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  1. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Joni Mitchell

    Not sure whether this should go here, in the Shove Off, Eh thread or the Dead Pop Stars thread, but this isn't very promising for one of my great great heroes. :-(
  2. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    Betty Bobbitt, who played Judy Bryant in 'Prisoner: Cell Block H' has died following a stroke. https://www.starobserver.com.au/artsentertainment/prisoners-betty-bobbitt-dies/198704
  3. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Olivia Newton-John

    Dame Livvy is going to be playing at the Australian Bushfire Relief concert in Sydney in February. It'll be her first concert for quite some time and although it is for a very worthwhile cause, it also suggests she's feeling better health-wise than she has for some time. Cracking lineup too.
  4. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Valerie Harper

    Awwww, I loved her in and as Rhoda. Very sad news though after the original diagnosis, she did well to survive as long as she did. I feel partly responsible for her death to be honest after I removed her from my 2019 list. Sorry.
  5. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Sheila Mercier

    Annie Sugden is 100! By 'eck. What an age. They build them strong in Yorkshire. I hope she had a wonderful day.
  6. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Olivia Newton-John

    Olivia Newton-John's currently the top trend on Twitter in Australia. The reports are very conflicting with some news saying she has "weeks rather than months to live", "clinging to life" and others saying she's "A-OK". I personally am not sure what I believe (though am hitting F5 frantically), but either way, she will have left a great legacy with the Olivia Newton-John Wellness Centre & Research Centre in Melbourne, not to mention all her music and films.
  7. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Olivia Newton-John

    This was on Aussie TV last week. Not looking too shabby at all. Her annual Wellness Walk is next Sunday and there's been no talk/news of her not participating.
  8. Ra Ra Rasputin

    32. Yoko Ono

    Well, going by that photo, she's clearly not permanently consigned to a wheelchair. That's just one of those functional wheelchairs for the temporarily incapacitated, or other one-off use. I'm hoping she was just taking the weight off her feet because being Japanese, she's scheduled to appear on my DDP list somewhere circa 2036.
  9. Ra Ra Rasputin

    2017 Ddp Salvage Lot

    Last minute DDP 2017 drops/grants of eternal life: Desmond Tutu (forgot until I had hit send) Bob Hawke (have a feeling he might see out the year) Stirling Moss (doesn't appear to be ill, just old) Nobby Stiles Fats Domino Danielle Darrieaux Geoffrey Palmer Jill Gascoigne Eileen Derbyshire (couldn't find anything about current health) Thelma Barlow (also couldn't find anything about current health)
  10. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Honor Blackman

    I'm rather worried now for Honor Blackman seeing as she has two threads to herself...
  11. Ra Ra Rasputin

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    I suspect the spokesperson would be based at Buck House; rather than accompany them to Sandringham, any official statement would probably come from there. However, it's increasingly looking like much ado about not a lot. Oddly enough I can't find any reliable sources covering the (alleged) media blackout.
  12. Ra Ra Rasputin

    25. Queen Elizabeth II

    Okay, so I admit I got this from that highly reliable source known as Twitter, but Beeb and ITV vans allegedly setting up in front of Buckingham Palace.
  13. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Sir Cliff Richard

    So if forgiving made him feel so much better, why doesn't he forgive the BBC and SYP? Maybe he doesn't sell as many albums and calendars as he used to. I'm just detecting a little whiff of hypocrisy from Saint Cliff. If Sir Cliff wins the case against South Yorkshire police and the Beeb, I doubt he would keep the money for himself but give it to charity.
  14. Ra Ra Rasputin

    What Kind Of Person Deadpools?

    Ouch. Guilty as charged. I'm 5'3".
  15. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Rick Parfitt

    Oh you (accurate) prophet of doom...
  16. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Zsa Zsa Gabor

    The curse of 2016 strikes again. I can't believe it. Gone too soon. :-) (Actually, I wouldn't put it past the Prinz to try and bring her back to life, just to annoy all of us).
  17. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Zsa Zsa Gabor

    I've had 6 hits so far. None of them have been Zsa Zsa, oddly enough. That said, a highly reliable source (*coughs* ) claims that "A recent report now claims that the 99-year-old actress is nearing the end" which I'm sure I've never, ever heard before so I may get another hit in before December 31st 2016 11.59pm.
  18. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Sinéad O'Connor aka Shuhada' Davitt

    I figure if she's well enough to post on Facebook, she's probably not going anywhere any time soon, but more Sinead woes...
  19. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Pete Burns

    Another person I've seen live, but isn't now alive. This list is growing... I always rather liked Pete Burns. Camp as knickers but with a butch voice, rather like Frank N Furter.
  20. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Class Of 1926

    On behalf of all Eurovision fans may I just say "Wot? No Katie Boyle?" and leave it at that.
  21. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Next Music Shock Death!

    However, unlike Ali, Linda Rondstadt has only had Parkinson's for about 10 years or so. Also, although she can no longer sing I do remember reading somewhere that her speaking voice was as clear as ever, again unlike Ali.
  22. Ra Ra Rasputin


    http://radaronline.com/celebrity-news/cher-dying-sells-property-gives-homes-family/Here's the news. RadarOnline also said that Zsa Zsa was dying in February and she is still with us. http://radaronline.com/celebrity-news/zsa-zsa-gabor-francesca-hilton-dead/ That's probably true as well. Nevertheless, she may be at risk. We should still keep an eye on her, in case other news starts to legitimately warn of her demise. All the comments say it's completeley fake. In fact it seems the usual Radar Online exaggeration/hoax. Seeing how active Cher is on Twitter, not to mention how well she looked in the photos for her mother's birthday, I suspect exaggeration might be the word. And hell, after 50+ years in the business, she's allowed some down time.
  23. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Bit bored so thought I'd have a whinge. What on EARTH has happened to the front/home page of this 'ere website? Someone has "updated" it with a new layout. <insert long, rambling piece here about how the old design was better etc etc etc>
  24. Ra Ra Rasputin

    The 7Th Death Of 2016

    Oh ye of little faith. I've gone for Peter Sallis (again).
  25. Ra Ra Rasputin

    Dave Swarbrick (And Fairport Convention)

    Well. Played violin very WELL. Another person I've seen live to cross off my list.

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