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  1. The Great Cornholio

    6. Jimmy Carter

    (From what I can see) the one prediction someone has made on here at the start of hospice treatment that has the potential of being correct
  2. The Great Cornholio

    The 13th Death of 2023

    Sticking with the majority
  3. The Great Cornholio

    Mitch McConnell

    Bullshit he should be on here... Turtles can live up to 250 years old, Mitch has at least 100 years more to go
  4. The Great Cornholio

    World's Oldest

    World's oldest has gotten boring ever since Kane Tanaka died, gonna be ages before we ever hit the 117-119 medium again.
  5. The Great Cornholio

    The 12th Death of 2023

  6. The Great Cornholio

    The 11th Death of 2023

    Closed my eyes and wiggled my mouse and l got Dennis Skinner
  7. The Great Cornholio

    1. Dick Van Dyke

    I'd be more interested to know why DL committee has placed him at no 1 spot when there are terminally ill people on the list
  8. The Great Cornholio

    11th crowdsources deathlist hit

    Barker, I think JC may be immortal
  9. The Great Cornholio

    Ideas and possibilities for 2024

    12. Winston Churchill 13. Big Bird from Sesame Street 14. You, reading this 15. Your mum 16. Your nan
  10. The Great Cornholio

    The 10th Death of 2023

  11. The Great Cornholio


    In before the realisation he's trolling
  12. The Great Cornholio

    The 9th Death of 2023

    JC, eventually it'll be the right answer
  13. The Great Cornholio

    2. Henry Kissinger

    Why is he staring at his dick?
  14. The Great Cornholio

    How did you learn your first swear words?

    Bitch, Piss off, Wanker, Bastard and all the others not stated below: From my alcoholic stepdad growing up (I think I knew all these by the time I was 7) Fuck: Was about 7 or 8, saw some kids on the school playground. Me, having been a little shit (not much has changed), decided to steal the football and run around the field while outrunning most of the other kids. All of the kids chased me and one tackled me and said "Give back the fucking ball!" I repeated it to my mum that evening when I was asking her where my fucking football was. Shit: My stepdad asked me to complain to the DJ at a restaurant we were at and tell them their music was shit and to play some Michael Jackson. I fucking complied and I honestly feel bad to this day for the DJ (who was the nicest guy) having to deal with an 8 year old coming up to him and calling his music shit. Arse and Cunt: At the football with my Dad - heard arse at 7 and cunt at around 10 years old (or at least thats the age I acknowledged it while it was being said)
  15. The Great Cornholio

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Trump is 77 today Not a real image ik... but I prefer AI Trump over the real one. Hope him and Biden get to play some Minecraft together later :3

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