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  1. Dr Hackenslash

    The Dead Of 2008

    Another wrestling drug death - former WCW wrestler, just 34: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/15698445/detail.html
  2. Dr Hackenslash

    Arthur C Clarke

    At least we can openly talk about his reputation for kiddy-fiddling without worrying about getting sued now!
  3. Dr Hackenslash

    Brooks Mileson

    Gretna had a better team in the Second Division when they nearly won the Scottish Cup than now. And probably a far higher wage budget. That's all I'm saying. For now.
  4. Dr Hackenslash

    Margaret Thatcher

    Mark is a Baronet, thus not a peer. Think Dennis was the last Baronet to be created, and the first in a long time. As for the Gotcha! headline - it's forgotten now that few of those actually made the news stands. As soon as "Admiral" Kelvin MacKenzie realised there had been a lot of deaths, he altered the headline.
  5. Dr Hackenslash

    Brooks Mileson

    It's a genuinely sad time, one of the genuinely good-guys, whether you agree with how he has spent his money in football or not
  6. Dr Hackenslash

    Heath Ledger

    I'd agree with all of that, this really doesn't hit me as being much of a much at all.
  7. Dr Hackenslash

    Zsa Zsa Gabor

    Is she really 98. as according to the new list? ;)
  8. Dr Hackenslash

    Martin O'Neill

    And Dr John Reid, who allowed the continuation of the use of plastic bullets, is now chairman of the sporting wing of the IRA, aka The Celtic Football Club. Now that's progress
  9. Dr Hackenslash

    Martin O'Neill

    Ah, that was a tactical OBE acceptance, though
  10. Dr Hackenslash


    WWE is saddened by the passing of Lillian Ellison, who was known to sports-entertainment fans as Hall of Famer Fabulous Moolah. She passed away last night in Columbia, S.C. In the world of women’s wrestling, there will always be one irrefutable legend that stands head and shoulders above the rest: The Fabulous Moolah. She was the longest reigning champion in the history of her chosen sport, or any sport for that matter. And with more than 50 years in the business to her credit, she established a legacy that will never be forgotten, making her name synonymous with female wrestling. http://www.wwe.com/inside/news/fabulousmoolahpasses
  11. Dr Hackenslash

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    Life is a terminal illness.
  12. Dr Hackenslash

    I Destroy the Royal Family

    http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2007/10/...oke-scandal.php Have to love the fact our courts can only control this country.
  13. Dr Hackenslash

    I Destroy the Royal Family

    MPFC: Either... The Duke of Gloucester The Duke of Kent Prince Michael of Kent And given it has been suggested it is one who is not often in the public eye, Christopher Marlowe's birthplace should perhaps not worry.
  14. Dr Hackenslash

    Thatcher's First Ministry

    The Hesselhoff has had a dicky ticker for years, and while still active it wouldn't be too shocking if he did suddenly cark it.
  15. Dr Hackenslash

    Ideas and possibilities for 2008

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernest_Millington Last surviving MP elected prior to the 1945 General Election.
  16. Dr Hackenslash

    Colin McRae

  17. Dr Hackenslash

    Colin McRae

    Confirmed dead (in German, sorry): http://www.motorsport-total.com/rallye/new...t_07091501.html
  18. Dr Hackenslash


    Aye, respect, great goal, England did well but Scotland beating a team almost good enough to win the world cup last year, that's a right result. And let's not forget Russia are ranked lower than Scotland, while France are ranked far higher than England. Shame that France and Italy will still go through, though
  19. Dr Hackenslash

    Death List Had Made It.

    The Death List has finally made it. Now listed on Wikipedia, thanks to The Sun article, it seems... Death List - Wiki
  20. Dr Hackenslash

    Fidel Castro

    He'll live another five years at least. He looks perfectly healthy there.
  21. Dr Hackenslash

    Sir Patrick Moore

    The list is chosen for each calendar year. The aim is to find 50 who will die. New suggestions can be posted for next year's list here: http://www.deathlist.net/forums/index.php?...0&start=630
  22. Dr Hackenslash

    Richard O'Sullivan

    But you know you really want one of these instead:
  23. Dr Hackenslash

    The Tenth 2007 Success Poll

    Michael Foot. Surely. Please.
  24. Dr Hackenslash

    Bill Deedes

    Top man and a really good chap to talk to. Last spoke to him in 2004 - and was still completely on the ball. One of the last of the old guard, sadly - and, of course, the only man to edit a national newspaper and sit in cabinet.
  25. Dr Hackenslash


    Was a two-page spread in the Sun a weekend or so back. Apparently he wants wrestlers who are and look natural. Farcical really

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