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  1. Actually the type of quince tree I bought is £45 here (and that's a reduced price). I paid twenty quid. And no delivery charges.
  2. Toast

    Ask A Deathlister

    I see you're having one of your moments.
  3. I don't see why it's pointless. I was going to start a shopping thread but was careful to search first and found an existing thread which entertained me for a while. Others may also enjoy its randomness. WTF has Amazon got to do with it? My purchases yesterday were made at an outdoor event, not hunched over a laptop in a basement.
  4. Is there anyone left in Parliament who isn't either untrustworthy, loathsome or inept? (Yes, I know some tick all those boxes.)
  5. Toast

    Deathlist Dreaming

    What does it mean if you dream that somebody extremely unattractive and exceedingly malodorous has sex with you while you are paralysed and unable to do anything about it?
  6. Toast

    Ask A Deathlister

    I'm impressed that you spell memento right. Most people don't.
  7. Toast

    Famous farmers and agricultural people

    Not much gets past you, does it.
  8. This thread is an interesting read - shame most of the links no longer work. Today I bought a stick of beeswax and a quince tree.
  9. Toast

    Famous farmers and agricultural people

    Or Ted Moult.
  10. Toast

    Famous farmers and agricultural people

    Sir James Dyson?
  11. Toast

    Peter Frampton

    I live next door to an African person. He's white, though.
  12. Toast

    Peter Frampton

    Why you being so racist?
  13. Toast

    Darwin Awards

    Nah, I think the police did that when they turned up, along with six fire engines from 3 counties. 47 acres had already gone up in smoke though. I think the farm manager was next in the queue, as the fields had already been drilled and sown.
  14. Toast

    Darwin Awards

    I should say at the outset that nobody died, but .... Yesterday a resident of our village decided that it would be a good idea to get rid of all his garden waste by having a bonfire on the edge of a stubble field. I think you can guess what happened next.
  15. Toast

    ABC Deadpool III

    Yeah, I think I got that dude confused with Luis Echeverria.
  16. Toast

    The 100 Club

    It's way too late for that
  17. Toast

    Name Shame?

    From the O.E.D: Johnson, n. Pronunciation: Brit. /ˈdʒɒnsn/, U.S. /ˈdʒɑns(ə)n/ Origin: From a proper name. Etymon: proper name Johnson. Etymology: < the common surname Johnson, probably as a humorous alteration of John n. (compare senses 4a and 6 at that entry) slang. 1. Chiefly U.S. (common in African-American use). The penis. Also Jim Johnson. rare before late 20th cent. 1863 W. B. Cheadle Jrnl. 2 Feb. in Jrnl. Trip across Canada (1931) 108 Neck frozen. Face ditto; thighs ditto; Johnson ditto, & sphincter vesicae partially paralyzed. 1972 Screw 12 June 10/3 So I went to take my turn with the hopes of somehow getting my Jim Johnson wet. 1986 J. A. Friedman Tales from Times Square 94 One of the black guys was nearly demanding a warm-up, some contrivance to stiffen his Johnson before the main event. 2018 @GordonBibby 29 Aug. in twitter.com (O.E.D. Archive) I once had a friend tell me about his piercing, I asked where it was and without hesitation he whipped out his Johnson and showed me. 2. Chiefly British. A man who lives off a prostitute's earnings; a pimp. Now rare. 1954 R. Fabian London after Dark i. 54 Many men in London live upon the immoral earnings of prostitutes. The name for such men is ‘Ponces’ or ‘Johnsons’. 1960 ‘J. Ashford’ Counsel for Def. v. 66 You got Legs off... He was a Johnson.
  18. Toast

    The 9th Death of 2019

    Little Richard
  19. Toast

    Death In The Family

    So sorry, Phil, what a lovely dog. I do hope he won't be your last, there is always a piece of your heart that needs a dog to love.
  20. Toast

    Name Shame?

    No. I never met any my age either. I think Raymond is a cool name and due a revival.
  21. Toast

    Name Shame?

    It would be such a cool nickname if your real name was actually Ray. But I suspect it isn't.
  22. Toast

    ABC Deadpool III

    He has Waiting on a QO, I think.
  23. Toast

    Donald J Trump

    Might need to check that Clock.
  24. I quite like the sound of that. Let me know when it's happening.
  25. Toast


    Indeed, I too would have been happy to find him in my suitcase.

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