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  1. I agree, the Queen must be odds on to reach 100.
  2. It'll be cold, cold day in hell before I recognise Bill Gate's dad as a hit this year, still need one more to break the record.
  3. Lets be honest, everyone on here is a motherfucker.
  4. 20 in 20 has a good ring to it motherfuckers.
  5. Arsewipe

    Who Should Make The Deathlist In 2021?

    Good shout, coming up to the Connery/Moore age soon
  6. Arsewipe

    Diego Maradona

    His heart must have been the same size as the football he punched into the net.
  7. Arsewipe

    Michael J Fox

    Mohammad Ali had it for donkeys years, I think Fox has at least another 10-15 years in him as long as he can afford the best treatment
  8. Arsewipe

    how long till' the next hit ?

    Dec 7th
  9. Arsewipe

    50. Peter Sutcliffe

    Never ceases to amaze me that photo. One can only assume Saville and Bruno were unaware it was ever taken. Bruno later stated that he didn't know it was Sutcliffe but I think many would find that hard to believe.....
  10. Arsewipe

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Jeans and slip on shoes with white socks? I'm amazed the lord almighty didn't strike him down years ago.
  11. Arsewipe

    Joss Ackland

    And hes been a bit of a fatty all his life so done well to get to his current age......
  12. Arsewipe


    Sweet Harmony was half decent but everything else they did was utter dogshit.
  13. Arsewipe

    The 16th Death of 2020

    Ding FUCKING DIE Dong.
  14. Arsewipe

    Dead Pop Stars

    I think I would have died by suicide if I'd ever had to watch these fuckers "perform".
  15. Arsewipe

    Keir Starmer

    Kenny fuck off man you little spacca.

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