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  1. Cat O'Falk

    Aerospace and Astronomy

    @msc There's a great site called Stellarium which is available online, i.e. you don't have to download and install it. Just enter your location and the time to find out what's on view.
  2. Cat O'Falk

    Aerospace and Astronomy

    The brightest near-overhead star at 3am in Glasgow would be Dubhe in Ursa Major. Here's the sky chart for said location and time. Note that east and west aren't reversed; if you were to hold the chart above your head to use it, the directions are correct.
  3. Cat O'Falk

    Barbara Windsor

    For me it was Jim Dale.
  4. Cat O'Falk

    Ask A Deathlister

    I've no idea why but they went out of business on 19th February 2019. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/10640681
  5. Cat O'Falk

    Ideas and Possibilities for 2021

    I like a bit of rough.
  6. Cat O'Falk

    Aerospace and Astronomy

    I've been looking at them over the last month or so as they became gradually closer to each other. I didn't get to see them at their closest on the 21st due to cloud cover but I did get to see them through my telescope on the 20th when they were marginally further apart.
  7. Cat O'Falk

    Aerospace and Astronomy

    Great conjunction live.
  8. Cat O'Falk

    Aerospace and Astronomy

    Pretty much from Inverness down to Glasgow if you look one hour after sunset you can see them very low in the SSW sky. Altitude eight degrees. Azimuth 210 degrees. They are visible to the naked eye.
  9. Cat O'Falk

    Aerospace and Astronomy

    There is a great conjunction on the 21st December when Jupiter and Saturn appear at their closest since the year 1623. The blue circle in the picture below represents the diameter of a full moon. https://www.space.com/great-conjunction-jupiter-saturn-2020-fun-facts https://www.space.com/jupiter-saturn-great-conjunction-2020 https://stellarium-web.org/
  10. Genuine LOL moment. I've an appointment with the knife on Wednesday 30th December.
  11. Cat O'Falk

    The 8th Death of 2020

    You forgot the no more deaths option.
  12. Cat O'Falk

    Notable Coronavirus Victims

    Who would that be?

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