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  1. Arsewipe

    Joseph Estrada

    Was canny in CHiPs.
  2. Arsewipe

    Time Added

    Will probably be classed as "died suddenly" which usually means 99% chance suicide 1% chance heart attack at his age.
  3. Arsewipe

    3. Dick Van Dyke

    Can't take it with you........
  4. Arsewipe

    Yaphet Kotto

    I agree with the ones in bold but barely in the top ten for the others.
  5. Arsewipe

    Richard O'Sullivan

    Guessing he made enough money to see him through to the end in comfort and couldn't be arsed with the 80% of everyday life that is tedious and/or shite for the average man about the house.
  6. Arsewipe

    Shelly Long

    Fuck him and all he stands for.
  7. Arsewipe

    Shelly Long

    Thought I'd bump this for no reason just to piss some fucker off. Edit: Quite a few of the above not posted in years. Canadian Paul over 4000 posts but nothing since 2013, maybe one for the dead deathlisters list.........
  8. Arsewipe

    Deathlisters who are dead

    Is anyone on here aware of any who have made the ultimate sacrifice? Lots of threads from the mid noughties have been bumped recently with the orignator or other contributors not having posted in ten plus years..........
  9. Arsewipe

    49. Shannen Doherty

    Her 50th birthday in April so I'd imagine thats some sort of target she will achieve. Looks well enough considering, if thats her real hair shes obviously not had any chemo treatment recently.
  10. Arsewipe

    how long till' the next hit ?

    Well seeing as none of you lazy bastrads could be bothered to find out I did it myself. Five is the most in a single month, achieved twice in September 2003 and July 2007. Four has been achieved seven times, September 1997, March 2002, June 2003, December 2013, June 2015, September 2017 and of course this month to date.
  11. Arsewipe

    how long till' the next hit ?

    If one more goes this month would five in a single month be a record?
  12. Arsewipe

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2021 Deathlist

    Curently four this month plus Phil the Greek teasing us for a possible fifth. Is this a record for the deathlist?
  13. Arsewipe

    The 5th death of 2021

    I went for Leslie Phillips again but I'm sure he's going to fuck us over for a couple more years yet.....
  14. Arsewipe

    1. Prince Philip Duke Of Edinburgh

    I think he'll hang on for the card off his missus then snuff it a few days later.
  15. Arsewipe

    46. Bernard Cribbins

    Really? I suggest you look at my posts in his thread.
  16. Arsewipe

    46. Bernard Cribbins

    At least he has a modicum of fame, unlike Bill fucking Gates fucking Snr.
  17. Arsewipe

    Reality TV

    Putting on 12 clem in six years in some going like.
  18. Arsewipe

    The 2nd Death of 2021

    Leslie Phillips for the umpteenth time.
  19. Arsewipe

    50. Captain Tom Moore

    How would you put these five in order from good to bad for what they did/achieved in their lives? I'd go: 1 Tom Moore 2 Johnny Clegg 3= Ian Brady 3= Peter Sutcliffe 5 Mark E Smith
  20. Arsewipe

    Tony Blair

    Long hair makes any bloke over 60 look horrific.
  21. Arsewipe

    Dustin Diamond

    If SC has any decency left he should kill himself immediately.
  22. Arsewipe

    50. Captain Tom Moore

    Reading his Wiki (I know) page, seems he had a bit of trouble similar to Pele in the marital department earlier in his life. But fair play judging by age of his daughter he managed to "get the train into Paddington station" sometime in his fifties....
  23. Arsewipe

    45. Stanley Baxter

    Christ I thought this fucker had died 20 years ago.
  24. Arsewipe

    Joe Biden

    Fucking hell, why bother to do a "gender transition" when you just look exactly the same apart from wearing a shit wig?
  25. Arsewipe

    Brian Blessed

    So which zanny buttfucker will be quickest to change the comment under his name to BRIANS DEEEAADDD when he goes?

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