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  1. Dr Hackenslash

    Star Wars Deaths

    Dead, by the sounds of it.
  2. Dr Hackenslash

    The dead of 2016

    Is there a thread for Andrew Sachs?
  3. Dr Hackenslash

    Who Should Be On The 2017 Deathlist?

    Has anyone thought of adding Richard O'Sullivan?
  4. Dr Hackenslash


    Former wrestler/promoter Ed Francis from Hawaii died recently, it seems.
  5. Dr Hackenslash

    Richard O'Sullivan

    Do you know who BHB is? From memory - and I chatted with him via email for a while years ago - a close relative died and he turned away from DeathList.
  6. Dr Hackenslash

    Alfredo Di Stefano

    Link:: http://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/jul/07/alfredo-di-stefano-dies-real-madrid
  7. Dr Hackenslash

    Ideas And Possibilities For 2015

    Tony Osoba, who played Jim 'Jock' McClaren, is still alive aged 67.
  8. Dr Hackenslash


    You'd think so... Just after one minute in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRrUPF1uGvM
  9. Dr Hackenslash


    Be it bad taste or not, and some of the skits she was involved in were cringeworthy, it's not too much of a punt to suggest Mae made more cash in the past 15 years than in the rest of her life.
  10. Dr Hackenslash

    The Dead Of 2014

    James Avery, who played Uncle Phil in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, has died aged 65.
  11. Dr Hackenslash

    Ron Jeremy

    Legendary adult film star Ron Jeremy is fighting for his life. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2270827/Legendary-porn-star-Ron-Jeremy-fighting-life-rushed-hospital-heart-aneurysm.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
  12. Dr Hackenslash

    Clive Dunn

    Yes. Yes we do. Dickie O has my vote.
  13. Dr Hackenslash


    Retired wrestler Mike Graham committed sucicide recently. If I remember correctly, his father and son also committed suicide.
  14. Dr Hackenslash

    Mollie Sugden et al

    On the subject of forgotten sitcoms, who was the actor who played Robin Tripp on Man About The House? Is he still alive?
  15. Dr Hackenslash


    Somehow, Jake the Snake Roberts and the Dynamite Kid Tom Billington outlive another far younger performer!

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