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  1. Arsewipe

    Olivia Newton-John

    Every fucker has, whether they wanted to or not. Still, she was a lovely pretty girl, RIP.
  2. Arsewipe

    Hooroo, Mate.

    Neighbours actor Karl Fletcher puts his hair loss down to Alopecia, but looks like it could be due to having cancer treatment going by his bloated appearance in the previews of the final Neighbours episodes due to air soon.
  3. Nowt. I don't smoke but do zero exercise and I'm pretty much an alcoholic. I will be 50 on my next birthday and almost certainly entering into the final third of my life. I've seen a few relatives who have got into their 80s and early 90s and trust me it looked really shite.
  4. Arsewipe

    Shinzo Abe

  5. Arsewipe

    Sly Stone

    Ah right.
  6. Arsewipe

    Sly Stone

    Christ he's not long for this world if he's aging 4 years in one year.
  7. Arsewipe

    Andy Goram

    Is that even physically possible? Maybe it is for 50 stone super lardies who go on hunger strike but for a normal person regardless of illness that's bollocks imo.
  8. Arsewipe

    Andy Goram

    Judging by the clobber he is wearing he hasn't got much money left over from his playing days to make his final months more enjoyable either.
  9. Arsewipe

    Ron Mael

    I'm surprised neither has been murdered yet for crimes against music.
  10. Arsewipe

    Diego Maradona

    He'd have been lucky to get £7.10 for it anyway.
  11. Arsewipe

    Diego Maradona

    So who gets that then? Is Hodge pocketing it or giving some/all to charity?
  12. Arsewipe

    World's Oldest

    I can safely say she won't be troubling Tanaka in the longevity stakes.
  13. Arsewipe

    17. Sir David Attenborough

    Nailed on for the ton at least.
  14. Arsewipe

    41. Pelé

    Looks like he may finally get a stiffy again.
  15. Arsewipe

    World's Oldest

    And I'm going to have a threesome with the Minogue sisters.

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