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  1. I couldn't understand the whole Big Brother sensation. The bunny, albeit that it's definitely more cute than anything that ever put in to Reality TV, is perhaps even less likely to get my ratings. Then again, I don't have a television so what would I know. But the Bunny is still relatively cute.... if you like cute things.
  2. Heretic_Zero

    George Best

    Surely that's where all the fun lies... The site, whether that one of this one, for that matter, would perhaps not have the following if it weren't for the sense of controversy that it brings with it.
  3. Heretic_Zero

    Marilyn Monroe – Suicide Or Cover-Up?

    May I suggest, for those of you that love to come up with a good conspiracy theory, that you check out the works of David Ike? That guy's got a lot to say about world leaders and those that are really running the planet. Personally, I think he MIGHT be a little nuts, but hey,we all love a good yarn from time to time, right?
  4. Heretic_Zero

    The Death Penalty

    I can't remember where it was that I heard this, but apparently it's 95% of sexual offenders within the UK alone actually go out and do it again. I utterly agree when it comes to kids. As much as I fear sounding like a hypocrite for what I have said previously, but when it comes to child orientated sexual offenders, to put them back in to society, assuming the statistic is even vaguely accurate, seems to be a particularly unsavoury idea. However (in order to save a little bit of face ), those that must be 'put down' I figure are the ones that have chosen to be less than Human. To remove someone from society and re-educate them is the whole idea of the penal system, but whether that re-education works is only really proven if that person doesn't go out and commit the crime, or any other crime for that matter, again. Ideally, although I am not so niave to think it is an ideal world, a educational system would assist a person to see the errors of their ways or perhaps by introducing a medical solution will cure them of the chemical imbalances that urge them in to horrific acts. Perhaps between science and philosophy there is an answer to socially unacceptable behaviour. We just haven't perfected it yet and I can only hope that one day we do. As for Lennon? Nah, a guy that's going to hand in his Knighthood to try and stop a war would appear something of a hypocrite if he then endorsed the death penalty on selfish grounds. Mind you, the guy fired five or six rounds in to John, but didn't think about saving one for Yoko? That's just messed up. (I'm going straight to Hell for that one... )
  5. Heretic_Zero

    Irate Visitors Rage Here, If You Must.

    What? Again? Jeez... Those Man. Utd. fans, eh? They do get around a bit, don't they. Well, I figure if you're going to have football fan on here (or any sports fan, for that matter), perhaps we should show a bit of equality, I suppose. Got a question, though; what about all those 'closet' sports fans out there that post on websites akin to this one? I mean, that most be truly galling, right?
  6. Heretic_Zero

    Marilyn Monroe – Suicide Or Cover-Up?

    Are you barking mad or is this just a big wind-up? Princess Di? Most likely popped off. Monroe? Most likely popped off. Why? I figure because everyone likes a tragic story of love, intrigue and death in the news and we needed a new one and you couldn't get a better example as these two. Di, however, as noble as her intentions were, I can't help but think that her heads were up in the clouds and, frankly, I don't see what she's actually done for the UK apart from assist people in to thinking that being a dumb blonde and marrying some retarded prince is going to make the world alright because she could moan about landmines and expect people to give two tugs. Monroe, in my opinion, was a bit of a shame, but when you play with fire... Di? Who cares? British history is filled with royalty bumped off for one reason or another and usually there's a whole shed load of money involved in it somewhere.
  7. Heretic_Zero

    The Death Penalty

    I don't think the Death Penalty works as a form of punishment. In essence, all the death penalty is going to do is make potential criminals more careful and perhaps a little more savvy on how to get away with their crime. Personally, I'm more a believer in re-education. These people apparently have skills that could be put to good use or, more to the point, may actually be capable of learning skills that other people could not stomach doing. By destroying something, you are removing a potential resource, but more importantly, you are removing the chance for them to turn themselves around and do something 'good'. It dosn't matter what scale the good deed is on, whether it is finding a cure for cancer or just helping a little old lady across the road, it's more to do with the fact that we can cure the problem in the long term as opposed to snuffing out isolated incidents in the short term. "You say that I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one." - John Lennon, Imagine
  8. Travel. See places. Meet people. Try some interesting dishes. Try some interesting women. Read a few good books. Add myself to the Deathlist as a non-celebrity croaker. Does suicide count as cheating? Not that I'm going to, but I'm curious. It's not like I can win anything on a sweep stake.
  9. Heretic_Zero

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2006

    Hmmm... Bennet is a strong candidate, but he hasn't given up yet and the guy seems kind of psyched none the less, but sure thing on the Tony Curtis is defintiely looking a bit on the frail side, I'd definitely expect to see him on the list. Charlton Heston? Yeah. Yeah, he's looking a little on the dodgy side and I don't think the man will ever recover from the expose he had with 'Bowling for Columbine'. Chistopher Lee? Not sure, that guy's really going for it. I'm pretty sure that he's still got a couple more films in him and seeing how long they take over that and the amount of money George Lucas will have spent to keep the guy ticking over, he's probably got the best health care money can buy. On top of that, he's pretty fit for his age... Michael Caine; nah. Sean Connery is more likely to go first and I can't see either of them going in a hurry. Roger Moore - another one with some money and health care, but to be honest I think you might be on to something there, especially since the guy is more of a playboy and knows it. Saddam? Not a chance. That guy's going to be taking the U.S. court system to court before they've finished with him. They'll be keeping him alive so that he can 'pay for his crimes'. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/4480052.stm
  10. Heretic_Zero

    Members' User Names

    I've gotta' confess, albeit that I'm not really a major fan of the 'funny old man', he was by far a more charismatic 'leader' than the current president from the foreign point of view. But then, if you want a real comparrison, compare Reagan to his U.K. counter-part, Maggie Thatcher. Heck, even Dubya pales, and possibly cowers, before those gun metal grey eyes! I wonder when the dear old Dame is going to pop her clogs on and skip off? Think she'll make it through 2006? I'd be royally surprised if she made it to 2012.
  11. Heretic_Zero

    Members' User Names

    Heretic Zero isn't so much of a 'Patient Zero' thing, though I like the idea I don't have that kind of an ego. 'Heretic' just comes from my interest in the philosophy and the likes and that because I find it difficult to believe in any of the institutionalised religions as they currently stand, I figure that the term 'Heretic' is particularly fitting. The 'Zero' part is really just kind of a tip of the cap to William Gibson, as in the "Count Zero" analogy. I figure if I'm going to have a net psuedonym, then I feel that paying a little tribute to one of my literary idols is befitting. Can't see Gibson croaking any time soon, though. He's been quite active and from what I can gather he's a perky guy, all things taken in to consideration.
  12. I don't know - look at Elvis Presley; one last good honk on the porcelain temple and he went knocking on the ol' pearly gates. Then again, I'm not an Elvis fan.
  13. Heretic_Zero

    George Best

    I'm kind of surprised that we haven't been utterly in-undated with George Best jokes! Despite the poll, to be honest it really wasn't a suprise to see him pass on to the 'other-side', but the part tht did make me laugh was the fact that we've just got the 24 hour drinking lark going on now and both of our 'legendary drinkers' missed it! I can actually picture Best and Olivier both to the sound of 'Last Orders'.
  14. Heretic_Zero

    James Doohan

    James, please pop over to see me at DL HQ when you have a few minutes spare Thank you, James. Over to you, Mr. Reaper. Put a fine one in from me. James Doohan.... What can I say, I'm a Star Trek fan like so many others and frankly, Scotty was a stunning character. Doohan managed to put the "Irish" back in to Scottish and if that isn't a miraculous act of social engineering, then I don't know what is. I'm going to miss him... until I watch Star Trek TOS again as re-runs. Oh, and Janeo? The part about it being fiction? Give Prof. Stephen Hawkins a chance and NOBODY will be calling it fiction again. So who's next from the TOS posse? I'm thinking that it might be the 'Belly and Toupe' man himself, Mr. Shatner.
  15. Heretic_Zero

    Walter Cronkite

    "Did she finish you off or bring you back to life?" - 13th Warrior Cronkite's safe now, I think. He's had his tragedy this year and if the rumours are true and playing 'hide the sausage' then I figure he's got more to do. Mind you, it's a crying shame that Hunter Thompson croaked. Now HE was a JOURNALIST!

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