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  1. Larry Pestilence III

    Looks Like Thats It Then Folks!

    Quite. A Shipman should know better.
  2. Larry Pestilence III

    Milton Obote Dead

    That's irony, that is. May he rot in hell.
  3. Larry Pestilence III

    Milton Obote Dead

    He'll be missed. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/4328834.stm
  4. Larry Pestilence III

    Ronnie Barker

  5. Larry Pestilence III

    Ronnie Barker

    Gutted. But at least we'll get loads of repeats.
  6. Larry Pestilence III

    The Queen's Affair

    You're not kidding. When he was Master of Emmanuel College at Cambridge in the early 90s, all students were invited round for tea. His look-at-my-collection of royal family Xmas cards was vomit-worthy even without being neatly arranged around a picture of some poor African famine victim (whom no doubt he once met on some useless visit). Oh and forget Andrew. Golf Alpha Yankee sums up NSJS perfectly. As does creep, hypocrite and sycophant. And I have met him.
  7. Larry Pestilence III

    Plane, Train And Automobile Crashes

  8. Larry Pestilence III

    Johnnie Walker - how's he doing?

    Damn! Thought I was on to something at last. And the Radio 2 breakfast show might actually be listenable at the moment...
  9. Larry Pestilence III

    Johnnie Walker - how's he doing?

    Anyone heard why Stuart Maconie is covering for three weeks at the moment? Normally they say "as Johnny's on holiday" or something like that, but this time absolutely nada.
  10. Larry Pestilence III

    Double deaths

    I think it was Dodi and Diana on the same day...
  11. Larry Pestilence III

    has anyone famous posted?

  12. Larry Pestilence III

    Gretchen Franklin

    Oh but the ranters are so much fun!
  13. Larry Pestilence III

    Pete Doherty

    Well, I've finally seen Pete Doherty in action. Not exactly a life-changing event. Shame he won't last long. And for once, posting completely on topic, I can add that he gets my vote for DL 2006. Or at least for Greasy pasty white junky 2006...
  14. Larry Pestilence III

    Executioner's Club

    The first of the next LP generation. Unaccustomed to birth. Death more my thing in an apocalypic sort of way. Ask St. John... Notaspud: thanks for the summary. HCW: As I'm sure you've seen, Stayin' popped up on the disappearance thread yesterday. LP3
  15. Larry Pestilence III

    What happened to OMJ/Terminator

    I'm sure many people would prefer a nice cup of tea to some sex of the particular variety to which Boy George is allegedly partial I can not think why this subject should arise on this particular thread? One of those 'slips' I suppose. At least all is finally explained. Larry Naive III

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