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  1. 2022 will see 50 years since Columbo took down murderer Viveca Scott played by Vera Miles. She'll be 93 in 2022 if still alive then so a good shout for deadpools. Wait, what, were you expecting a different joke?
  2. msc

    Edson Arantes Do Nascimento (Pele)

    Not then, but maybe now?
  3. msc

    Derby Dead Pool 2021

    Welcome to Derby, where you'll never leave... Somehow its December, which means it is now time to start drawing up your teams for the 26th edition of one of the oldest running deadpools in the world. That's right, the Derby Dead Pool, or DDP as its also known. As with 2020, the 2021 DDP will be co-hosted by the team of msc, @Grim Up North and @gcreptile. The emails are going out (apologies again for any gremlins), and so its only now to say the DDP is open for entries! RULES For the hard of reading, a reminder of the four rule changes 1. DONT PICK FFBI PEOPLE. Those who ignore this will be mocked mercilessly. 2. UNIQUE PICKS are now worth 4 points instead of the old 3, to reward those who score with knowledge or punts on notables everyone else ignores. 3. THEME TEAMS need to be a theme team ie they cant be "all men" or "all DDP survivors from last years top ten". Esoteric is OK, taking the piss is not. 4. QUALIFYING OBITS - All from 2020 plus Last Word, Daily Record, Scottish and Sunday papers, STV, UTV, Economist, UK Yahoo, Radio Times, Economist, City AM and The Independent. Otherwise, good luck one and all!
  4. msc

    Sir Michael Caine

    Huh? Well, that was a bloody good shout, that one, then.
  5. Hopefully. I always thought I quite liked John Prescott, then he punched that egg protestor and I knew I liked him!
  6. msc

    Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    A pivotal DDP pick once, as it was the one that made me go from merely disliking ffbi picks to wanting them banned outright. The straw that broke the camel's back as it were. Anyhow, poor sod.
  7. I was going to say Prescott's not done any public appearances since his nasty stroke a few years ago, but actually, he made one today as part of the COP build up! Note this was away from cameras bar a few publicity shots, he may have trouble speaking nowadays and not want to appear on TV - understandably.
  8. msc

    Ideas and possibilities 2022

    I've heard of trying to get off your trial, but that's taking method acting a bit far!
  9. msc

    The Beatles Death Curse

    Ken Essex, born July 20 1920, died October 11 2021 - according to the Telegraph. A good old age.
  10. msc

    Sir Michael Caine

    That includes Michael Caine by the sounds of it.
  11. msc

    Ideas and possibilities 2022

    I tend to take Spade DDP hints from October onwards with a pinch of salt and wariness of double/triple bluffs. Of course, this is how I missed out on Peter Tork a few years ago!
  12. msc

    20/20 + 1

    Obituary: Terrahawks & Four Feather Falls star Denise Bryer (gerryanderson.com)
  13. msc

    Sir Michael Caine

    It's more likely to be someone notable enough to get a Telegraph or Times obit but that practically no one on here could name off top of their head - like Johnny Gold mentioned in the same paragraph.
  14. msc

    Sir Michael Caine

    So Michael Caine has retired, un-retired and re-retired now? I'm confused. tbh my first thought was "how's Tom Courtenay's health these days?"
  15. msc

    Jeffrey Archer

    From memory, mediocre. Although I liked the old joke about Archer producing classic treachery filled cases of blackmail, death and deceit... and when he got home from work, wrote some books too.
  16. msc

    Sir Michael Caine

    Although being a latecomer also means forgetting good names you didn't note down, I found. I remember when the forum chat thing still worked, I expressed extensively how good a pick Bernie Nolan would be for the DDP when some others were cautious on here. Come the big reveal of teams on January 1st, someone (possibly DI but someone like that) asked in the chat why I'd not picked Nolan for my DDP team, at which point I suddenly realised I'd forgotten all about her!
  17. msc

    Political Frailty

    Although as someone who fits 3 of the 6, mysteriously I've never murdered anyone, because life being shit isn't an excuse to be a cunt to other people, and the best way to punish a politician is to vote them out in my book. (I've never understand the "kill them" train of thought either tbh. David Cameron might be my most loathed living politician, the useless waster, yet I don't wish violence on him. He's going to live another 30-40 odd years knowing he fucked up his dream job, that's more than enough for me!)
  18. msc

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    Black humour runs in the family. As my gran (still living) once put it - if you can't have fun at a funeral, when can you? Hey, it's better to remember Tebbit as your uncle than for some of his career! There is a distinct toxic nature to world politics at the moment which makes one despair. I'm not sure how it can be fixed at this point. When my Dad worked in A&E there was big posters up about what to do if one of the staff was stabbed on duty. Drunks with knifes were a regular threat to nurses and doctors trying to save peoples lives. Dad was never stabbed thankfully but did have to disarm folk on more than one occasion. Someone once pulled a knife on me in a crowded pub. They were drunk and dropped it. I'm 6 foot 2, used to play rugby, could dissuade fights from happening with a look, but on that instance the only option was to fucking leg it out of there ASAP. So I understand how you feel.
  19. msc

    Ideas and possibilities 2022

    Dennis Hutchings, former soldier picked in a few games on here as he's on trial for shooting a man in Northern Ireland in the 70s. Anyhow, the trials' adjourned for now as Hutchings is in hospital.
  20. msc

    By -Election Bingo 2019-2024

    Even though you can count the number of Tories she likes on one hand, and their politics were polar opposites, my mum's even expressed her sadness at Amess's death - and not just because of the senseless nature of his death. Others she admires who are still alive btw - Michael Forsyth, Michael Portillo, Norman Fowler. But I'm afraid not your cuddly Uncle Norman! (My attempt to raise a smile on a horrible day for UK politics, old chap!)
  21. msc

    British Character Actors

    When making Ask the Dust in 2005 (a fairly forgettable film in her long and illustrious CV), Atkins was propositioned by Colin Farrell, over 40 years her junior! They've both talked about it publicly.
  22. msc

    Sir Michael Caine

    Retires from acting with immediate effect. Cites lack of jobs and aging, but this cancels a few projects that were on the go. Luckily this sort of thing is never ominous as Peter O'Toole can tell us...
  23. msc


    If so, a boost to my team but a shame as he seemed a decent chap. The Evening Times was always a pretty good paper when he ran it back in the 90s too. His friends are posting it on Facebook btw, it appears to be true. The covid was just a bridge too far, I guess.
  24. msc

    Elton John

    Apparently it was selling legit (according to the BBC 1981 documentary!) but it was because she was an unknown that was selling so highly. It had been in the lower reaches of the charts for a week or two before it got close to the top 40 so I guess it was the 1981 equivalent of going viral... iirc it was the week Shaddup you Face was still number 1 that she would have been if they hadn't discounted a bunch of her sales for "security", not Shakin Stevens which was later. Still, many of the acts mentioned on this page had no UK number one, but Joe Dolce has. Democracy for you, eh!
  25. msc

    Elton John

    True. But Wilde was rather infamously robbed of a number one in 1981 by the charts company refusing to count sales of Kids in America during its first week of sales, because they assumed it had to be fraud. (It sold over half a million singles in less than 2 months for example.)

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