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  1. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Next Unexpected "national Treasure" Death

    Anyone else think UK coverage has been excessive for someone that used to play a sport that arouses close to zero interest over here?
  2. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    As the good book says about readimg too much into the the early stages of a year-long deadpool 'the last shall be first.' As those renowned philosophers Yazz and the Plastic Population would have it, the only way is up.
  3. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Songs that would never be made today?

    fwiw the Diana Ross song was I'm still waiting. How about 'Young girl' by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. Big nunber 1 of the 60s, basically an ode to an under age girl ('beneath your perfume and make up, you're just a baby in disguise').
  4. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    The Joker's Dead Pool 2020

    1 Sheldon Adelson 2 Buzz Aldrin 3 John Andrettti 4 Daniel Arap=Moi (Wild Card) 5 Burt Bacharach 5 Tom Baker 7. Frankie Banali 8 J J Barrie 9 Eric Carle 10 Noel Conway 11 Bob Dole (WC) 12 Chris Doleman 13 Ruth Bader Ginsburg 14 Bernard Cribbins 15 Jimmy Greaves 16 David Gupilil 17 David Hagen 18Katharine Johnson 19 Benjamin Luxon 20 Vera Lynn (WC) 21 Willlie Nelson 22 Olivia Newton-John\ 23 Javier Perez de Cuellar 24 Leslie Phillips 25 Joan Plowright 26 Genesis P-Orridge 27 Ray Reardon 28 Patricia Routledge 29 Eva-Marie Saint 30 Arthur Scargill 31 George shultz 32 Tom Smith (WC) 33 Pat Smullen 34 Jackie Stallone (WC) 35 Nobby Stiles 36 Peter Sutcliffe 37 Bobby Tambling 38 Kane Tanaka 39 J-L Trintignant 40 Peter Tobin 41 Alex Trebek 42 Murray Walker 43 Doddie Weir 44 Barbara windsor 45 Loretta Lynn 46 Chitetsu Watanake 47 Jan Svankmajer 48 Ruth Slencynski 49 Guido Munch Paniagiu 50 Donnie dunagan Ran out of inspiration before the end and the last 5 are the most fun names on the list. No idea who any of them are, probably porn stars or 19 year old Japanese you-tubers for all I know. Anyway, I look forward to finding out when they obit... subs Bill Cosby John Cale Carol Burnett Michael J Fox Jill Gascoine Thanks for running GUB .
  5. Great Uncle Bulgaria


    I think you have too much time on your hands :-)
  6. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Ha, beat you, I've got 37 uniques across 3 teams. Doubtless none of them will die though....
  7. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    1. Paul Gascoigne 2. Queen Elizabeth 3. Barbara Windsor 4. Leon Spinks 5. Linda Nolan 6. Pope Benedict 7. George Alagiah 8. Rolf Harris 9. Terry Jones 10. Billy Connolly 11. Jimmy Carter 12. Bill Turnbull 13. Dick Van Dyke 14. Gianluca Vialli 15. Mikhail Gorbachev 16. Prunella Scales 17. June Brown 18. Jill Gascoine 19. Angela Lansbury 20. Olivia De Havilland 21. Prince Philip 22. Betty White 23, Henry Kissinger 24. Michael Robinson 25. Olivia Newton-John Sub Alex Trebek Thanks for running. GUB
  8. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Seen Any Good Films Lately?

    Saw Jo Jo Rabbit last night. Odd mixture of surreal comedy (10 year old Hitler Youth member has an imaginary friend a la Harvey but in this case it is Adolf Hitler rather than a giant rabbit) and 'Anne Frank' style jew hiding in the attic serious story. The juxtaposition of (only intermittently successful) comedy and tragedy didn't really work for me. Wouldn't recommend.
  9. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    When will Harry and meghan divorce if at all?

    Telegraph journalist who writes comment pieces in which anecdotes about herself feature heavily. Has written 3 books about herself in the last 5 years. Has slept with Russell Brand and probably lots of other 'slebs' if you can be bothered to look it up online (I can't)
  10. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2019

    Thanks for running YW - using the (UK football) League Two principle, whereby 23rd and 24th get kicked out of the league, I avoided relegation by the narrowest of margins, so a storming success by my standards! Well done to CC for winning.
  11. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    French speaking deathlist

    Mais.. le singe est dans l'arbre.
  12. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Who Do You Consider "famous For Being Ill"?

    Interestingly did some research amongst the occupants of (a) the burrow and (b) the office (populations 4 and 10 respectively) and they came up with the same 4 names (plus Pistorius) but no more, so SC does have a point there, I would say very few UK paralympians (and certainly no Belgian ones, no one had a clue who Verwoort was) are household names. The office has a golden postbox immediately outside in honour of some local paralympian rower from 2012 but none of the people working inside have any idea who she is. While I respect and admire their achievements, many of the competitors in various events seem very unevenly matched even at the very top and I don't find much of it particularly entertaining (who in all honesty carries on watching Wimbledon when Federer finishes and the wheelchair players come on?) it strikes me that some medals are won not on the track but at the classification assessment when some apparently relatively able bodied athletes succeed in persuading people they should be allowed to compete with people with missing limbs (particularly in swimming events - which I used to watch a reasonable amount of as one of the young wombles used to swim competitively - where even finals are very unevenly contested ).
  13. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Deathlist Correctlist 2020

    Womble up this rubbish, and put them in the bin... 15 in all. Vera Lynn D Arap Moi Kirk Douglas Bob Dole Bob Barker Leslie Phillips Nobby Stiles Stirling Moss Alex Trebek Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tom Smith (Joker) Peter Sutcliffe David Attenborough Wm Gates Snr Genesis P-Orridge Thanks for running GUB
  14. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    26. Genesis P-Orridge

    So his claim to fame is an unusual stage name rather than his music. Ah well, look forward to his equally 'famous' but memorably monikered bandmates PinkFloyd Cornflakes and Deuteronomy Shreddies appearing on the list in future years then :-)
  15. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    26. Genesis P-Orridge

    Yes, but a significant percentage of the adult population (at least those aged between say 35 and 65) has heard of Pulp, unlike throbbing gristle, who I cannot recall ever having had a hit single or album (which I concede is no arbiter of quality, but it is a reasonable proxy for fame). IMHO there are a lot of old pop stars from the late 50s through to early/mid 60s still knocking around who are all well into their 80s, most of whom would have been better picks from a fame perspective. Just my opinion of course. fwiw I don't see what Bill Gates' Dad is doing on the list either. Or, if he qualifies, why (say) Jackie Stallone and Roberta McCain do not.

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