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  1. Fun-e-ral

    Dame Judi Dench

    So just to recap, is she actually ill or not
  2. Fun-e-ral

    Queen Elizabeth II

    She will make 100 easily, just to piss Charles off if nothing else.
  3. Fun-e-ral

    40. Denis Norden

    If that’s true I bet he had Ustinovs hands.
  4. Fun-e-ral

    Lord Lucan - The Big Question

    Looked like the kind of smug twat who just wouldn’t have been able to stop himself giving it the “do you know who I am ?” bit.
  5. Fun-e-ral

    Words We Dislike

  6. Fun-e-ral

    49. Paul Gascoigne

    Just seen him talking to Gareth Southgate on the telly before the England game, looks healthier than he has for 15 years.
  7. Fun-e-ral

    Missing In Action

    Right up there with Trump then ?!
  8. How those bee stings popped a bra open I will never know.
  9. Lennox Lewis off of boxing .
  10. Fun-e-ral

    Richey Edwards

    I’d like to say yes, but if you are going to go to all that trouble then I would expect to see some of the ransom money turn up used somewhere. For that reason alone I think it’s unlikely.
  11. Fun-e-ral

    Richey Edwards

    Morris is probably the only (in)famous person whom I genuinely believe lived a lot longer than was presumed. Almost certainly dead now but I reckon he survived getting off the island.
  12. Fun-e-ral

    Richey Edwards

    Is there a Frank Morris thread yet ?
  13. Fun-e-ral

    Richey Edwards

    50x the odds if they rock up riding shergar.
  14. Fun-e-ral

    Next shocking death?

    Touché !!
  15. Fun-e-ral

    Richey Edwards

    Yeah, once, supposed to be coming back again though.

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