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  1. Death list boy

    18. Jimmy Carter

    u guys should be thinking about putting Jimmy Carter in 2006
  2. Death list boy

    Red Buttons

    Red Buttons put in 2006
  3. Death list boy

    World's Oldest

    i need to know who is the oldest living person in this world
  4. Death list boy

    Gordon Hinckley

    yea he is 90 i have him on my other death list a very good pick for this site but i don't know if he will be around next year.
  5. Death list boy

    Near Misses for 2005

    Leon Askin dies at 97 in Austria YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i got him
  6. Death list boy

    Mark Felt

    Mark Felt told Vanity F air that he is Deep Throat www.msnbc.com he is also 91 years old.
  7. Death list boy

    Eddie Albert Dies

  8. Death list boy

    Merchant of Death

    he is a no body Ismail Merchant is a filmmaker dies aftering suffering from abdominal ulcers. he has done flim's such as the Mystic Masseur.
  9. Death list boy

    Howard Morris dies

    Howard Morris dies of natural cause in his home in Hollywood. Morris was on the Andy Griffth show.
  10. Death list boy

    Joey Bishop, 89

    Joey Bishop should be in this death list 2006 his 87 this year U got Dean and Frank.
  11. Death list boy

    John Mills

    Who cares about john mills yes his gone who cares we still got Rosa Parks Gerald ford Betty Ford Jerry lewis Fidel Castro Walter Cronkite Ronnie Biggs Al Lewis Brooke Astor Richard Pryor and the rest of the people on this death list the i so stop talking about john mills . The only reason y i started this death pool is becuase of Ronald Reagan i hated u guys for putting him on here so i siad to myslef if Reagan got to died to does everyone else.
  12. Death list boy

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    former Boston Celtics owner Red Auberbach should be in 2006 i did not even know he was still alive until i saw him on tv last week his 88 but he does not look good so think about him being on the list in 06. Death list boy.
  13. Death list boy

    Damn, won't anyone die?

    Y is no one dieing am so shocked that we have not had a death since John Mills who died in Aril 28 almost a month snice his death and no death's have been reported i think u guys should get more people that we know on this death list becuase i don't know half of these people that are on here P. S. think about putting some sports people on here for 2006 ex Willie Mays Hank Aaron.
  14. Death list boy

    Billy Graham

    Rev Billy Garham is very close to death and its to bad u guys did not have him on your death list that would have been a good pick.
  15. Death list boy

    Jerry Lewis

    now Jerry Lewis was on larry king live a year ago or so and he look's ok but i will do everything to still keep an eye on him and i will give u details about this ageinh old man he lost his best firend Dean Martin what the guy got to live for now
  16. Death list boy

    Walter Cronkite

    The Man who reported JFK death may now be reporting his own death in just a few short months can could be 6 or 7
  17. Death list boy

    Gerald Ford

    If Gerald Ford does not dies this year i think u guys should still keep him in 2006 becuase u did that with Reagan u had him on 14 times so give it time the man will die soon his 92 and he has had three storkes. P. S. his wife i heard will die very soon maybe number 6.
  18. Death list boy

    Brooke Astor

    Man to be 103 years old this women has been thorw alot i would not be shocked if this women lives to be 110 becuase from what am hearing she in very good health and not slowing down a bit. P. S. i hope she dies soon.
  19. Death list boy

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    here i have some other people that u guys might wanna think about putting in 2006 Ed Mchahon, Eddie Albert, Bob Barker, Dick Clark, Dolores, Hope B. B. King, Don Rickles, Andy Griffith Billy Graham ,Ethel Kennedy, Paul Newman, Mary Tyler Morre, Dick Van Dyke Shirley Temple Herny Kissinger Andy Williams, Walter Mondale, Sandra Day O' Conner, Brain Mulroney, Margaret Thatcher Betty White, Mikhail Gorbachev and the 1 one pick in many death list right now Ladybird Johnson now i know most of these people are from the usa but am just tring to help u guys out in getting more death's into this death list thanks Death list boy
  20. Death list boy

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    the man is old and his son died last year of aids so i tihnk the guy gotta die some time so i think Nelson Manelda should be in 06 becuase he is in so many of my other death list and i see also other people with his name on their SO GET HIM IN THEIR

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