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  1. Arsewipe

    Theresa May

    She isn't fit to wipe Thatcher's arse (if she was still alive obviously).
  2. Arsewipe

    Crew Of USS Enterprise

    So out of the remaining TOS main cast, what will the order of death be? I'd go: Nichols - Has dementia and apparently on her last legs Shatner - Looks great for his age but that beer belly has to catch up with him sooner rather than later Koenig - Don't know anything about his health but looked decent in a recent photo, plus outlived his 53 years younger replacement....... Takei - Youngest of the lot with no reported health concerns
  3. Arsewipe

    20. Jimmy Carter

    I thought he had cancer? Or am I thinking of someone else?
  4. Arsewipe

    Hillary Clinton

    Has Bill Clinton morphed into Dick van Dyke?
  5. Arsewipe

    World's Oldest

    Think she will hold the "Fatest person to live past 110" title for a few years at least.
  6. Arsewipe

    Sir Cliff Richard

    Alright Tony?
  7. Arsewipe

    Sir Cliff Richard

    Fuck, scrolled back over this and it looks like I posted almost the same reply two years ago, I must be getting Alzheimers....
  8. Arsewipe

    Sir Cliff Richard

    Just like Saville, we will have to wait till he snuffs it before the truth comes out and I can't see him dying this side of 2030......
  9. Arsewipe

    Who Should Be On The 2019 Deathlist?

    Terry Jones
  10. Arsewipe


    Aspell is two years older than Parkinson, thought Parkinson was at least 10 years older than Aspell.....
  11. Arsewipe

    1. Kirk Douglas

    Who is the oldest person on the DL ever to die?
  12. Arsewipe

    Queen Elizabeth II

    Considering her mother was an alki who lived to 101 I don't think she'll be worth putting back on the list this side of 100.
  13. Arsewipe

    Stefan Karl Stefansson

    Fuck off smart arse.
  14. Arsewipe

    Stefan Karl Stefansson

    But he was obviously going to get a Uk Obit?
  15. Arsewipe

    Stefan Karl Stefansson

    Why was he not on this years list?

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