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  1. happy birthday from wobbles

  2. Bloody game ! Can shoot deer and geese ok. Cant seem to shoot little white men ! Best is 745. Can you choose other weapons ? Preferably with telescopic sights!!
  3. Death Warmed Up


    Born in the slums of East London, done some time in Jersey (CHANNEL ISLANDS) and Cornwall but now doing my time in 'nam' (Dagenham).
  4. Death Warmed Up

    Richard O'Sullivan

    Lady Die, let me know if youre not gonna bid cos id like that for my collection. Thats the only one im missing !
  5. Death Warmed Up

    Birthdays, Births, Anniversaries Etc...2006

    Many happy returns !!
  6. Death Warmed Up

    Dead Pop Stars

    Thank the sweet lord for you maryportfuncity. That was giving me brain ache
  7. Death Warmed Up

    Ideas and possibilities for 2007

    Heres a few i like Jack Wild (b 1952) looked rough when he was on tv the other week (might last till 2007) Richard Griffiths (b 1947) only 59 yrs old or is that stone ! Dulcie Gray (b 1919) just old Leslie Nielsen (b 1926) police squad days are over Bob Holness (b 1928) can i have a p please bob ?
  8. Death Warmed Up

    Dead Pop Stars

    Didnt Arthur Mallard (Yus My Dear) have a hit in the 70's ? The name of the song escapes me.
  9. Death Warmed Up

    Dead Pop Stars

    Thanks for that. Had a look, not on there, so must be alive and kicking. Must be bloody ancient now. Anytime soon then
  10. Death Warmed Up

    Dead Pop Stars

    Father Abraham and the smurfs, is he still alive ? Looked old back in the 70's. Cool tune though !
  11. Death Warmed Up

    Carry On Dying

    Marianne Stone . In quite a few carry ons, more in the background but nearly had a line or two. Dont know how old but she has got to be getting on now. Think she is the mother of the disgraced X capital radio, X heart fm presenter Cara Noble
  12. Death Warmed Up

    Shaw Taylor

    Still think he did the best reconstructions, better than crimewatch. Old cortinas and granadas as get away cars, robbers running away wearing flared trouses and stockings over their heads.Police driving light blue/white escorts, and there was Shaw, right in the thick of it 'keepin em peeled ! Those were the days
  13. Death Warmed Up

    Shaw Taylor

    Shaw Taylors programe was called POLICE 5
  14. Death Warmed Up

    Have You Or Haven't You??

    I felt i was very close to death on new years day !
  15. Death Warmed Up

    Paul O'Grady

    Sooner he goes the better !

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