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  1. msc

    Tennis players

    Oh eck, the weekend update gets bigger by the second! Err, I mean congratuations!
  2. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Random picture of Derby. Entries for the 2020 Derby Dead Pool are now open! Emails appear to be very slow sending out, if you haven't received one by, idk, tomorrow, let the Cmme know. I'll let our other members introduce themselves below, especially as they are doing the Data Entry bit, so you can shower them with bribes and likes... Rules are as before, but The Herald newspaper returns as a Qualifying Obit. As do the ITV local pages, which weren't already one on the 2019 list.
  3. msc


    I like how in that photo you can clearly see six Hall of Famers... and Dino Bravo.
  4. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Well the file on entrants I think must have every living candidate as it has over 13, 000 celebs on it, and this year we have 487 teams so can only have 9740 different celebs at most. (And obviously don't, just see the Drop 40...) Ah ok, xls confuses me (I'm the words guy not the programmer) but it looks like 3396 different picks, of which 2322 are unique. The third question is beyond my knowledge.
  5. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    First off, congrates. Second, 205th hit of 2020 (confirmed). Here's the numbers to start keeping an eye on: > 2020 - 205 > 2019 - 253 > 2018 - 247 > 2017 - 254 > 2016 - 275 > 2015 - 239 > 2014 - 247 > 2013 - 219 2016 is the DDP record holder for most deaths and it reached 205th on the 28th September, so 2020 is currently 4 days ahead. These things don't have a pattern but I thought that'd interest the stats fans.
  6. msc

    Captain Tom Moore

    I hear the film's working title is The Most Famous Man in the World (Yes, Really, Willz).
  7. msc


    Confirmed by his own twitter: Oddly the only man I can think of booked to win a WrestleMania match (ok a dark match) and lost it via legit screw up.
  8. msc

    FIFA World Cup Players

    Updated after 4 years, the living finalists: 1930-1950 - No one. 1954 West Germany 1-0 Hungary Horst Eckel (b. 1932) - last man standing 1958 Brazil 2-2 Sweden Pele (b. 1940), Mario Zagallo (b. 1931) Reino Borjesson (b. 1929), Kurt Hamrin (b. 1934) 1962 Brazil 2-2 Czech Republic Amarildo (b. 1940), Mario Zagallo (b. 1931) Josef Jelinek (b. 1941), Adolf Scherer (b. 1938) 1966 England 5-8 West Germany George Cohen (b. 1939), Nobby Stiles (b. 1942), Bobby Charlton (b. 1937), Geoff Hurst (b. 1941), Roger Hunt (b. 1938) Horst-Dieter Hottges (b. 1943), Willi Schulz (b. 1938), Wolfgang Weber (b. 1944), Karl-Heinz Schnellinger (b. 1939), Franz Beckenbauer (b. 1945), Wolfgang Overath (b. 1943), Uwe Seeler (b. 1936), Sigfried Held (b. 1942) (This was level in August 2016 but the last four years have been brutal to the England 66 team....) 1970 Brazil 8-9 Italy Brito (b. 1939), Piazza (b. 1943), Clodoaldo (b. 1949), Gerson (b. 1941), Jairzinho (b. 1944), Tostao (b. 1947), Pele (b. 1940), Rivellino (b. 1946) Enrico Albertosi (b. 1939), Tarcisio Burgnich (b. 1939), Pierluigi Cera (b. 1941), Mario Bertini (b. 1944), Angelo Domenghini (b. 1941), Giancarlo De Sisti (b. 1943), Sandro Mazzola (b. 1942), Gigi Riva (b. 1944), Roberto Boninsegna (b. 1943) Antonio Juliano (sub, b. 1943), Gianni Rivera (sub, b. 1943) Only change is 2016 death of Carlos Alberto... 1974 Holland 8-11 West Germany Jan Jongbloed (b. 1940),Wim Rijsbergen (b. 1952), Arie Haan (b. 1948), Ruud Krol (b. 1949), Wim Jansen (b. 1946), Johan Neeskens (b. 1951), Willem van Hanegem (b. 1944), Johnny Rep (b. 1951) Subs – Theo de Jong (b. 1947), Rene van de Kerkhof (b. 1951) Sepp Maier (b. 1944), Berti Vogts (b. 1946), Franz Beckenbauer (b. 1945), Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck (b. 1948), Paul Breitner (b. 1951), Ranier Bonhof (b. 1952), Uli Hoeness (b. 1952), Wolfgang Overath (b. 1943), Jurgen Grabowski (b. 1944), Gerd Muller (b. 1945), Bernd Holzenbein (b. 1946) The German's 74 team still has all 11 finalists still living, although a few aren't well. 1978 Argentina 11-10 Holland Ubaldo Fillol (b. 1950), Jorge Olguin (b. 1952), Luis Galvan (b. 1948), Daniel Passarella (b. 1953), Alberto Tarantini (b. 1955), Americo Gallego (b. 1955), Osvaldo Ardiles (b. 1952), Mario Kempes (b. 1954), Daniel Bertoni (b. 1955), Oscar Alberto Ortiz (b. 1953), Leopoldo Luque (b. 1949) Jan Jongbloed (b. 1940), Ruud Krol (b. 1949), Wim Jansen (b. 1946), Johan Neeskens (b. 1951), Arie Haan (b. 1948), Rene van de Kerkhof (b. 1951), Johnny Rep (b. 1951), Ernie Brandts (b. 1956), Jan Poortvliet (b. 1955), Wily van de Kerkhof (b. 1951) Subs – Omar Larrosa, (b. 1947) Oddly only one starter in 1978 (Rensenbrink) has died but 3 of the 4 subs have (Suurbier, Nanninga, Houseman) so look out Omar Larrosa. 1982 Itay 10-11 West Germany Dino Zoff (1942), Claudio Gentile (1953), Fulvio Collovati (1957), Giuseppe Bergomi (1963), Antonio Cabrini (1957), Gabriele Oriali (1952), Marco Tardelli (1954), Bruno Conti (1955), Francesco Graziani (1952), Paolo Rossi (1956) Toni Schumacher (1954), Uli Stielike (1954), Karlheinz Forster (1958), Bernd Forster (1956), Manfred Keltz (1953), Hans-Peter Breigel (1955), Wolfgang Dremmler (1954), Paul Breitner (1951), Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (1954), Pierre Littbarski (1960), Klaus Fischer (1949) subs- Alessandro Altobelli (1955), Franco Causio (1949), Hansi Muller (1957), Horst Hrubesch (1951) 1986 has Cucciofio and Brown from Maradona's team dead and a whole lot of far too young people to mention. 1990 World Cup final still all standing
  9. msc

    FIFA World Cup Players

    Man I'm going to look daft when "picked several times by me" Kurt Hamrin is actually last man standing from that final.
  10. msc

    Bovine Attacks

    Teacher killed by cows
  11. msc

    Comedians & Comedy Writers

    Wrote the sketch for Man Stroke Woman where the former gang member who went to uni bumps into his former leader (Nick Frost). "I can't, I've got a thesis to write." "What the fucking hell is that?" "It's a fucking... extended essay." He also wrote their chess sketch. I loved that show, it was shown at 4am after the nightclubs shut.
  12. msc

    Captain Tom Moore

    Everyone can do the Day Today sketch here... "In 1990, he wasn't deathlisty. In 1991, he wasn't deathlisty. In 1992, he wasn't deathlisty. In 1993, he wasn't deathlisty... (sped up for sanity)... in 2019, he wasn't deathlisty, in 2020, he is deathlisty. Hell at the rate of fame he's suddenly got he might replace Boris before Christmas..." The guy's had 6 fucking documentaries in the last 4 months. I know because I watched them all. Hey, there was a fucking lockdown on the go...
  13. msc

    Dead Pop Stars

    That's a shame. I know one of our admin is a huge fan.
  14. msc

    Sylvester Stallone

    If this starts up the bloody Dance Mum memes again...
  15. iirc Alaska has a history of punishing incumbents but I'd have it currently at C level for Senate and Presidency (ie it might change on a fantastic night for Biden and co but don't bet on it) which is the lowest vaguely credible level. Arizona's seeming shift is fascinating. John McCain wrote all about it in his book, predicting it'd take a decade, and if things go as polling suggests (so you know, caution there), it'd have taken 2 years instead. Perhaps he was a dam holding back the demographic tide. Also, if McSally loses (and tbf she seems the most doomed senator in the country after Doug Jones), she'll have handed both seats in her state to the Democrat inside 24 months. A remarkable feat! Tennessee not known to me, but here's a local piece from 2018 on it - seems the usual story, one party dominate, seen as establishment, voters get old and die off while other party speaks to newer voters, primarily in rural areas. Very downfall of Scottish Labour. https://eu.tennessean.com/story/news/politics/tn-elections/2018/11/09/tennessee-democrats-soul-search-again-after-hopes-spoiled-another-disappointing-election/1929087002/ At this point the best shot of a "surprise" would be Iowa because Trump has really fucked off people there by ignoring the big hurricane disaster they had last month, or so I hear from Iowans. But again, not in any way a certainty.
  16. msc

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2020

    Oops, no idea how that got on the Jackie mixtape. Well there was a free gift inside. If only magazines were 16p today...
  17. msc

    How many hits this year?

    Don't look at me, I got bumped off in....*checks*... Episode 1, apparently.
  18. msc

    James Bond 007 (Connery/Moore/Villains etc)

    The villain in No Time to Die is Rami Malek who wont be threatening the DDP for another 50 years.
  19. msc

    James Bond 007 (Connery/Moore/Villains etc)

    Drol mentioned earlier this year that Yaphet Kotto is meant to be unwell, but on top of that, has anyone seen anything of Joe Don Baker in recent years? Ever present fun presence in film at one point, plus of course Edge of Darkness.
  20. msc

    James Bond 007 (Connery/Moore/Villains etc)

    As well as being a fine actor and a great Bond adversary, Michael Lonsdale is also I believe the 200th DDP score of 2020.
  21. msc

    Businesspeople, Investors, Ceos

    Came up with Diet Pepsi, told Nixon to bomb Chile. Difficult to work out which of these is the bigger evil, tbh.
  22. msc

    COVID 19 - Second Wave

    I find "FUCK OFF" is usually helpful in these matters tbh...
  23. msc

    Authors Last A Long Time, But....

    A rare interview from July with my former pick, the writer/editor Dame Carmen Callil, where she actually mentions her health issues.
  24. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Has moved you back into the top 50.
  25. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    So yeah with RBG and Kerslake going within 24 hours, the DDP Drop 40 is one death away from equaling the record of 15/40. http://www.derbydeadpool.co.uk/deadpool2020/drop_forty.html

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