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  1. It seems quite likely that he'll be the next of the Arab spring (autumn?) topplers, but will he suffer the same fate as Saddam and Gaddafi or that of Ben Ali? Saleh's in a similar position, but could step down before he's brought down. I suppose Mubarak's somewhere in the middle for now.

    Deathlisters who are dead

    I was sleeping peacefully after the operation. Who woke me up?

    Bernie Madoff

    The ex-chairman of Nasdaq makes Kenneth Lay look like a small-time crook, defrauding clients of $50bn. I expect he'll start suffering from 'Ernest Saunders Disease' as his trial approaches. He Madoff with the loot.

    Aung San Suu Kyi

    Burmese politician and prisoner of conscience Aung San Suu Kyi has been on a drip after "suffering from low blood pressure and dehydration".
  5. Bruce (Buffalo Springfield) Palmer who also worked with Neil Young in the mind-blowing Trans period is also dead. Do we have a Spinal Tap drummer scenario thing going on here? I think we might - Tim Drummond

    Leonid Stadnyk (And Other Tall People)

    Leonid's been brought down to size


    Gerry Goffin all the way to paradise.


    I'm sure he is going to be an obit free zone. But I noted his name and thought he will get the right help. However I read the notes and cut and paste the best bit... Prognosis The major determinants of survival are histology and clinical stage. Poor prognostic factors include high grade, neural involvement, locally advanced disease, advanced age, associated pain, regional lymph node metastases, distant metastasis, and accumulation of p53 or c-erbB2 oncoproteins. Although statements regarding survival are difficult to make because of the large variety of histologic types, 20% of all patients will develop distant metastases. The presence of distant metastases heralds a poor prognosis, with a median survival of 4.3-7.3 months. Overall 5-year survival for all stages and histologic types is approximately 62%. The overall 5-year survival for recurrent disease is approximately 37%. Because of the risk of recurrence, all patients who have had a histologically proven malignant salivary gland tumor should have lifelong follow-up. Now to me that looks a tad grim. Could do with a better fame check.... Maybe one for 2011? One for 2014. Four years, similar to Adam Yauch.

    Time Added

  10. TAFKAG

    Ralph Stanley

    The man who delivered that news and features in the video, CMB road manager and guitarist James Alan Shelton, has died just two months later. Not that I'm obsessed with bluegrass or Ralph Stanley or banjos or anything.
  11. TAFKAG

    Scientists, Inventors And Techno Wizards

    There was an interview with him on one of those fuck-awful BBC3 "LET'S TALK ABOUT DRUGS" documentaries this evening. He looks like he's tweaking permanently. He's taken another trip.
  12. TAFKAG

    Alex Higgins (And Snooker)

    Having recovered, he now has lung cancer.
  13. TAFKAG

    Scientists, Inventors And Techno Wizards

    His ashes are to be blasted into... the next village, unable to be located by radar.
  14. TAFKAG

    The Dead Of 2014

    Bob Hoskins going mental in a coffin http://www.bbc.co.uk...t-arts-27224995
  15. TAFKAG

    Ralph Stanley

    George Shuffler, former guitarist in Ralph's Clinch Mountain Boys, has shuffled off.
  16. TAFKAG

    Boxing Clever?

    Mickey Duff Pole-axed
  17. TAFKAG

    Death By Jazz

    UK jazzer Stan Tracey is ageing no longer.
  18. TAFKAG

    World War II Veterans

    The living ones I could find at first glance, ordered by birth. I'm not going to go in depth, this is just what I saw from the Wiki article for Band of Brothers. Anyone who has more can expand. Frank Perconte (b. March 10 1917) Richard Winters (b. January 21 1918) Joseph A. Lesniewski (b. August 29 1920) Lynn "Buck" Compton (b. December 31, 1921) Donald Malarkey (b. 1921) William Guarnere (b. April 28 1922) Edward Heffron (b. May 16, 1923) Darrell "Shifty" Powers (b. 1923) Frank Perconte's died. And another one - Edward 'Babe' Heffron.
  19. TAFKAG

    Nazi of SS

    And finally he's in prison. regards, Hein And now dead.
  20. TAFKAG

    Somewhere Over The Rainbow

    Frankly, I don't fancy his chances of cheering on his closeted wurzel diving boy to 2012 Olympic gold, having seen this documentary. Shock horror! It's Tom Gayley
  21. TAFKAG

    Nigel Kneale & Judith Kerr

    A BBC documentary about Judith Kerr was shown the other day.
  22. TAFKAG

    Death By Jazz

    It's Chico's time. Jazz drummer and bandleader Chico Hamilton dies aged 92. His brother was Capt Dobie in Starsky & Hutch. And here's Chico and the chaps in the great Sweet Smell of Success.
  23. TAFKAG

    FIFA World Cup Players

  24. TAFKAG

    The 100 Club

    Assuming she makes it to Tuesday, pianist Alice Herz-Sommer will become the first (I think) supercentenarian Holocaust survivor.
  25. TAFKAG

    World's Oldest

    [mode = nerd] From that website I glean that 45 people born in the 19th century are still with us. After all, those born in 1900 were also born in the 19th century, for the same reason that the 21st century began on 1 January 2001: there was no year 0. [/mode] regards, Hein We may as well name & shame them, for all the fruit pickers out there. In a jingoistic spirit, I'll have my fiver on Grace Jones to beat the Japs and the Yanks and take a surprise gold in 2017. All that nightclubbing will keep her fit and healthy. 1. Besse Cooper USA 115 (World and Olympic champion) 2. Dina Manfredini Ita 115 (European champion) 3. Jiroemon Kimura Jap 115 4. Misawo Okawa Jap 114 5. Kame Nakamura Jap 114 6. Marie-Therese Bardet Fra 113 7. Mamie Rearden USA 113 8. Hatsue Ono Jap 113 9. Hina Shikawatari Jap 113 10. Ichi Ishida Jap 113 11. Maria Redaelli-Granoli Ita 113 12. Elsie Thompson USA 113 13. Jeralean Talley USA 112 14. Beryl Kapaun USA 112 15. Kame Takamiyagi Jap 112 16. Toshi Higano Jap 112 17. Susannah Mushatt Jones USA 112 18. Bernice Madigan USA 112 19. Soledad Mexia Mex 112 20. Evelyn Kozak USA 112 21. Ine Atarashiya Jap 112 22. Mitsue Nagasaki Jap 112 23. Terue Ashida Jap 112 24. Emma Morano-Martinuzzi Ita 112 25. Takeno Fujita Jap 112 26. Grace Jones UK 112 27. Tome Tamura Jap 112 28. James Sisnett Barbados 112 29. Yoshino Tanaka Jap 112 30. Maria Gravigi-De Candia Ita 112 31. Anna Henderson USA 112 32. Maggie James USA 112 33. Shun Moshino USA 112 34. Amelia England UK/USA 111 35. Antonia Gerena Rivera Puerto Rico 111 36. Ethel Lang UK 111 37. Paule Bronzini Fra 111 38. Nabi Tajima Jap 111 39. Yasuko Kimura Jap 111 40. Germaine Degueldre Bel 111 41. Anna Stoehr USA 111 42. Maria Richard Bel/Fra 111 43. Ryo Tobee Jap 111 44. Eugenie Dauzat Fra 111 45. Merle Barwis USA/Can 111 Oh Grace, you've let yourself down, you've let Britain down, but more importantly, you've let me and my fiver down. Well considering that list must be 12 months old she did well to climb from 26th to 6th Where is Ethel on the world ranking now? Click on that link and you'll find out.

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