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    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Take care and here's to a speedy recovery.
  2. msc

    The 100 Club

    Centenarian Apocalypse 2020! Who's going to save Andrew Keir from being poisoned now, if he weren't dead 20 years?
  3. msc

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Never heard of it. Any good? (Mysteriously DDP picks are surprisingly well known to me...)
  4. msc

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    Don't worry, you'll be out of the Cup in a few weeks time so you can start posting Cup possibilities to help folk out whenever you want. (Hey, twas an open goal...)
  5. msc

    Tom Lehrer

    We Will All Go Together is perhaps a bit cliched to post (although I do love it), so here's his other great. Who hasn't got funny looks from passersby when inadvertently singing it in public? Needless to say, legend who will one day be a DL hit presumably, but hopefully not anytime soon.
  6. msc

    Deathlist's deadpool HOF

    As formerly seen in the Stats thread, but it's a bit lost in the shuffle here. So here is a thread for quick reference on who won all the various Deathlist forum (and related) deadpools. The Deathlist Forum Deadpool Hall of Fame Hartlepool Deadlypool 2006 – Football Fan 2007 – Football Fan 2008 - Football Fan 2009 – Why Not? (whoever they were) 2010 – MaryportFuncity 2011 – MaryportFunCity 2012 – The Unknown Man 2013 – Bert Trautman 2014 - Estuarian Float 2015 – Captain Chorizo 2016 - Maryportfuncity 2017 – Death Impends 2018 - Dead Cow 2019 - The Old Lady I once led the Hartlepool Deadlypool for 5 whole days – 9th Jan to 14th Jan 2012 – between the deaths of Malam Bacai Sanha and Dame Lesley Strathie. DDP (since forum opened) 2004 – The Deathlist Committee (Grim Reaper/Statto/Welshman/others) 2005 – (Fallen Sparrow) 2006 – Football Fan 2007 – Football Fan 2008 - DDT 2009 – (Tonight Matthew, I’m Going to be Badly-torn Boy) 2010 – Octopus of Odstock 2011 – DDT 2012 – DDT 2013 – Spade Cooley 2014 – Spade Cooley 2015 – Spade Cooley 2016 – Spade Cooley 2017 - Bert 2018 - Dr T 2019 - Death Impends (at long last) Scavenger Hunt Deadpool I(2016/17) – Rotten Ali II (2018-) TBD Windy City Deadpool 2016/17 – Death Impends 2017/18 - Death Impends 2018/19 - Death Impends 2019/20 - TBD Hare’s Death Pool 2014 – Rotten Ali 2015 – Toast 2016 – Gcreptile 2017 - Grim Up North 2018 - Death Impends 2019 - John Key Deathrace 2009 – Raskolnikov 2010 – N/A due to lack of death 2011 – DDT 2012 – Spade Cooley 2013 – DDT 2014 – Death Impends 2015 – msc 2016 – DDT 2017 – Death Impends 2018 - msc 2019 - Rad Shaun’s Death by Numbers 2015 – Sir Creep 2016 – DDT 2017 - Gcreptile 2018 - Death Impends 2019 - Death Impends By Election Bingo 2015-2020 Parliament –Rockhopperpenguin, The Engineer, Voice of Young Maryport, Time 2017-2019 Parliament - Boris Johnson Advent Avalanche 2016: Death Impends 2017: Sean 2018: Banana 2019: Reptile The Midsummer Dead Pool 2016: Spade Cooley 2017: Captain Chorizo 2018: The Dead Cow 2019: Clorox Inverse Dead Pool 2011 – Garn2 2012 – Estuarian Float 2013 – N/A (didn’t happen due to change of host) 2014 – Bibliogryphon 2015 – Death Impends 2016 – Pedro67 2017 – Drol 2018 - machotrouts 2019 - drol WTF deadpool 2017 – Imnothades, rockhopperpenguin Half Year Deadpool 2010 – Windsor Kentucky Derby Dead Pool 2014 – Dr Zorders Predict the Paper 2012 – Paul Bearer Easter Deadpool 2017 - Book 2018 - Joey Russ The Deathlist Cup 2017 – deadsox 2018 - DDT 2019 - Spade Alt Obits 2017 – Jiroemon Kimura 2018 - AO Guy 2019 - AO Guy Poker Tournament 2017 – Death Impends 2018 - Death Impends 2019 - Captain Chorizo Jokers 2017 – Death Impends 2018 - Torva Messor 2019 - An Fear Beag DL Prediction Game 2016 – Book 2017 – Book 2018 - John Key 2019 - Vaagheid 2020 - TomTomTelekom ABC Deadpool I (2018) - Gcreptile II (2019) - Rad 5-4-3-2-1 2018 - Gcreptile 2019 - Gcreptile Number of Combined Deadpool Wins 15 - Death Impends 8 – DDT 7- Spade Cooley 6 - Reptile 5 – Football Fan 3 – Maryportfuncity, Book, Captain Chorizo 2- Bert, Rotten Ali, Esturian Float, rockhopperpenguin, msc, Rad, drol, John Key 1 – Why Not?, The Unknown Man, Deathlist Cmme, OoO, Toast, Raskolnikov, Sir Creep, The Engineer, Voice of Young Maryport, Time, Sean, Garn, Bibliogryphon, Pedro67, ImnotHades, Windsor, Dr Zorders, Paul Bearer, deadsox, Jiroemon Kimura, Grim Up North,Joey Russ, The Dead Cow, Banana, Dr T, machotrouts, Torva Messor, Vaagheid, Clorox, AO Guy, Dead Cow, The Old Lady, TomTomTelekom, An Fear Beag Death Impends overtook DDT when Willz he won the 2017 Poker tournament, and that's worth noticing, imo. Only person in the top 4 not to have a DDP title in that total, too. Will be added to as more deadpools are won (and/or brought to my attention). UPDATED - 30th January 2020
  7. msc

    British Character Actors

    That's the best episode of The Prisoner, by far. Almost McGoohan as Columbo, nemesis of wrong doers.
  8. msc

    British Character Actors

    I can't really hear the audio, but here's brief footage of the great 50s/60s character actor (and Talking Pictures favourite) Michael Craig chilling earlier today.
  9. msc

    The Nothing Lasts Forever Sweepstake

    16th August 2025
  10. Yeah, at the moment I am leaning 55-45 Biden but with the possibilities of the Dems fucking it up as usual.
  11. msc

    Jimmy Greaves

    Could be worse in a way. He's in Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, one of those in the news for being inundated with coronavirus cases. How ill do you need to be to be given a hospital bed at a coronavirus hit hospital right now without the virus? Very ill indeed, I'd guess.
  12. msc

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    Underlying issues plus coronavirus plus ventilator. But he was one of the first names on the team because I was all "He's going to be on every team and the fuck am I giving Sir Creep a 3 point lead!" Accidentally successful defence!
  13. msc

    John Prine

    That cancer/corona double punch was just too much.
  14. msc

    Political Frailty

    Peter Temple Morris, Tory MP for Leominster for 27 years who died in 2018 btw. They were right next to each other on the living MPs list a few years back hence my confusion.
  15. msc

    Political Frailty

    I thought he died a year or two ago, and now I must have confused him for another Tory MP born in the late 30s. Anyhow, the whole duck island was one of the notorious bits of the expenses scandal, but just look how happy that duck looked after some taxpayer funded Location Location Location work:
  16. msc

    Jimmy Greaves

    Yes, dropping Greaves (and maybe Gorbachev in the circumstances) were the two oddest dropping decisions they made.
  17. msc

    British Science Fiction Series

    Ok, given that, here is a list of as many living people who worked or appeared on Dr Who who are 70 in 2020 or older. Credited cast, producers, directors, writers, unless they are notable not the many many uncredited extras as we'd be here all day. 1. 1917 – Earl Cameron 2. 1920 – Arnold Yarrow 3. 1924 – William Russell, Donald Pelmear, Laurie Webb 4. 1925 – David Graham, Morris Perry, Ysanne Churchman, James Garbutt 5. 1926 – Andre Maranne, Barbara Clegg 6. 1927 – Geoffrey Palmer, June Brown, Frank Windsor, Frank Mills, Graham Rigby, David de Keyser, Derek Smith 7. 1928 – Mark Eden, Peter Cellier, Michael Craig, Georgine Anderson, Bernard Cribbins 8. 1929 – Colin Jeavons, Steve Machin, Damaris Hayman, John Woodvine, Clifford Rose, Philip Latham, John Nettleton, Thelma Barlow, John Greenwood 9. 1930 – Henry Lincoln, Shirley Cooklin, Richard Martin, Roy Evans. Alan Curtis, David Garfield, Henry Woolf, John Rolfe (c.), Lillias Walker, Gary Watson, Brian Peck 10. 1931 –Godfrey James, Cy Town, Kenneth Cope, John Fraser, June Bland, Claire Bloom, Kenneth Seeger, Gordon Faith, James Greene 11. 1932 – Sonny Caldinez, Carmen Munroe, John Gorrie, Jolyon Booth, Edward de Souza, Roy Scammell, Vera Fusek, Gabriel Woolf, Antony Carrick, Barbara Shelley, Vilma Hollingberry, Wendy Gifford, Kenton Moore, Dinny Powell 12. 1933 – Bernard Lodge, Michael Allaby, Geoffrey Frederick, Patrick Godfrey, Donald Douglas, Michael McStay, Derek Martin, Rhoda Lewis, Sheila Hancock, Ian Frost, Inigo Jackson 13. 1934 –Mary Peach, Jeremy Young, Billy Cornelius, Ann Davies, Robert Aldous, Jean Marsh, Kenneth Ives, Arthur Cox, Gilbert Wynne, Vernon Dobtcheff, Christopher Benjamin, Tom Baker, Roy Macready, Slyvia Syms, Mona Hammond, Mitzi McKenzie, John Davies, Leila Hoffman, Michael Wolf, Martin Muncaster, Jean Challis 14. 1935 – Tristan de Vere Cole, George Roubicek, Derren Nesbitt, Julian Glover, Michael Imison, Glenn Beck, David Prowse, Derrick Goodwin, Wanda Ventham, Susan Engel, Michael Jayston, Janet Henfrey, Anne Reid, David Daker, Sandra Reid (c.), Allister Bain 15. 1936 –Ralph Watson, Philip Voss, Timothy Combe, Douglas Sheldon, David Savile, Richard Franklin, Tessa Shaw, Tim Barlow, Brian Blessed, Tony Scoggo, Richard Wilson, Nicholas McArdle (c.), Jon Lauriemore, Terence Lodge 16. 1937 – Derrick Gilbert, Michael Kilgarriff, Tony Caunter, Eileen Helsby, Michael Ferguson, Clive Scott, Hugh Futcher, Donald Gee, Tom Georgeson, Brian Grellis, David Bailie, Geoffrey Hinsliff, Davyd Harries, Colette O’Neil, Maurice Roeves, Sheila Reid, Gawn Grainger, William Gaunt, Ian Hogg, Barbara Windsor, Vic Tablian, Martin Cort, Viktors Ritelis, David Arlen, Davyd Harries, Terrence Hardiman, Brian Cullingford, Darrol Blake, Steven Berkoff 17. 1938 – Tina Packer, Milton Johns, Brian Hodgson, Warris Hussein, Spencer Chapman, Frances White, John Tillinger, David Weston, Tim Goodman, Christopher Dunham, Richard Kane, Christopher Robbie, Christopher Coll, Leslie Schofield, Louis Mahoney, Laurence Harrington, Tim Preece, Julian Fox, Roy Boyd, David McKail, Eleanor Bron, John Savident, Philip Martin, Tony Selby, Val McCrimmon, John Tordoff, Derek Jacobi, Diana Rigg, Penelope Lee, Col Farrell 18. 1939 –Geoffrey Kirkland, Ian Thompson, peter Purves, Marina Martin, Lynda Baron, Eric Mival, Rudolph Walker, John Moreno, Paul Grist, Bob Baker, Valentine Palmer, Garrick Hagon, Jonathan Newth, John Cleese, Ian McCulloch, Jonathan Burn, Edmund Pegge, James Fox, Ian McKellen, Meg Wynn-Owen, Jonathan Burn 19. 1940 –Bernard Holley, Pauline Collins, Carole Ann Ford, Clive Doig, Frank Cox, Ronald Pickup, Neville Smith, Annette Robertson, Louise Pajo, David Calderisi, Stanley McGeagh, Alec Linstead, Tony Adams, Ben Howard, John Gregg, Harry Fielder, John Black, Barry Stanton, James Beckett, Judy Cornwell, Angela Douglas, William Wilde, Jim McManus, Gilly Fraser (c.), Mark Heath, Ringo Starr, Birgit Forsyth, Michael Gambon 20. 1941 – John Levene, Hannah Gordon, Martin Jarvis, Christopher Tranchell, Jackie Lane, Kay Patrick, Anneke Wills, Mike Lucas, John Atterbury, Geoffrey Beevers, Michael Walker, David Arlen, Andrew Robertson, David Gooderson, Malcolm Terris, Christopher Hamilton bidmead, Nerys Hughes, Ahmed khalil, Brian Miller, Polly James, David Ashton, Alan David, Roy Marsden, Angela Pleasance, Maurice O’Connell, Rachel Davies (c.), Roger Limb, David Warner, David Ashford 21. 1942 – Illona Rodgers, Michael E Briant, Robert Sidaway, Prentis Hancock, Ian Talbot, Fernanda Marlowe, Stuart Fell, James Marcus, Patricia Maynard, Stephen Yardley, John Challis, Brian Croucher, Denis Lill, Paul Shelley, John D Collins, Chloe Ashcroft, Pam St Clement, Peter Symonds, Caroline Hunt, Margot Hayhoe (c.), Carl Rigg, John Bloomfield, Ernie Vincze, Bernard Lloyd-Jones, John Owens, David Bradley, David Quilter, Paul McCartney, James Marcus 22. 1943 – Donald Sumpter, Kevork Malikyan, Virginia Wetherell, Maureen O’Brien, Valentino Musetti, Delia Lindon, Giles Block, George Layton, Ian Hines, David Simeon, David Griffin, Chris Boucher, Gregory de Polnay, John Leeson, Peter Straker, Myra Frances, Colin Baker, Georgina Hale, Edward Peel, Sylvester McCoy, Roger Nott, Roger Murray-Leach, Julia Foster 23. 1944 – Adam Verney, Frazer Hines, Fiona Walker, Paula Topham, Sally Faulkner, Graham Weston, Pik-Sen Lim, Philip Hinchcliffe, Catherine Schell, Barry Andrews, nigel lambert, Eric Saward, Timothy Block, Keith Drinkel, Martin Potter, Isla Blair, Matthew Robinson, Barbara Kinghorn, Faith Brown, Colin Spaull, John Ogwen, Richard Hartley, Patricia Quinn, Julian Holloway, Anne Robinson, Pamela Salem, Judith Paris, Paul Joyce, Ian Barritt, David Rowlands, John Flanagan, Martin Potter 24. 1945 – Clive Merrison, Jeremy Bulloch, Sandra Bryant, Jimmy Winston, John Kane, Conrad Asquith, John Abbott, Andrew McCulloch, John Flanagan, Graeme Harper, Michael Melia, Nicolas Chagrin, Alibe Parsons, Morgan Deare, Bill Lyons, Michael Brandon, Bill Paterson, Michael Bertinshaw, Tariq Anwar, Sarah Hellings 25. 1946 – Peter Craze, Richard Ireson, Miles Northover, Katy Manning, Graham Simpson, Tom Chadbon, Sheila Ruskin, Annie Lambert, Roger Davenport, Roy holder, Martin Cochrane , Dickon Ashworth, Simon Williams, Penelope Wilton, Colin Prockter, Struan Rodger, Maureen Lipman, Robin Soans, James Acheson, Colette Gleeson, Timothy Dalton, Martin Fisk, David Suchet, Brian Cox, Graham Simpson, Felicity Kendal, Togo Igawa 26. 1947 – Wendy Padbury, Petra Markham, Felicity Gibson, Guy Siner, Brendan Price, Adrienne Burgess, Michael Keating, Paul Seed, Tony Osoba, Michael Osborne, Christopher Neame, Paddy Kingsland, Michael Cochrane, James Warwick, Ann Holloway, Alec Sabin, Peter Burroughs, Terry Molloy, Rula Lenska, John Alkin, Stephen Churchett, Leslie Meadows, William Thomas, Jack Galloway, John Tallents, Ralph Arliss, Colin Stinton, Ann Widdecombe, George Costigan,Rachel Bell, Ozzie Yue, Lois Baxter 27. 1948 –Matthew Corbett, Stewart Bevan, Peter Howell, gareth Armstrong, David Warwick, David Sibley, Paul Jerricho, Michael J Jackson, Anita Graham, Stephen Wyatt, Joseph Marcell, Ron Cook, Peter Walshe, Mat Irvine, Tony Virgo, Rusty Goffe 28. 1949 – Susan Penhaligon, Andrew Johns, Rob Edwards, Neil Dalglish, Keith Skinner, Martyn Whitby, Cameron Gomez, Jeananne Crowley, Zoe Wannamaker, Simon Callow, Geoffrey Sax, David Allister (c.), Judy Norman, Ian Gelder, Neil Daglish, Bill Nighy 29. 1950 – David Troughton, Cheryl Hall, Nick Hobbs, Nigel Plaskitt, Michael Cashman, Liza Goddard, Nitza Saul, Eric Deacon, David Chandler, Christopher Ryan, Rachel Bell, Sharon Duce, Annette Badland, Robert Pugh, Sharon Duce, Paul Lavers, Catherine Howe, Ian McNeice Finally had the impetus to finish this to 1950 but folk show up from behind a sofa all the time, and there's still a few folk who could be there but their birth dates are yet to show up. Although with several of those I've made guesses based on school dates or debuts, hence (c.) notes for circa.
  18. msc

    Sickest game in the world

    Typhoid Bou!
  19. msc

    British Science Fiction Series

    Allegedly played a huge role in this post. As you can see from the imdb date change, further research from Dr Who fans (a group as interested in research as deadpoolers) has discovered Joan Ellacott actually died in 2007.
  20. msc

    Boris Johnson

    Well in the case of Hugh Gaitskell, he was in hospital for 2 weeks but only took very badly ill towards the end. In fact, the news of his death came through while the BBC news was live on air with Robert Dougall so he continued reading the original story on the Labour leader and finished "And since we've come on air, news has reached us that Mr Gaitskell has died". For UK party leaders, John Smith died since then but that was more of a surprise, despite his previous heart problems. Despite being far too young to know who he was at the time, I remember that happening, because so many adults around me were blatantly gutted by that one, including Mum who still compares Blair unfavourably to Smith! Oh and in Scotland we had Donald Dewar dying as First Minister too, which was treated as a shock by the media but folk close to Dewar had sort of intimated he was in a bad way. About six months before he died, he visited my school, but only S4 and above were allowed to attend his talk. I complained about this but got told I could go to the next one. As Dewar died, they replaced him for the next talk with Michael Martin, then Commons Speaker.
  21. msc

    The 2020 Deathlist Cup

    Update on the popular Hanbury Tennison (Paywalled in the Spectator): It then goes onto detail the family plans to celebrate his birthday in 5 weeks, and events for their dad further this summer...
  22. Ah, McGoohan's class. He shows up a lot! That funeral director would have got away with it too if he hadn't gone for the classic "I did it but you can't prove it" gambit. I think my favourite is Jackie Cooper as the corrupt politician because Columbo's "got you now" moment at the end is so great. (The one where he took the bullet from the fake assassination attempt out of the wall hours earlier...)
  23. Have you seen this one, Willz? I saw it on Freeview the other week. It's hilarious. Revill plays a badly accented Irish poet who is secretly a member of the IRA. He kills the gun smuggler who tried to get more money out of him, and then left his traditional home brand whisky as a calling card. It takes Columbo the standard 90 minutes to solve the case, presumably as an excuse to use the department bar tab in tailing the whisky swilling fake Irishman in the pub...
  24. msc

    Boris Johnson

    He - Nott - actually showed up on TV again last year, looking quite healthy for his age. Especially next to some contemporaries like Nigel Lawson and Roy Hattersley who both looked like a sneeze would finish them off.
  25. msc

    Boris Johnson

    John Nott is still alive too, recently turned 88.

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