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  1. Hopemonger

    The Eleventh Death Of '09

    another vote for al-Megrahi
  2. Hopemonger

    Susan Atkins

    Looks like I gotta update my sig.
  3. Hopemonger

    The Tenth Death Of '09

    I voted for Ravi Shankar. I read somewhere that he wasn't in perfect health.
  4. Hopemonger

    The Eighth Death Of '09

    One was me! Sorry to see him go, but I had him in the Rotten.com Dead Pool, so it's not all bad.
  5. Hopemonger

    Susan Atkins

    No, this video from June 2008 uses an old Susan Atkins interview from 2002. Her terminal cancer diagnosis only became public in April 2008.
  6. Hopemonger

    Edward Kennedy/Curse of the Kennedys

    Here's some video of Ted right after his sister's death. It's mostly all about Eunice Kennedy Shriver, but you can see Ted Kennedy about 15 seconds in being driven in a car. He looks TERRIBLE. His mouth just hangs open, like Ronnie Biggs. I don't think it will be long now. From a New York Times article last month: "But conversations with friends and colleagues about Mr. Kennedy’s condition now typically include a weary acceptance of the inevitable: that his cancer — whose survival time for people similarly afflicted is typically measured in months, not years, from diagnosis — is taking a mounting toll. The “constant phone calls” that his staff and fellow senators reported over the winter have fallen off; people who have seen him say Mr. Kennedy comprehends things well but struggles to speak at times." Fun fact: Robert Novak and Ted Kennedy shared the same brain surgeon, Dr. Allan H. Friedman, and you all know how much good that did Mr. Novak.
  7. Hopemonger

    Ronnie Biggs

    Either his son just gave an Oscar-worthy performance or this is the real deal. A recurrence of pneumonia plus his broken hip and other ailments make me think that he's the next DeathList casualty. I used to think Biggs was the ultimate tease and that his family was exaggerating his condition, but I don't believe that any more.

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