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  1. The Great Cornholio

    Whom Are You Tarring With The Epithet "twunt"?

    I was bored so here are all the Twunt levels you can reach, if you didnt know already: 1 dot is Spammer (Default) 2 dots: Pointless ranter (3 posts) 3: Morbid interest (5) 4: Hatchet Man (15) 5: Sniper (75) 6: Bomber (150) 7: Shipman (250) 8: Executioner (500) 9: Assassin (750) 10: Twunt (1000) 11: Post twunt (1250) 12: I need to get a life! (1500) 13: I REALLY need to get a life (2000) 14: Twunt master (3000) 15: Uber twunt (4000) 16: Zombie (8000)
  2. The Great Cornholio

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Can he last 107 more days for the century mark?
  3. The Great Cornholio

    Who Do You Think Will Win The 2024 UK Election?

    Their manifestos arent so different. Labour will win because of the Tories, Labour wont win because of Labour.
  4. The Great Cornholio

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Donald Trump is 78 today
  5. I put in the option of majority/minority governments on the top 4 contenders to make it more interesting. And yes I'm an idiot for putting Lib Dems and Reform in with Labour and Tories...
  6. The Great Cornholio


    I should also add that this new record has overtaken the previous record in 2011, as of today!
  7. The Great Cornholio


    0 deaths in 5 months as of today. Historically there has not been a bigger gap between hits since 1990-1992.
  8. The Great Cornholio

    1. Jimmy Carter

    I swear sometimes people just say shit for the sake of saying shit...
  9. The Great Cornholio

    Donald J Trump

    Lmao wtf?
  10. The Great Cornholio


    Have any records been broken over DL's nearly 5 month no death streak?
  11. The Great Cornholio

    Donald J Trump

    If Trump goes to prison then it'll be Nelson Mandela all over again. Only difference is that Trump will probably go to one of the nicer prisons with the golf course etc... Why cant the Dems just vote for someone normal to beat him?
  12. The Great Cornholio

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Super chill, empathetic guy who really liked Jews posthumously turns 135 today
  13. The Great Cornholio

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Plot twist: mymango was Jimmy Carter trolling us the entire time
  14. The Great Cornholio

    1. Jimmy Carter

    Mymango is actually 100% correct here. I also hear the Carter Foundation have events where a Jimmy Carter dummy gets thrown into traffic, just so the public are prepared for his passing
  15. The Great Cornholio


    Lmao I was going by how well perceived they are generally - imo those two always play the same characters for every movie they're in. Same goes for Seth Rogan and Jack Black.

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