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    35. Esther Rantzen

    We used to watch This Is Your Life in the nineties. Fond memories of Spike Milligan and others on it. Actually one of my strongest childhood TV memories was Rula Lenska being reunited with her ancient mum and then as the credits rolled the BBC announced said "we regret to inform you that since this episode was filmed, Rula Lenskas mother has died". Cue suitable awws from all the family.
  2. msc

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Ah the hefty chap from Harper's Island.
  3. He said, "I've been to the year 3000 Not much has changed but they lived underwater And your great, great, great granddaughter Is pretty fine" That's what six generations in a millennium? 110 Club going to be wanking themselves silly over future longevity records, confirmed by Busted.
  4. Electric Six are great. Nothing quite broke the ice when forced to do karaoke in front of a dour bar of humourless people like a dose of Gay Bar. Girls Aloud are also great though that's one of their weaker covers. Shakira is great. And also a singer Most of the rest is pish.
  5. msc

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Usually the wall of facts will suffice but this non sequitur is so wtf my brain hurts.
  6. msc

    9. Noam Chomsky

    Oh I haven't started one of these for a likely future DL pick in ages. Writer, critic, rent-a-cynic, political philosopher and never off the TV pronouncer Noam Chomsky is 92 this year, and judging by this appearance last week on one of the online lefty news channels, is starting to show and sound his age after a long period of doing the old Dorian Gray thing. As someone who doesn't want to leave the limelight he'll do his continual aging in public, so here's a thread for him. And we can't have Gooseberry start all the A lister threads now...
  7. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    Somewhere @Death Impends is sighing in relief I didn't pick Pamela Salem...
  8. msc

    Political Frailty

    Iirc retired due to struggling with severe cancer.
  9. msc

    Betty Driver Memorial Soapstar Superstar Thread

    The stabbing? Given the chap who stabbed him is back in jail (for grooming an underage schoolgirl), and he was notorious for robbing folk at the time, that more struck as Savident picking the wrong rent boy for closeted casual sex.
  10. msc

    British Character Actors

    Actor Mike Grady reporting the death of the sublime Pamela Salem (Never Say Never Again, The Tripods, Remembrance of the Daleks, frankly too many big roles to mention all).
  11. Technically a confidence vote in the house can remove a sitting Speaker but this last happened was around the time of Queen Anne. Michael Martin was removed through the third largest party demanding he resign and a Douglas Carswell EDM but Martin resigned before he was pushed and was already badly wounded by the expenses and Damien Green arrest. If it were to shift the speaker it'd be a long term process. Anyhow I'm not a fan of the current speaker but I'm less a fan of tantrum politics.
  12. msc

    British Character Actors

    Heyyy... No wait, fair point. I knew it was concerning when I saw Willz had a 110club Forum thread...
  13. We had a brick for emergency contact but it became surplus to requirements as every major network around here stopped providing the lower network keeping the signal for the old school phones. Even luddite me had to upgrade to a smartphone.
  14. msc

    British Character Actors

    A shame but not a surprise, he'd been suffering weight related health issues for a while.
  15. Given I'm suffering a severe chest infection sort of hoping Gooseberry doesn't count former DDP co-hosts as massive deaths.
  16. msc

    20th Century Americans Sitcoms

    I have just checked and apparently you can see Jessica on UK TV six times a week. Who knew? That Angela Lansbury is on the box more often than Newsnight!
  17. msc

    20th Century Americans Sitcoms

    He will be on the TV Baftas. Cribbins was despite all his films. Ncis was bloody huge with pensioners btw over here. Gran loves it. Guess you can't have Jessica Fletcher on tv every day!
  18. msc

    Michael J Fox

    I was genuinely surprised and heartened to see how well he was looking given his health issues.
  19. msc

    FIFA World Cup Players

    Goal scorer in the famous Battle of Santiago, QO a cert imo. "Let's hope they never face again." No no David, let's hope they draw each other more often. The ref was so upset by Toro and both teams antics that he later invented the red card. True story!
  20. msc

    Steve McMichael

    He wants to go, let the poor man go.
  21. msc

    18. Patricia Routledge

    Eileen Atkins last I heard was still a regular visitor to her frail best friend Jean Marsh.
  22. msc

    18. Patricia Routledge

    Judi Denchs memory still works brilliantly and she's a conversationalist, but going very blind and prone to falls. Her family are keeping more of a closer eye on her these days. Joan Plowright is iirc completely blind. Virginia McKenna looks great for her age. Ditto the great Sian Phillips. Isn't Maggie Smith unwell? There's been rumours for a while and I'm sure someone confirmed it recently, unless my memory cheats? (It frequently does!)
  23. Gave me a turn, there, with this thread being updated.
  24. Source? A reminder you are not a parent.
  25. msc

    48. Tom Baker

    That's right, the big guy gets his own thread after his appearance on BBC1 tonight reminded me to start a fucking thread for him. Tom Baker, The Doctor Who to anyone with a vague awareness of the show, is 86 now, and has apparently been in frail health the last few years after a lifetime of booze started to catch up. Apart from his 7 year lead role in Doctor Who and its lifetime of pop culture references, he was also famously Rasputin in Nicholas and Alexandra. He's also the narrator of Little Britain, Captain Redbeard in Blackadder and the voodoo loving artist in Vault of Horror. Anyhow, here he is on BBC1 an hour ago: Proper future DL front pager.

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