Shakin? Shakey? Shaky? etc etc
  3. Toast

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Agree. Saves all the hassle and expense of getting all your documents changed. And I could see someone whose own surname had been Wren retaining the name "Wren-Lewis".
  4. Toast

    The Fringes Of Fame/family Of The Famous

    Come on, you just made those names up, didn't you?
  5. Toast

    Dead Pop Stars

    I've heard of hardly any of the people mentioned in that interview. Makes me feel quite young for once
  6. Toast

    Celebrity COVID Deniers

    His is the very first name mentioned in Post #1.
  7. Only a fiver in Sainsburys. Pretty cool.
  8. Toast

    Spy corner

    Nice as pie?
  9. Toast

    Which one of you lot deleted my site?

    Or Coronation Street?
  10. Toast


    I think Gerald Harper is 91. Some sources give his YOB as 1931, but IMDB and others say 1929, which is what I found when I first looked him up.
  11. Toast

    Boris Johnson

  12. Toast

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Has there been any DDP pick so far not to have had a QO, but featured on 'Last Word'?
  13. Toast

    Disc Jockeys

    "I think it’s safe to say 2020 has been an absolute fuck ball for most of us", she says. I quite like the sound of a "fuck ball". Sounds like fun
  14. I have been to Wales. I have relatives who own a pub there.
  15. Someone used that one on here the other day. What does it refer to? What is "the big one"?
  16. Toast

    Boris Johnson

    Covid-19 really is killing the wrong people.
  17. Toast

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    I've just been in town and was taken aback (literally) by the behaviour of several shop workers who just wouldn't give me space. One of them, in a massively spacious shop with no other customers anywhere near us, came right up face-to-face within a foot of me. I backed away, she kept advancing on me, I kept backing away until I nearly knocked over a display stand behind me. "Careful!" she said. "I'm TRYING to keep my distance," I said. She huffed and said, "Well, I'm wearing a double layer mask". It happened in several shops. You back away, and they keep coming at you. I despair.
  18. Toast

    Donald J Trump

    Picture or not, the "pun" doesn't work in British English. Another example of the variations of our language. I didn't know that "resident" in US English had those connotations.
  19. Toast

    43. David Crosby

    I never actually saw the offending tweet - so it was just "Meh" in response to someone asking his opinion? "i know you're not into metal david, but what's your opinion on eddie van halen?" So not referring to EVH's death at all. What a fuss about nothing.
  20. Toast

    Donald J Trump

    I get that from the photo, but "resident" in British English is a general term for someone who lives in a given place. The residents of a town, village, block of flats, etc. It doesn't imply someone aged, or who cannot look after themself. We would say that the President of the USA is a resident of the White House.
  21. Toast

    Donald J Trump

    That doesn't make much sense to me. Must be an American thing.

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