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    Alt Obituaries Deadpool

    Well, a lot of our number play this game, and Gcreptile currently leads it on Day 3 after Thomas Monson (related to Gorilla, right?). Given the Rotten Dead Pool appears to have gone the way of the dodo, and this pool gets talked about a fair bit - I found it via DDT - I thought it could have its own thread? Where we cheer on any of our lot against the (nearly) unstoppable Mr Tierney and co. The points system is similar but different to the DDP, and their criteria is somewhat America, but it's all good fun. Home Page Standings Who's Dead so Far Deathlisters playing in 2018 include Gcreptile, deadsox, Joey, me, Jireomon, Death Impends, Toast, and others I don't immediately spot. In 2017, Deathlister JiroemonKimura won, ending the reign of terror of Gerard Tierney, who won the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 editions. Good luck everyone. PS We should have started this thread in December and swamped it with DDPers but hey, always 2019, right?
  2. msc

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Hello, and welcome to the Knockout extravaganza, The Deathlist Cup. Twists and turns, drama, shocks, grumpy hosts, this thing has it all. The only deadpool I ever will run. We're back in February, so, if the first round draw happens on the 20th January, this gives everyone 18 days to decide if they want to enter the Cup or not, and there's already several confirmations. In 2017, deadsox beat Spade, he beat DDT and he beat Death Impends to win the first ever Deathlist Cup. In 2018, Sir Creep got to the final in swashbuckling form, only to find wily old DDT too much. Will DDT go two for two, or will another deadpool heavyweights fight back? Or will anyone win? Willz got to the Quarterfinals last year despite doubting his own ability all the way - outlasted one DDP winner in the process. It's a Cup, skill is good but so is luck. Come one, come all, and look at the new rules... Some Basic Rules which I've tried to explain as simply as possible, but which are open for questions about how obvious things I've forgotten work. The Deathlist Cup 1. This will be a knockout tournament featuring one on one matchups between Deathlist forum posters. These matches will be determined by use of a random draw, using Random.org. 2. If we have an odd number of players ie 30 like in 2017, then certain players will get byes to the Second Round. This will be based on results from the 2018 Cup ie Winner first, then Runner up, semifinalists, etc etc. 3. Players, on receiving their randomly drawn opponent, will have a ten day period to send the Referee their First Eleven for the match by PM, and one sub in case of an early death. These eleven picks can be very low hanging fruit if you so wish, as the point of the game is to score as many “goals” during the month a match is played. ie, a perfect team would look like this 1. Alan Alda 2. Jeb Bush 3. George Bush Jr 4. Bill Clinton 5. Hilary Clinton 6. Barack Obama 7. Jimmy Carter 8. Walter Mondale 9. John Major 10. Tony Blair 11. Donald Trump subs 12. Melania Trump 13. Dick Cheney 14. Sarah Palin As an example. Though in reality, that team would be shit for actually scoring points... 4. PROHIBITIONS – The following picks will be PROHIBITED ie NOT ALLOWED: death row prisoners, anyone who is a prisoner of ISIS or similar terrorist groups, people solely famous for being ill and nothing else, animals, no kids (that’s anyone under the age of 18), no one missing in action who blatantly died already. 5. For clarification, my views on Famous for Being Ill are extremely lenient by forum standards. Is your pick an obscure in their own field type, like a historian from Trinidad? They’re fine. Is your pick someone who is in coma due to a heart attack, or a dad on his last Christmas, or the like, the type no one would have heard of for anything? Don’t pick them, there’s PLENTY of other better options. There’s enough Kate Bowler (published academic, cancer) types in the world that you don’t need Kate Cancer Mum of the Mirror Sob Story. Thank you. 2019 note - This will be stricter in 2019, but 99.9% of picks never worry it. More Marsh Pratley, champion angler, and less pregnant mum discovers her baby is actually a terminal nuclear bomb, or what not. 6. If in doubt, submit a pick, but the decision of the ref (me) is final and is not open to any court of appeal. If you think it’s a dodgy pick, it probably is. If you think the ref is a grumpy Glaswegian, well, he is. 7. Each match will take place over the course of a single month. For example, a February match would take place from February 1st to February 28th (or 29th on a leap year), a March match from March 1st to March 31st and so on... 8. If you do not send your team in before the deadline, your opponent from the previous round takes your place. If neither has a team in, the opponent in the next round has a bye, and I hold a grudge. Hah. 9. Games will be scored in the following manner: A person in your team dies = 3 points A unique person in your team dies = 1 more point (ie 1 bonus point) NEW: Fatality – Your joker. Double points Someone famous only for being ill dies – 0 points because not in the team (hah, bet you thought I wasn’t paying attention here) 10. Here is what happens in the case of a team member dying prematurely (ie on 28th Feb for the March game). If you discover this before the 3rd of the month, your top sub will automatically go into place. If it is discovered on the 3rd or after, sorry about your luck. If it turns out the person was dead and known to be (this is determined via a reference in a newspaper or magazine, not social media) then subs don’t come into play. This was a bone of contention in 2017 AND 2018 and I hope this clears that up. If it bloody well doesn’t I’m instituting a Hewlett Rule in 2020 if still alive! 11. At the end of the month, the player in the match with the highest score wins that game, and will advance to the next round. The player who doesn’t have the highest score will lose, and be eliminated. 12. In the event of a draw, the following tiebreaks will be used: 1st tiebreak = number of hits 2nd tiebreak = average age of hits 3rd tiebreak = flip of a coin 4th tiebreak if needed = asking my child which team has the cooler name (heh) 13. A player is only held to one team for a single match. If they win their match and advance to the next round, they may pick eleven entirely different people for the next round. In this way, folk who announce their terminal illness in, say, May, can be put to good deadpooling use. 14. Qualifying obits? Every single English language newspaper or magazine (ie Bleeding Cool for example) in the universe. Also Le Monde, Le Figaro, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, El Pais and El Mundo. If you still can’t get a QO, well, really… The referee (msc) may make a judgement call based on what he is provided with, and that call will be final. Forum posts on Deathlist, and your own blog don't count, sorry. 15. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IF YOU ARE GOING TO GET BANNED FROM THE FORUM, PLEASE SEND ME YOUR TEAM FOR THE NEXT MONTH IN ADVANCE. AND IF YOU DO GET BANNED, sending me “I hope your kids die” Private Messages will not get you reinstated. Just a heads up. Example Death Impends, msc, YoungWillz and JoeyRuss hypothetically take part. Random.org gives us these matches: 1. Death Impends v msc (feck) 2. YoungWillz v JoeyRuss This draw takes place in Month 1 (ie January) and is for matches taking place in Month 2 (February). After the draw, each player sends The Referee (ie msc) a team of Eleven Celebrities they think will snuff it in Month 2. Then, for the results: Joey scores in Month 2 with a big name celebrity and a unique but obscure punk music historian. Young Willz gets a unique big name celebrity. The score is 7-4 to Joey, who advances to the next round. Good luck!
  3. msc

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    What have I started? A reminder of the Round 2 draw Round 2 1. Rad Vs. Yorkshire Banker OR Skinny Kiltrunner 2. Chorizo Vs. Grim Up North 3. Clorox OR Fixed Business Vs. Alt Obits Guy OR Time 4. Nantonian2013 OR Maryportfuncity Vs. The Quim Reaper OR BuffaloPhil 5. DDT Vs. Death Impends 6. The Dead Cow Vs. Deadsox 7. Charon Vs. Engineer 8. Deathray Vs. The Mad Hatter OR Exu 9. Gcreptile Vs. msc 10. Joey Russ Vs. Banana OR Great Uncle Bulgaria 11. Sir Creep Vs. Spade Cooley OR Squonk 12. Torva Messor OR The Old Crem Vs Markb4 or Dr T 13. Master Tech OR Bibliogryphon Vs. Book 14. Gooseberry Crumble OR John Key Vs. Heef 15. Young Willz Vs. JoeMoneypenny OR Pedro 16. Wormfarmer OR The Old Lady Vs. The Unknown Man OR Boudicca. Well, we know DDT/DI is going down, and Cow/Deadsox, and probably Sir Creep/Spade. John Key holds onto a slim lead which would set up an NZ derby.
  4. They seem to have 2 policies tbh 1. Stop Corbyn 2. Blame Corbyn for Brexit. Incidentally, the preview bit had saved the following from weeks ago, I dunno what in reply to anymore, but I like it, so posted out of context it is: "Skinner (who thinks everyone on the planet is a cunto) calling an MP shit is likely to be true, no? Statistically and all that."
  5. msc

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    As is usual with X days left before the next round, my March team is with Willz, and thus teams for Round 2 can now be sent in. Feel free to feel a glimmer of sympathy when Joe Jordan does a Butch Wilkins on the 28th now... As I am facing Reptile, soon I, too, shall be, err, Squonked.
  6. msc

    By-Election Bingo 2017-22

    I, for one, am bitterly disappointed Chaka Khan and the Gang of 7 haven't called byelections today. I have 2 of them on my team!
  7. msc

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Paul Flynn has sadly died aged 84. One of the last old school Labour politicians, he was a fierce supporter of drug legalisation and Welsh home affairs, and had cross party respect for being an independent mind, as well as a memorable brief spotlight as 3 or 4 Shadow Cabinet Secretaries in 2016! Ah well, these folk go, and yet Peter Tobin still lives! Now, Flynn gives The Old Crem the merest hint of hope, while TQR takes a second half lead in his tie. With 10 days left, 3 ties as it stands are heading for "penalties": Master Tech/Biblio, Joe/Pedro, and, perhaps surprisingly, Banker/Skinny. 1. JoeMoneyPenny Vs. Pedro 3-3 2. Nantonian 2013 Vs. Maryportfuncity 0-3 3. Gooseberry Crumble Vs. John Key 0-3 4. Spade Cooley Vs. Squonk 16-0 5. Markb4 vs Dr T 0-6 6. Banana Vs. Great Uncle Bulgaria 12-0 7. Yorkshire Banker Vs. Skinny Kiltrunner 9-9 8. Alt Obits Guy Vs. Time 13-0 9. Clorox Vs. Fixed Business 16-3 10. The Mad Hatter Vs. Exu 9-0 11. Master Tech Vs. Bibliogryphon 0-0 12. The Unknown Man Vs. Boudicca 0-3 13. Torva Messor Vs. The Old Crem 10-3 14. The Quim Reaper Vs. BuffaloPhil 6-3 15. Wormfarmer Vs. The Old Lady 6-4
  8. msc

    Political Frailty

    From all accounts, one of the better guys in Parliament, and a very good community MP. A shame.
  9. msc

    British Science Fiction Series

    TV legend William Russell, aged 94, still well enough to fly over to LA and take part in hour long Q&A sessions.
  10. msc

    Dead Pop Stars

    Added, alongside some other folks suggestions and some inevitable "how'd I forget Tom Lehrer" type names.
  11. msc

    Dead Pop Stars

    It's been a while since there was a stupidly long list of aging folk. So here is an extended version of that music one, up to 1958, as musicians keep dying in their 60s of late. All genres, put here after Admin Advice. Every single name will QO as and when, and I expect a good... 50% at least to be deadpool fodder within the next 5 years or so. (It ain't an all-encompassing list because duh, that'd be 20, 000 odd names!) - 1914: Eleanor Sokoloff - 1917: Vera Lynn, Art Rupe - 1918: Dave Bartholomew - 1919: Juan Orrego-Salas, Sid Ramin - 1922: Doris Day, Janis Paige, Gershon Kingsley, Ray Anthony (Glenn Miller) - 1923: Pearl Carr, Ned Rorem, Eugene Wright (Brubeck Quartet) - 1924: Sir John Tooley, Lee Adams, Bent Fabric - 1925: Mikis Theodorakis, Virginia Zeani, Herbert Kretzmer (Le Mis), Alan Bergman, Robert Massard, Mac Wiseman - 1926: Duncan Campbell, Tony Bennett, Gyorgy Kurtag, Friedrich Cerha, Franco Cerri - 1927: Cleo Laine, Raymond Leppard, Laurie Johnson, Juliette Greco, Leontyne Price, John Kander, Teddie Chinery, Doc Severinsen, Dominick Argento, Ed Ames, Dick Hyman, Harry Belafonte - 1928: Monty Norman, Thea Musgrave, April Cantelo, Osian Ellis, Burt Bacharach, Richard M Sherman, Tommy DeVito, Ennio Morricone, Samuel Adler, Charles Strouse, Tom Lehrer - 1929: Andre Previn, George Crumb, Marilyn Bergman, Berry Gordy, - 1930: Peter Hope, John Scott, Heather Harper, Chris Barber, Jimmie Macgregor, Stephen Sondheim, Sonny Rollins - 1931: Alfred Brendel, Caterina Valente, Phyllis McGuire, Alvin Lucier, Joao Gilberto, Jerry Herman, Kenny Burrell - 1932: Petula Clark, John Williams, John Kinsella, Loretta Lynn, Ernest Ranglin, Lalo Schifrin, Per Norgard, Bob Moore, Little Richard - 1933: Dame Janet Baker, Julian Bream, Shani Wallis, Stuart Burrows, Bobby Lewis, Yoko Ono, Lloyd Price, Mike Stoller, Quincy Jones, Willie Nelson, Garnett Mimms, Krzysztof Penderecki, John Mayall - 1934 – Tom Springfield, Chas McDevitt, Peter Dickinson, Geoffrey Grey, Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Marilyn Horne, Huey “Piano” Smith, Frankie Valli, Pat Boone, Dave Grusin, Sir Roger Norrington - 1935 – Elgar Howarth, Ronnie Hawkins, Herb Alpert, Bobby Bare, Aulis Sallinen, Bobby Vinton, Seiji Ozawa, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Mathis, Barry McGuire, Duke Fakir (Four Tops) - 1936: Tommy Steele, Bill Wyman, Engelbert Humperdinck, Anthony Payne, Roger Whittaker, Malcolm Binns, John Gorman (Scaffold), Clarence Carter, Doug Kershaw, Lee Scratch Perry, Kris Kristofferson, David Zinman, Buddy Guy, Dickey Lee, Charlie Daniels - 1937: Frank Ifield, Shirley Bassey, Gordon Crosse, Philip Glass, Don Everly, Dick Dale, Garth Hudson (Band), Tom Paxton, Noel Stookey, Art Neville, Paolo Conte, Irmin Schmidt - 1938: Jet Black, Howard Blake, Jane Manning, Susan Maughan, Kenny Lynch, Laurie Holloway, Charley Pride, Declan Mulligan, Duane Eddy, Henry Fambrough, Maxim Shostakovich, Lucille Starr, Bill Withers, Isabelle Aubret, George Cummings (Dr Hook), Roger Greenaway, Dave Cortez, Clem Cattini, Larry Grossman, PJ Proby, Connie Francis, Kenny Rogers, Klaus Voorman, Gordon Lightfoot - 1939: Sir James Galway, Ginger Baker, Spencer Davis, Brian Auger, Roberta Flack, Neil Sedaka, Rudolph Isley, Wizz Jones, Judy Collins, John Sheahan (Dubliners), Tony Hatch, Dion DiMucci, Grace Slick, Tina Turner, Cindy Birdsong (Supremes) - 1940: Tom Jones, Ringo Starr, Brian Priestley, Cliff Richard, Roger Cook, Pete Brown, Jimmy Merchant (Teenagers), Smokey Robinson, Phil Lesh, Herbie Hancock, Giorgio Moroder, Toni Tennille, Nancy Sinatra, Tony Allen, Johnny Nash, Bill Medley, Larry Chance, Dr John, Dionne Warwick, Jorma Kaukonen (Jefferson) - 1941: Eric Burdon, Mike Pinder (Moody Blues), Les Maguire (Pacemakers), Pete Best, Rick Kemp (Steeleye Span), Martin Cathy, Brian Poole (Tremeloes), John Steel (Animals), Roy Harper, Joan Baez, Placido Domingo, Neil Diamond, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Mike Love (Beach Boys), Alf Clausen, Graeme Edge (Moody Blues), Kay Adams, Ronald Isley, Bob Dylan, Charlie Watts, Robert Hunter (Grateful Dead), Lamont Dozier, Terry Cashman, Martha Reeves, George Clinton, Vicki Carr, Manny Charlton (Nazareth), Paul Anka, David Crosby, Dave Brock (Hawkwind), Chubby Checker, Paul Simon, Hank marvin,Bruce Welch, Art Garfunkel, Helen Reddy, Steve Cropper (Booker T) - 1942: Andy Summers (Police), Paul McCartney, Arthur Brown, Meic Stevens, John Cale, Jill Gomez, Phil Coulter, Graham Nash, Carole King, Peter Tork, Mike Pender, Barbara Streisand,Bobby Rydell, Albert Hammond, Len Barry, Brian Wilson, Mick Fleetwood, Roger McGUinn, BJ Thomas, Al Jardine, Bernie Calvert, Gerry Marsden, Norman Greenbaum, Bobby Elliott (Hollies), Michael Nesmith - 1943: Tony Christie, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Mick Jagger, Les Chadwick (Pacemakers), Paul Samwell-Smith (Yardbirds), Jon Mark, Sir John Gardiner, Howard Riley, Mark Wynter, Dick Taylor, George Benson, Chris White (Zombies), Sly Stone, Vangelis, Mick Abrahams (Jethro Tull), Les Chadwick (Pacemakers), Barry Manilow, Jeff Wayne, Judith Durham, Christine McVie, Jim McCarty (Yardbids), Ronnie Spector, David Soul, Mickey Hart, Julio Iglesias, Nick St Nicholas, Steve Miller, Joni Mitchell, Randy Newman, Dickey Betts, Tony Hicks (Hollies), Keith Richards, Harry Shearer, Peter Sinfield - 1944: Jimmy Page, Laurie London, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Roger Daltrey, Michael Nyman, Gaty Glitter, Bill Legend (T Rex), Chris Spedding, Ray Davies (Kinks), Jeff Beck, Peter Asher, Rick Davies, Christopher Gunning, Tim Rice, Karl Jenkins, Mick Avory (Kinks), Paul Jones, Mike d’Abo, Mary Wilson, Diana Ross, Terry Jacks, Michelle Philips, John Kay, Jack Cassady (Jefferson), Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight, Mick Ralphs (Mott the Hoople), Boz Scaggs, Bobbie Gentry, Peter Cetera, Mike Post, Jon Anderson, Denny Laine, Booker T Jones, John Densmore (Doors), Jonathan King, Neil Innes, Marti Web, Mick Jones (Foreigner), Tony Visconti - 1945: Rod Stewart, Dave Walker (Fleetwood Mac), Eric Clapton, Elkie Brooks, Ritchie Blackmore, Pete Townshend, Gary Brooker (Procul Harum), Colin Blunstone (Zombies), Labi Siffre, David Knights (Procol Harum), Ian Gillan, Max Boyce, Al Stewart, Bryan Ferry, Wayne Fontana, Stephen Stills, Rod Evans (Deep Purple), Robert Wyatt, Ashley Hutchings, Micky Dolenz, John Barbata (Jefferson), Bjorn Ulvaeus, Rita Coolidge, Bob Seger, John Fogerty, Gary Brooker, Rod Argent, Carly Simon, Debbie Harry, Danny McCullock (Animals), Kim Carnes, Ken Hensley, Van Morrison, Don McLean, Kevin Godley, Neil Young, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, John McVie, Bette Midler, Peter Criss (KISS) - 1946: John Paul Jones, Matthew Fisher (Procul Harum), Ray Dorset, Dave Hill (Slade), Whispering Bob Harris, Donovan, Graham Gouldman (10CC), Dave Mason, Aly Bain, Robert Fripp, Bruce Gilbert, Andy Mackay (Roxy Music), Alan Gorrie (Average White Band), Barry Gibb, Helen Shapiro, Justin Hayward, Dan McCafferty, Peter Green, Roy Wood, Chip Hawkes, Bev Bevan (ELO), Gilbert O’Sullivan, Ace Kefford (The Move), Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull), Jane Birkin, Marianne Faithful, Robby Krieger (Doors), Tony Kaye, Dolly Parton, Terry Kath (Chicago), David Gilmour, Randy Meisner, Liza Minnelli, Ruth Pointer, Al Green, Cher, Freddie Stone, Noddy Holder, Iain Matthews (FC), Linda Ronstadt, Loudon Wainwright, Pete Agnew, Jerry Donahue, John Prine, Richard Carpenter, Howard Shore, Jose Carreras, Benny Andersson, Patti Smith, Ralph Hutter (Kraftwerk) - 1947: Terry Sylvester (Hollies), Rod Evans (Deep Purple), Pye Hastings (Caravan), Dave Davies, Sandie Shaw, Clodagh Rodgers, Kiki Dee, Elton John, Artie Trezise (Singing Kettle), Polly Brown, Junior Campbell (Marmalade), Ronnie Wood, Sir Mark Elder, Julie Driscoll, Top Topham, Rob Townsend, Brian May, Maddy Prior (Steeleye Span), Lol Crème (10CC), Barbara Dickson, Michael McKean, Peter Noone, Jeff Lynne, Tom Scholz (Boston), Jona Lewie, Ry Cooder, Emmylou Harris, Iggy Pop, Tommy James, Phil Sawyer, Arlo Guthrie, Brian May, Don Henley, David Essex, Rick Derringer, Ian Anderson (jethro), Don Felder, Meatloaf, Brian Johnson (ACDC), Sammy Hagar, Bob Weir, Michael McKean, Dave Pegg, Terry Woods (Pogues), Jim Messina, Wilko Johnson, Lee Kerslake, Ralf Schneider (Kraftwerk), Carlos Santana - 1948: Mick Taylor, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Steve Winwood, Brian Eno, Leo Sayer, Michael Berkeley, John Ford (Monks), Richard Sinclair, Jeremy Spencer (Fleetwood Mac), Cat Stevens, Andrew Fairweather Low, Olivia Newton-John, Lulu, Alan Parsons, Donald Fagen, Alice Cooper, Christopher Guest, Tony Iommi, Eddy Grant, Richard Tandy, Steven tyler, Jimmy Cliff, Pick Withers, John Oates, Bill Ward, Klaus Meine, Stevie Nicks, Pete Sears (Jefferson), Todd Rundgren, Ian Paice, Susan Jacks, Robert Plant, Kenney Jones, Chris de Burgh, Ozzy Osbourne, Ted Nugent, Shakin Stevens, Grace Jones, James Taylor - 1949: Mike Batt (Wombles), Alan Lancaster (Status Quo), Lyn Paul, Nick Lowe, Lee Sheriden (Brotherhood of Man), Rick Wakeman, John Illsey (Dire Straits), Trevor Horn, Geezer Butler, Simon Kirke (Bad Company), Mark Knopfler, Hugh Cornwell, Sandra Stevens/Martin Lee/Nicky Stevens (Brotherhood of Man), John Altman, Paul Rodgers (Free), Nick Lowe, John Cooper-Clarke, Billy Joel, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard, Francis Rossi, Alan White, Lionel Richie, Alan Osmond, Roger Taylor (Queen), Eric Carmen, Gene Simmons, Gloria Gaynor, Bruce Springsteen, Lindsey Buckingham, Tom Waits, Billy Gibbons, Steve Perry - 1950: Billy Ocean, Steve Hackett (Genesis), Peter Gabriel, Peter Frampton, Mary Hopkin, Bernie Taupin, Barbara Gaskin, Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Carl Palmer, Tony Banks (Genesis), Agnetha Faltskog, Darryl Hunt (Pogues), Stevie Wonder, Suzi Quatro, Ann Wilson, Joey Kramer, Huey Lewis, Kid Creole, Pluto Shervington, Dennis Elliott (Foreigner), Joe Perry, Tina Weymouth, Joan Armatrading, Genesis P-orridge, Damo Suzuki - 1951: Bill Byford, Ian Hill (Judas Priest), Steve Harley, Chris Rea, Julian Lloyd Webber, Bonnie Tyler, John Deacon, Rob Halford, Sting, Brian Downey (Thin Lizzy), Phil Collins, Christopher Cross, Jackie Jackson, Phil Bailey, Deniece Williams Tony Currenti, Fred Schneider (B52s), Wayne Osmond, Mik Kaminski (ELO), Chrissie Hynde, David Coverdale (Deep Purple), Bob Geldof, John Mellencamp, Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon), Gary Rossington - 1952: Melvyn Gale (EL), Jean-Jacques Burnet (Stranglers), Derek Longmuir, Jim Lea (Slade), Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), Cilla Fisher (Singing Kettle), David Knopfler, David Byrne (Talking Heads), Nicko McBrain, Tim Finn, Stewart Copeland (Police), Martin Chambers (Pretenders), Neil Peart, Nile Rodgers, Ryuichi Sakamoto - 1953: Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle), Graham Lewis, Robyn Hitchcock, John Howard, Mike Oldfield, Simon Wright (ACDC), Dave Evans (ACDC), Brian Howe (Bad Company), Donnie Munro (Runrig), Ian Bairnson, Bobby G, Calum Macdonald (Runrig), Chaka Khan, Alex van Halen, Cyndi Lauper, Kevin Rowland, Tico Torres, Midge Ure, Tito Jackson, Charlotte Caffey (Go-Gos), Andrew Ranken (Pogues), Johnny Clegg - 1954: Cheryl Baker, Judith Weir, Neil Tennant, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, Eric Faulkner, Adam Ant, Chris Difford (Squeeze), John Parr, Mike Nolan (Bucks Fizz), Annie Lennox, Nancy Wilson, Ray Parker Jr, James Fearnley (Pogues), David Lee Roth, Jermaine Jackson, Robin Campbell - 1955: Helen O’Hara (Dexys), Mark Hollis (Talk Talk), Sir Simon Rattle, Terry Chimes (Clash), Howard Long, Lesley Garrett, Jerry Dammers (Specials), Topper Headon (Clash), Mick Jones (Clash), Terry Chambers (XTC), Jem Finer (Pogues), Bruce Foxton (Jam), Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Phil Oakey, Les McKeown, Billy Idol, Paul Simonon (Clash), Ed Tudor-Pole, Eddie van Halen, Dee Snider, Angus Young, Glenn Danzig, - 1956: Paul Young, Andy Cox (Beat/FYC), Johnny Rotten, Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy), Peter Hook, Terry Chimes (Clash), Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), Glen Matlock, BA Robertson, Hazell Dean, Jimmy Cauty (KLF), Nigel Kennedy, LaTya Jackson, Chris Foreman (Madness), Glen Matlock, Peter Buck - 1957: Tony Butler (Big Country), Phil Gould (Level 42), Siouxsie, Paddy McAloon (Prefab Sprout), Mark Brzezicki (Big Country), Astro, Glenn Tilbrook, Billy Bragg, Nicik Cave, Paul hardcastle, Shane MacGowan - 1958: Steve Garvey, Jools Holland, David Slyvian, Nik Kershaw, Gary Numan, Martin Fry (ABC), Will Sergeant (Echo and the Bunnymen), Fish, Alan Rankine (Associates), Toyah Willcox, Paul Weller, Mark Radcliffe, Mick Macneil (Simple Minds), Kate Bush, Ian Broudie, Bruce Dickinson, Feargal Sharkey, Buster Bloodvessel, Siobhan Fahey, Mark King (Level 42), Simon Le Bon, Helen DeMacque, Limahl, Ice T, Meredith Brooks, Bill Berry (REM), Madonna, Belinda Carliisle, Vernon Reid, Joan Jett, Andrea Bocelli, Nikki Six, Mike Mills (REM), Spider Stacy
  12. Same, and that is actually fascinating, too.
  13. msc

    Roman Reigns

    Oh very grim, he'll be a must for any serious Cup team. Honest.
  14. msc

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    So you did! My bad. I agree!
  15. msc


    In an instagram post now deleted, Corey Graves's soon to be ex-wife kindly drags his alcoholism and suicide attempts into the public arena, and his shagging womens wrestler Carmella*. Coupled with his Twitter meltdowns and Post Concussion Syndrome, might be one to watch. *Shocker it ain't Mandy Rose, tbh.
  16. msc

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2020

    Douglas Kirkland (famed Hollywood photographer) has shown up in that BBC Icons series talking about Marilyn Monroe, and looks and sounds like he could snuff it at any moment.
  17. msc

    Death By Jazz

    Aww, sympathies to Maryport who has been talking up the legend for years.
  18. msc

    The 2019 Deathlist Cup

    Good point, puts you right back into the mix. 1. JoeMoneyPenny Vs. Pedro 3-3 2. Nantonian 2013 Vs. Maryportfuncity 0-3 3. Gooseberry Crumble Vs. John Key 0-3 4. Spade Cooley Vs. Squonk 16-0 5. Markb4 vs Dr T 0-6 6. Banana Vs. Great Uncle Bulgaria 12-0 7. Yorkshire Banker Vs. Skinny Kiltrunner 9-9 8. Alt Obits Guy Vs. Time 13-0 9. Clorox Vs. Fixed Business 16-3 10. The Mad Hatter Vs. Exu 9-0 11. Master Tech Vs. Bibliogryphon 0-0 12. The Unknown Man Vs. Boudicca 0-3 13. Torva Messor Vs. The Old Crem 10-0 14. The Quim Reaper Vs. BuffaloPhil 3-3 15. Wormfarmer Vs. The Old Lady 6-4
  19. msc

    Rodrigo Duterte

    Am going to regret forgetting about this prediction, probably.
  20. msc

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    This is exactly the sort of thing she'd do to put people off the truth about her being on life support. Sneaky. Hey, I don't like coffee and never got those Curly Wurlys...
  21. msc

    Ozzy Osbourne

    With all respect to Torme... Nearly put me on life support seeing that as last post sans context, evil drol.
  22. msc

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    Point of Order, imagine is actually on BBC1. BBC4's where you learn about Virago Books founders, and aging rockers with COPD...
  23. msc


    I wonder how Marty Jannetty is doin.... As we seem to say every 6 months, surely this Permanent Druggy Car Crash can't have long left now... (A DDP pick too, now, I see.)
  24. msc

    British Science Fiction Series

    Am hearing that Pat Gorman has died. Confirmation should show up soon.
  25. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2019

    Yes, but 6/20 on the LOTL by Valentines Day has it going even more smashingly than I'd expected!

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