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  1. Cat O'Falk

    American Football Players

    @Paul Bearer, will you put 'winningest' in the profanity filter to be replaced by 'halibut'?
  2. Cat O'Falk

    Holiday Thread

    Rad Force One (SP-LSC) is airborne; outbound from Chicago, O'Hare and inbound to Warsaw, Frederic Chopin: https://www.flightradar24.com/LOT2/214653ff Hey Rad, don't forget on your 18th birthday you can walk into a bar in Poland with your passport in one hand, cash in the other hand and BUY ALCOHOL. You don't have to wait for three more years to pass by.
  3. Cat O'Falk

    The Weather

    Trump has declared a state of emergency in Louisiana as Barry nears landfall. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-48964553
  4. Cat O'Falk

    Aerospace and Astronomy.

    Shh, don't mention Janet 737s, you never know who's listening, especially as they once belonged to Chinese airlines.
  5. Cat O'Falk

    Peter Sutcliffe

  6. Cat O'Falk

    Aerospace and Astronomy.

    We're talking about 35 or more years ago. Records should exist but they're not online and not necessarily on a private database. I reckon they'll be in a box file buried deep somewhere in the archives.
  7. Cat O'Falk

    Aerospace and Astronomy.

    @DevonDeathTrip Going through the whole production list from the first flight to 31st December 1985, there seems to be only six aircraft to fit the bill. All of the others were in airline service or other organisations (such as NASA), with English titles on the fuselage. Of the remaining six, five can only be classed as private since they did not carry fare paying passengers, the sixth belonged to a leasing company (Jet Aviation). Titles (if any) on the fuselage weren't necessarily in English. Saudi Arabian Government Boeing 747SP-68 Royal Flight of Oman Boeing 747SP-27 Dubai Air Wing / Royal Flight Boeing 747SP-31 Jet Aviation Flight Services Boeing 747SP-31 Iraqi Government Boeing 747SP-70 Saudi Arabian Government Boeing 747-3G1 The Iranian Air Force operated several 747s without titles but they were all freighters.
  8. Cat O'Falk

    Aerospace and Astronomy.

    That's a good point. I'm going on the assumption that there were no titles on the plane otherwise he would have said Air France, KLM or whatever. Here's Kim Kardashian giving us a tour of 'Kanye West's' (untitled) private 747 but she doesn't tell us It's actually owned and operated by Las Vegas Sands Corporation.
  9. Cat O'Falk

    Aerospace and Astronomy.

    From memory, very few 747s were purchased as private jets and most of them were bought by/for middle east royals. Airliners used as personal or business jets tend to be single aisle narrow-bodies such as the Boeing 737 or Airbus A321. Manufacturers tend to put 'private owner' in their published order books. I'll have a dig and see what I can find.
  10. Cat O'Falk

    Aerospace and Astronomy.

    Oh I gave that up years ago, dear heart.
  11. Cat O'Falk

    Aerospace and Astronomy.

    Saturn is at opposition today and can be seen throughout the night reaching maximum elevation around half way between sunset and sunrise. It's easily visible with the naked eye but you'll need a pair of binoculars or a small telescope to see its ring system. Maximum elevation at latitudes: Latitude Maximum Elevation (Degrees) Direction 60 N 8 South 50 N 18 South 40 N 28 South 30 N 38 South 20 N 48 South 10 N 58 South Equator 68 South 10 S 78 South 20 S 88 South 30 S 82 North 40 S 72 North 50 S 62 North 60 S 52 North Online Planetarium
  12. Cat O'Falk

    Room 101

    We have one.
  13. Cat O'Falk

    The Dead of 2019

    I'd hardly call 96 results on a Google news search a "blip on the radar".
  14. Cat O'Falk

    Suicidal Celebs

    I've just learned she was in a successful suicide pact with Queen Elizabeth II but I can't find a link at the moment.
  15. Cat O'Falk

    Darwin Awards

    You just beat me to it. The original descriptive title was: People can be stupid, some of them prove it in how they die.

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