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  1. msc

    Inverse Survivor Dead Pool I

    Team was PM'd at 10am UK time 30th when Bush Sr was alive. If sub allowed, I'll swap in McCririck now into that spot?
  2. I've been asked to bring this back by one of the forum statesmen... Ok, so with 2018 nearly history, how do you rate your success (or lack of) in the various deadpools you took part in? Hartlepool Deadlypool - Haven't a clue. Think doing OK, number of hits. None as good as that ER woman though. B- Hare's Pool - 16/25 died, however most of them died in January which is as useful in the Hares as a chocolate teapot. Only took 3 days of 2018 for jokering Rayya Ellias to look rather foolish. B- Deathrace - Finished before I'd even noticed it'd started. Mostly because I won with some right dodgy picks. A+ Death by Numbers - Pretty much been third all year, unable to get by DI or Reptile. B+ Alt Obits - Secnd time in, likely top ten finish. Could have gone worse. Completely overestimated the fame threshold, given some of those getting QO for it! B Scavenger Hunt - It's still ongoing. Need to be in it to win it, eh? Biblio's Movie Game - See above. DL Cup - Made Round 2, still underperformed due to being host. Was allegedly tetchy... (No Rating) DDP 1. Pan Breed - Much better than last year but not picking Falkholt or worse Francis has been killer. Still within 1 hit of the lead on 7th Dec - yeah, that's my unique Mr Piddington on a Christmas Day bonus, but you know, factually accurate... B+ 2. Here's Who You Could Have Won - A rag tag bunch of obscure programmers, musicians and the like which has done well above expectations to finish with 60+ points. C+ 3. And Yet You Had Space for Sinead O'Connor - Just a daft bit of theme team fun. Got 3 success from 20 names (Ditko just in the name of time!). B- Right over to you lot. Grade yerselfs, or no...
  3. msc

    Guess The Song

    Bingo, Willz, the floor is yours!
  4. msc

    Guess The Song

    OK, a nice quick one then. 1. 1970s UK number one. 2. Sung by a likely future Deathlist pick imo 3. Rabbits.
  5. msc

    Guess The Song

    Right, so older than charon, Willz and Toast, but considerably younger than LFN? Joey - Neil Young, Hey Hey My My? (or My My Hey Hey - I always mix the two up!)
  6. msc

    Guess The Song

    I thought you meant the title sounded depressing! Now I look like a right cunt!
  7. msc

    Guess The Song

    Dont You Want Me, Human League? Not really that camp but pretty sure in the right age ball park.
  8. msc

    Guess The Song

    So far I've learnt Ob-La-Die was a Beatles single, Eddy Grant had a 60s band and Mary Hopkins was a cover of a Russian song (!) produced by Macca, but not the answer!
  9. msc

    Guess The Song

    With a Little Help from my Friends, by Joe Cocker, covering Beatles off...Sgt Pepper iirc?
  10. All these interviewers ask him how he feels about his daughter's murderer being a charting musician in 2018 as if nowt happened. How do they think he feels FFS? Anyhow, Trintignant is a fine actor and will likely be on my 2019 DDP team.
  11. msc

    Norman Lear

    Also did the US version of Steptoe and Son, the imaginatively named Sanford and Son. Took him to be a sort of US Roy Clarke type.
  12. msc

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    Well, a lot of our number play this game, and Gcreptile currently leads it on Day 3 after Thomas Monson (related to Gorilla, right?). Given the Rotten Dead Pool appears to have gone the way of the dodo, and this pool gets talked about a fair bit - I found it via DDT - I thought it could have its own thread? Where we cheer on any of our lot against the (nearly) unstoppable Mr Tierney and co. The points system is similar but different to the DDP, and their criteria is somewhat America, but it's all good fun. Home Page Standings Who's Dead so Far Deathlisters playing in 2018 include Gcreptile, deadsox, Joey, me, Jireomon, Death Impends, Toast, and others I don't immediately spot. In 2017, Deathlister JiroemonKimura won, ending the reign of terror of Gerard Tierney, who won the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 editions. Good luck everyone. PS We should have started this thread in December and swamped it with DDPers but hey, always 2019, right?
  13. msc

    Deathlist's deadpool HOF

    As formerly seen in the Stats thread, but it's a bit lost in the shuffle here. So here is a thread for quick reference on who won all the various Deathlist forum (and related) deadpools. The Deathlist Forum Deadpool Hall of Fame Hartlepool Deadlypool 2006 – Football Fan 2007 – Football Fan 2008 - Football Fan 2009 – Why Not? (whoever they were) 2010 – MaryportFuncity 2011 – MaryportFunCity 2012 – The Unknown Man 2013 – Bert Trautman 2014 - Estuarian Float 2015 – Captain Chorizo 2016 - Maryportfuncity 2017 – Death Impends 2018 - tbd I once led the Hartlepool Deadlypool for 5 whole days – 9th Jan to 14th Jan 2012 – between the deaths of Malam Bacai Sanha and Dame Lesley Strathie. DDP (since forum opened) 2004 – The Deathlist Committee (Grim Reaper/Statto/Welshman/others) 2005 – (Fallen Sparrow) 2006 – Football Fan 2007 – Football Fan 2008 - DDT 2009 – (Tonight Matthew, I’m Going to be Badly-torn Boy) 2010 – Octopus of Odstock 2011 – DDT 2012 – DDT 2013 – Spade Cooley 2014 – Spade Cooley 2015 – Spade Cooley 2016 – Spade Cooley 2017 - Bert 2018 - tbd Scavenger Hunt Deadpool I(2016/17) – Rotten Ali II (2018-) TBD Windy City Deadpool 2016/17 – Death Impends 2017/18 - Death Impends Hare’s Death Pool 2014 – Rotten Ali 2015 – Toast 2016 – Gcreptile 2017 - Grim Up North 2018 - tbd Deathrace 2009 – Raskolnikov 2010 – N/A due to lack of death 2011 – DDT 2012 – Spade Cooley 2013 – DDT 2014 – Death Impends 2015 – msc 2016 – DDT 2017 – Death Impends 2018 - msc Shaun’s Death by Numbers 2015 – Sir Creep 2016 – DDT 2017 - Gcreptile 2018 - tbd By Election Bingo 2015-2020 Parliament –Rockhopperpenguin, The Engineer, Voice of Young Maryport, Time 2017-2022 Parliament - tbd Advent Avalanche 2016: Death Impends 2017: Sean 2018: Banana The Midsummer Dead Pool 2016: Spade Cooley 2017: Captain Chorizo 2018: The Dead Cow Inverse Dead Pool 2011 – Garn2 2012 – Estuarian Float 2013 – N/A (didn’t happen due to change of host) 2014 – Bibliogryphon 2015 – Death Impends 2016 – Pedro67 2017 – Drol 2018 - tbd WTF deadpool 2017 – Imnothades, rockhopperpenguin Half Year Deadpool 2010 – Windsor Kentucky Derby Dead Pool 2014 – Dr Zorders Predict the Paper 2012 – Paul Bearer Easter Deadpool 2017 - Book 2018 - Joey Russ The Deathlist Cup 2017 – deadsox 2018 - DDT Alt Obits 2017 – Jiroemon Kimura 2018 - tbd Poker Tournament 2017 – Death Impends Jokers 2017 – Death Impends 2018 - tbd DL Prediction Game 2016 – Book 2017 – Book 2018 - John Key ABC Deadpool I (2018) - Gcreptile Number of Combined Deadpool Wins 9 - Death Impends 8 – DDT 6- Spade Cooley 5 – Football Fan 3 – Maryportfuncity, Book, Gcreptile 2- Bert, Rotten Ali, Captain Chorizo, Esturian Float, rockhopperpenguin, msc 1 – Why Not?, The Unknown Man, Deathlist Cmme, OoO, Toast, Raskolnikov, Sir Creep, The Engineer, Voice of Young Maryport, Time, Sean, Garn, Bibliogryphon, Pedro67, Drol, ImnotHades, Windsor, Dr Zorders, Paul Bearer, deadsox, Jiroemon Kimura, Grim Up North, John Key, Joey Russ, The Dead Cow, Banana Death Impends overtook DDT when Willz he won the 2017 Poker tournament, and that's worth noticing, imo. Only person in the top 4 not to have a DDP title in that total, too. UPDATED 2nd July 2018: Deathlist Cup 2018 and ABC deadpool added Will be added to as more deadpools are won (and/or brought to my attention).
  14. msc

    2018 Report Card

    I think I speak for everyone here when I say The Living End retiring will be dark, dark day in DDP history. Glad to hear it's not imminent.
  15. msc

    2018 Report Card

    Did alright in the Cup, mind. Did alright in the Cup, mind. Did alright in th...oh. Always someone letting the flow go...
  16. msc

    Oldest Living State Leaders DP

    Betancur dead, unpicked. These guys are jumping the shark now, with two deaths in the one week.
  17. msc

    Boxing Clever?

    Apparently yer oft mentioned Steve Bunce is now a "BBC boxing analyst" according to coverage of Wilder/Fury so that might help anyone with low but notable boxers on their shortlists.
  18. The Grosvenor used to do the posh version - half fried pizza with a fried egg on top. Bloody lovely. Sadly it shut down yonks ago, now a studenty middle class crap thing. Nowt wrong with a bottle of Bru.
  19. tbh, most of LFN's laundry list will happen no matter what happens to Brexit imo.
  20. msc

    The World of the Snowflake

    PETA are evil, and murder thousands of dogs and other animals every year. I wouldn't trust them if they told me I was Scottish...
  21. msc

    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    26 points at worst then for Dynamite? Likely the KO blow to all the folk below you then!
  22. msc

    Sir David Attenborough

    Bloody typo. Attenborough turned down "promotion" as he was itching to get back out into the field, of course. That's up there with the Dougie Donnelly Final Score great: "And those of you who don't want to see the Old Firm result ahead of the highlights tonight, look away now. Well, 2-0 Rangers, who'd have thought?" EDIT - Arse, totally forgot about the ISS till I saw this post now!
  23. msc

    Kiwi Karkers

    One of the great but forgotten - over here - 80s SF films (like Miracle Mile). Much recommended. Sad news. PS iirc he worked on the LOTR trilogy so should piss an obit.
  24. msc

    Sir David Attenborough

    Also when he was Controller of BBC1 he not only commissioned The Ascent of Man and Civilisation (two of the great documentary series) but also Monty Python, Old Grey Whistle Test and BBC snooker coverage! Man's had more direct influence on more walks of British life than even folk realise.
  25. msc

    Sir David Attenborough

    He's on my top 5 famous folk who should have been on the DL yesterday already. And yeah, big fan too.

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