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    Football. Play for a local team called Merseyside Marauders.<br />Both 5 a side and 11 a side.<br /><br />Reading, currently reading Running With Scissors and River God by Wilbur Smith.<br /><br />Music. Going to go see Rufus Wainwright next.
  1. jumpinjackflash22

    Pete Doherty

    Oh come on. Everyone seems to worship Keith Richards, he's had far more drugs. There are a whole list of talented musicians who have been on drugs and been in trouble with the law.
  2. jumpinjackflash22

    Pete Doherty

    He's FAR fom being talentless. NME (even though it IS wank) put the Libertines Up The Bracket, Babyshambles Down In Albion & Shotters Nation all in the top 50 albums of the decade, the Libs being in th etop three. Every music magazine always has UTB in the top 3/5/10 top albums of the Noughties. And in fact his solo album is actually probably a lot better thgan Shambles stuff. He also is regarded by his peers as a great songwriter. ANd he was also selected at a very young age to represent the Uk in potery competitions. AND, he's not really a dick. I've met him many times, he's actually a pretty funny bloke, a bit addled, and a bit sporodic, but he's not rude, or arrogant like thos einsufferable Gallaghers.
  3. jumpinjackflash22

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2011

    Lewd Squirrel, you do however have far too many wrestlers on your list!! I'd consider Bobby Heenan a possibiulity as he had cancer, but Hogan, Savage, Snuka, all seem tol be in fine health. Albeit Hogan being a tosser.
  4. jumpinjackflash22

    Jane, Jayne, Jeanne, Jean And Joan

    Joan Rivers is 76????? Her language is awful for such an old woman. She's one impressive woman, still running around, touring and doing all she does at her age
  5. jumpinjackflash22

    The Dead Of 2010

    Kate Mcgarrigle has died aged 63 from cancer. She was a folk singer, and mother of Rufus and Martha Wainwright!
  6. jumpinjackflash22

    Quiz Time

    I go to a few pub quizzes, just random ones round the area, both in Liverpool and in London. Our team name is normally Thunderc*nts, but last time the landlord said it was too vulgar. Too vulgar? In a pub? So we had to have some tame boring name, and guess what? We didn't win ;( We always win with the vulgar team names!
  7. jumpinjackflash22

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death... 2010

    Sadly, I'm addicted to Farmville at the moment *Hangs head in shame* And obviously I play Scrabble every day, (Who doesn't )
  8. jumpinjackflash22

    Ronnie James Dio

    I love Dio! Holy Diver is a great album. And Heaven and Hell by Sabbath with him at the vocals is probably one of their best.
  9. jumpinjackflash22

    Leon Russell

    He's done a lot of great stuff, and appeared on a lot of mint records, including Willie Nelsons "Don't Fence Me in" And i'm pretty sure I have him on some Marc Cohn and Joe Cocker at home.
  10. jumpinjackflash22

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2011

    That could be it!!! Every picture I see of him has up clutching some form of alcoholic beverage in his hands!
  11. jumpinjackflash22

    Liz Dawn

    No it's not, infact she's getting better. Probably a good few years left in her yet. I'm removing her from my DDP. It can't get "better" it's a irreversible, degenerative disease, it can be managed, and you can have treatments to improve your quality of life, but it doesnt ever get better!
  12. jumpinjackflash22

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2011

    Oops, I meant Alex Higgins, the snooker player who has periodic throat cancer and a very boozed up lifestyle. I have no idea why I typede Guiness. I think in my mind Alex Higgins and Alec Guiness, somehow combined.
  13. jumpinjackflash22

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2011

    I put Mr. T on my list. Purely because if I saw some idiot pretending to be me in some horrible, second rate re-make of a cult programme that made my career, I think I'd have a heart attack. Or just die from sadness
  14. jumpinjackflash22

    Frank Thornton

    I put both Sallis and Thornton in my list. Mainly due to both AYBS? and LOTSW having so many casualties. Molly Sugden and Wendy Richards died last year, so that Leaves Thronton to go next! And in last Of The Summer Wine, Nora Batty died a few years ago.
  15. jumpinjackflash22

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2011

    Eurgh, Bill Oddie gets right on my nerves. He's such a grumpy, annoying old man. How was he once seen as a comedien? The Asian Tsunami was funnier than his odd, slightly mad comments.

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