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  1. prussianblue

    Tom Baker

    Latest Popbitch newsletter mentions that he's just sold his very nice house in the East Sussex countryside. Moving somewhere less remote with better support/medical services perhaps? https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/126537803#/?channel=RES_BUY
  2. prussianblue

    Glenda Jackson

    Just saw a brief clip on the BFI Instagram of an appearance by Glenda. Walks across the stage to her chair with a stick but appears otherwise fine.
  3. prussianblue

    Jean-Louis Trintignant

    Hardly a surprise, but a shame nonetheless. The Conformist is one of my favourite films.
  4. prussianblue

    Hollywood Possibilities

    Could have gone in a few threads, but this seemed a decent catch-all. The Television Academy YouTube channel regularly posts interviews with industry figures talking about their lives and careers. Their most recent participant is The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and NCIS star David McCallum. It's a Zoom interview conducted from his home, and he's looking pretty decent for someone turning 89 in a few months. Posture not great and he seems a little tired/bored/grumpy at times, but he's mentally all there and dresses smartly. Looks like the handle of an exercise bike on the left of frame too, so possibly still keeping himself physically active. Here's David reminiscing about his childhood, including getting bombed by V1 and V2 rockets: https://youtu.be/lqrN2i1E7o4
  5. prussianblue

    Sir Michael Caine

    Clip of him introducing the BFI's re-release of Get Carter. Sounds out of breath at times, seems to be reading off an autocue, and is propped up in his chair with a cushion, but I guess he could be in worse shape at 89. https://fb.watch/dqkApiPOaG/ (Apologies for the Facebook link, I've looked and it isn't on the BFI YouTube account at time of writing)
  6. prussianblue

    Deadpool Detective Work

    Well that's good timing! I've just watched one of Tom Felleghy's 100+ films, the 1974 poliziottesco Milano odia: la polizia non-può sparare, aka Almost Human. I was intrigued to see a supposed centenarian in the cast, so came here to see if he had been mentioned at all.
  7. prussianblue

    32. Prunella Scales

    Prunella and Timothy are due to make a public appearance at a Northamptonshire canal boat rally in late June. They must be reasonably confident she'll be able to manage it. https://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/business/tv-favourites-prunella-scales-and-timothy-west-to-open-historic-braunston-narrowboat-rally-3683259 P.S. Pete Waterman is going too!
  8. prussianblue

    The Ukraine Crisis

    In addition to these explosions, nearby the Russians have bombed the main bridge across the Dniester estuary, greatly hampering communications between Odesa and Budjak, the western part of Odesa Oblast that borders Moldova and Romania and is almost severed from the rest of Ukraine by the estuary. Could this be the prelude to an amphibious landing of Budjak by the Russians? It could be a useful distraction for any attack on Odesa itself. It's a flat, thinly-populated area, and probably not that well defended. Its strategic value is debatable, but it would deprive Ukraine of more coastline, colour more of the map in red, and would perhaps be useful as a means of getting to Moldova from the south to aid Transnistrian forces. Of course, given the state of the Black Sea Fleet at this point, an amphibious landing may well be sheer fantasy.
  9. prussianblue

    Boxing Clever?

    All that training for Ali (2001) has clearly not been forgotten.
  10. prussianblue

    44. Silvio Berlusconi

    Surprised this hasn't gotten more publicity. I knew it was on the cards but only just heard it had actually happened. Does a pre-nup not exist in Italian law? I find it surprising that he would let the inheritance-based fears of his children stand in his way of an actual marriage.
  11. prussianblue

    The Ukraine Crisis

    Saw John Simpson comparing it to the Winter War between the USSR and Finland. Much larger and more powerful state thinks it'll easily conquer a neighbour, but faces fierce resistance and gets bogged down with weather, terrain and logistical problems. He was suggesting that the outcome of this war may well be similar, a face-saving peace treaty, the invaded country swallowing some territorial losses to maintain independence for the vast majority of the country. As with the Finns post-WWII, Ukraine could pledge to become a neutral state (so no NATO, EU aspirations less clear-cut). This all seems logical, but it really all depends how logical Putin is feeling!
  12. prussianblue

    Death Anniversary Thread

    Roman general and statesman Gaius Julius Caesar died on this day 2066 years ago, aged 55.
  13. prussianblue

    The Ukraine Crisis

    Kadyrov seemingly is or was north of Kyiv with the Chechan contingent. Is it too much to hope for that the Ukrainians get lucky or the indiscriminate Russian bombardment generates a friendly fire incident?
  14. prussianblue

    The Ukraine Crisis

    In a more worrying Belarusian development, seemingly the Russians have been putting heavy pressure on Lukashenko to properly join the war and invade too, and there's some suggestion that he may do so tonight. All speaks to the Russians struggling for manpower, when you add it to the rules for conscription being toughened up, Putin's appeal for foreign fighters (e.g. Syrians sent by an indebted Assad), and the sizeable cohort of Chechens that are already involved. On the BBC last night a reporter was casually walking past a couple of bodies lying in the snow that apparently had Chechen ID on them.
  15. prussianblue

    The Ukraine Crisis

    Which makes sense, as while the Chernobyl plant is (just) within Ukraine, it was Belarus that got the worst of the fallout thanks to the prevailing winds.

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