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    Animal Antics

    Lemming Impersonations
  2. OK, you've obviously put a celebrity's name (let's call him Kenny) into Google or some such, and seen the DeathList pop up. 'What's this ?' you say, 'Kenny dead ?' or 'This looks intriguing' and so you've ended up here ... only to find the list wasn't what you expected and we seem to be predicting the death of Kenny. 'My God, they've killed Kenny!- How dare they!' And now you want to tell the list owner how much of a bastard he is, how dare he, that he isn't fit to be a dog turd on the bottom of Kenny's shoe, that Kenny is so fabulous that everything Kenny produces is worthy of worship, even his farts. Etc, etc. So instead of being irate in random places all over this list: a ) Firstly, think of a nice nickname to go by - Guest isn't very interesting really is it ? Something that proves how loyal you are to Kenny. Say like 'Kenny's Butt Boy' b ) Vent your spleen here. Go on tell us we're all evil. We have heard it before you know. c ) Then go read what the purpose of the list is ... really, we're not willing or wishing Kenny dead, just think there's an odds-on chance (or not) that'll he'll keel over sometime soon. Probably because he's old, disease ridden, into drugs, gets drunk a lot, or drives too fast. Or he's a terrorist with US Gov after him. Or some other dangerous sport. Now, do you understand ? No ? Oh well, post away anyway ... [NB. There were a number of replies to this posting since it was first made but unfortunately these were deleted in error - GR]
  3. The Yeti

    Name Shame?

    Chose that login name and now regret it ? Request what you want it changed to here, and it shalt be done. Apart from windsor. (And yes, your post total stays unchanged).
  4. The Yeti

    The Welsh

    Who watches Welsh TV anyway ?
  5. The Yeti

    Chris Rea, Die-arrhea

    Is Chris Rea getting better ? Since his illness a couple of years back <second paragraph>, he's not getting fitter ... Relapse My brother, a fan, reckons that CR is talking as though he ain't got too long. And he's just started his 'Final Tour'.
  6. The Yeti

    A Shortlist 2006

    Th DL rules says that next year's list can only contain 25 of the 50 chosen this year being allowed to carry forward into the next year. Of the original 2005 50, so far 11 have upped and gone, leaving another 14 to be booted out of this years list. In other words, who do you think* will last all of 2006, and so aren't worth putting back into next year's list as DL candidates ? (*We reserve the right to completely ignore your opinions)
  7. The truth about ... Chat Computers 1 Computers 2 And as for the dating ones ... The whole truth and nothing but the truth ...
  8. The Yeti

    Animal Antics

    A whole site for animal killing & dying ... Here More
  9. The Yeti

    The 2007 List In Full

    The 2007 List In Full (Ranking, Name, Age, Famousness Test) 1 Fidel Castro 81 Dictator 2 Ariel Sharon 79 Ex-Israeli Prime Minister 3 Ruby Muhammed 110 Mother of the Nation of Islam 4 Charles Lane 102 Actor 5 Albert Hofmann 101 Creator of LSD 6 Oscar Niemeyer 100 Architect 7 Michael Foot 94 Tramp 8 Ernest Borgnine 90 Actor 9 Billy Graham 89 Evangelist 10 Ronnie Biggs 78 Ambassador 11 Brooke Astor 105 Philanthropist 12 Tim Johnson 97 US Senator 13 Rowdy Roddy Piper 53 WWE Wrastler 14 Claude Levi-Strauss 99 Scientist 15 Ernest Gallo 98 Wine maker 16 Lady Bird Johnson 95 Former first lady 17 Bill Deedes 92 Journalist 18 Mark Felt 94 Deep Throat 19 Tammy Faye Messner 65 Evangelist 20 Karl Malden 95 Actor 21 Eli Wallach 92 Actor 22 Les Paul 92 Guitar maker 23 Yitzhak Shamir 92 Ex PM Israel 24 Dom Mintoff 91 Ex Malta PM 25 Kirk Douglas 91 Actor 26 Olivia De Havilland 91 Actress 27 Herbert Lom 90 Actor 28 Vera Lynn 90 Singer 29 Alexander Solzhenitsyn 89 Author 30 Oral Roberts 89 Evangelist 31 Betty Ford 91 Clinic owner 32 Dino de Laurentiis 89 Film Producer 33 Ian Smith 89 Ex-Rhodesian PM 34 Ingmar Bergman 89 Film Director 35 John Forsythe 89 Blake Carrington 36 Kurt Waldheim 89 Nazi 37 JD Salinger 88 Author 38 Jake Lamotta 86 Boxer 39 John Demjanjuk 87 Nazi Collaborator 40 Al Molinaro 88 Happy Days Al 41 Abe Vigoda 86 Actor 42 Suharto 86 Ex President of Indonesia 43 Patrick Moore 84 Astronomer 44 Gore Vidal 82 Author 45 George Melly 81 Jazz Man 46 Jerry Lewis 81 Comedian 47 Jack Kevorkian 79 Dr Death 48 Harold Pinter 77 Playwright 49 Louis Farrakhan 75 Nutter 50 Clive Dunn 85 Death List Favourite
  10. The Yeti

    Bill Clinton's Cat Socks

    You must have a dirty mind, or visit strange place in the web ... When you wrote scat, I thought that his saxophone playing had led to a case of jazz rapping ...
  11. The Yeti

    Bill Clinton's Cat Socks

    Cats lick the butter Yeti, I've never heard about the cream. Well I've never heard of disposing of a body by creamation either.
  12. The Yeti

    Read This First ! + The Ranting Rules

    The 2006 List In Full : (Ranking, Name, Age, Famousness Test) 1 Dead 6/01/06 Lou Rawls 71 Soul Singer (now just soul) 2 Alfredo Di Stefano 80 Football Legend 3 Ronnie Biggs 77 Brazilian Ambassador 4 Brooke Astor 104 Philanthropist 5 Charles Lane 106 Actor 6 Dead 15/05/06 Stanley Kunitz 101 Poet Laureate USA 7 Albert Hofmann 100 Creator Of LSD 8 Oscar Niemeyer 99 Architect 9 Claude Levi-Strauss 98 Scientist (Not Jeans) 10 Harold Pinter 76 Playwright 11 Haji Soeharto 86 Ex-President Indonesia 12 Ernest Gallo 97 Wine Maker 13 Dead 4/02/06 Al Lewis 96 Munster Grandpa 14 Patrick Moore 83 Star Astronomer 15 Joseph Barbera 95 Cartoonist (Hanna & ...) 16 Claudia 'Lady Bird' Johnson 94 Ex-First Lady USA 17 Milton Friedman 94 Economist 18 Byron Nelson 94 Golfer 19 Gerald Ford 93 Ex-President USA 20 Michael Foot 93 Failed Politician 21 Jane Wyman 92 Ex-Mrs. Ronald Reagan 22 Eli Wallach 91 The Ugly Actor 23 Dead 10/03/06 John Profumo 91 Indiscreet Politician 24 Norman Wisdom 91 Gump 25 Kirk Douglas 90 Actor 26 Pieter Willem Botha 90 Ex-President South Africa 27 Dom Mintoff 90 Ex-Prime Minister Malta 28 Dead 28/03/06 Casper Weinberger 89 Politician USA 29 Vera Lynn 89 Dover Lover 30 Abdelaziz Bouteflika 69 President Algeria 31 Kurt Waldheim 88 Nazi Ex-Secretary-General UN 32 Alexander Solzhenitsyn 88 Author 33 Billy Graham 88 God Botherer 34 Muhammad Ali / Cassius Clay 64 Floating Like A Butterfly 35 Ingmar Bergman 88 Film Director 36 Margaret Thatcher 81 Rusting Iron Lady 37 Agostino 'Dino' De Laurentiis 88 Film Producer 38 Jerome David Salinger 87 Author 39 Claire Raynor 76 Agony / Agony Aunt 40 Jake Lamotta 85 Boxer 41 Mickey Rooney 86 Actor 42 Charlton Heston 82 Michael Moore's Best Friend 43 Augusto Pinochet Ugarte 91 Ex-Dictator Chile 44 Tony Curtis 81 Actor 45 Nelson Mandela 88 Free ! 46 Dead 13/06/06 Charles Haughey 91 Ex-Prime Minister Ireland 47 George Melly 80 Jazz, Man 48 Dead 24/06/06 Aaron Spelling 78 TV Producer 49 Elizabeth Taylor 74 Serial Wife 50 Clive Dunn 84 Don't Panic !
  13. The Yeti

    Bill Clinton's Cat Socks

    Well, cats like cream, don't they ?
  14. The Yeti

    Bill Clinton's Cat Socks

    Clinton wears socks made out of cats ? Ewww. (Yes I know what Socks is/was)
  15. The Yeti

    A Joke

  16. The Yeti

    Tasteless Weblinks

    Read below first ... As emailed to me ... I had to think of people that would actually enjoy this twisted, perverted type of email. Strangely enough, your name came to mind. Feel free to pass it on to other similarly twisted acquaintances of yours..... It is not for the faint of heart. If you have a weak stomach, then don't look at the attachment, it is a picture of the demise of a suicide jumper taken shortly after he landed, it shows him with his insides now on the outside. You will see the look of horror on the faces of the bystanders.
  17. The Yeti

    Animal Antics

    Armed & dangerous ...
  18. The Yeti


    To quote ... But instead, I'm just going to criticize Death List. Not for poor taste, but for being a bunch of cheapasses. They just 'get better' over time by choosing successively-older lists! Look at their poor-scoring original list: the average age (excluding the mentioning of 'any one Beatle', which would bring the average down further) is 70.02. By 1996, the list's average age was up to 78.24, with 7 deaths. The average age for the 'record haul' death list is 87.40, and 14 deaths. It seems like they've leveled off, because the 2006 list has an average age of 87.42. So basically, when they say that they've gotten better at choosing their picks, they've really just discovered the fact that older people tend to die more often than younger people. Does anyone want to join me in an age-dependent Death List prediction? I'm thinking, 50 people, maximum average age must be 60 or lower. You want to put Albert Hoffman on your list? Fine. But you're going to have to counterbalance him with Mary-Kate Olson. Who's up to the challenge?
  19. The Yeti

    Tookie Williams

    The odds aren't good then.
  20. The Yeti

    Tookie Williams

    Indeed. He's only famous because he's going to die sooner than his natural allotted span. As for ol' Schwarzy, it depends on how he wants to be perceived by the public and his future career ... hardline rightist politician ... or ... populist film star. Could be good for him to grant clemency if he goes back to films (and as his political career is probably stalled, he might not have much choice)
  21. The Yeti

    Interesting Ways To Die...

    Another oldie worth repeating
  22. The Yeti


    The end of the year is nigh ... last chances to vote ...
  23. The Yeti

    Treasonable Politicians

    They know where you live ... And how ... And who you are ... Even if you're innocent ... "DNA can be taken [by the police] from those arrested, and retained permanently even if they're not charged or found guilty... In the case of arrests, you could see situations where large numbers of demonstrators are arrested then released without charge, but have their DNA added to the database anyway." So, who wants to go on a protest march now ?
  24. The Yeti

    George Best

    Am I cynical, or wot ?

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