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  1. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Deathlist Football Prediction League 2019/2020

    Liverpool v Newcastle 5-0 Brighton v Burnley 1-2 Man U v Leicester 1-3 Sheff Utd v Southampton 1-0 Spurs v Palace 1-1 Wolves v Chelsea 2-1 Norwich v Man City 1-3 Bournemouth v Everton 0-0 Watford v Arsenal 1-2 Villa v West Ham 1-2 Derby v Cardiff 2-1 Fulham v WBA 2-0 Blackburn v Millwall 2-1 Charlton v Birmingham 1-2 Hull v Wigan 1-0 M'boro v Reading 2-0 Preston NE v Brentford 1-0 QPR v Luton 0-1 Stoke v Bristol City 1-0 Swansea v Forest 2-1 Huddersfield v Sheff Wed 1-1 Barnsley v Leeds 3-1 Buckie Thistle v Fort William 3-0
  2. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    They Say We're Sick

    BBC says the Dad is the suspect...
  3. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    How much longer will Queen Elizabeth reign?

    Healthy (as far as we know), access to the best healthcare money can buy and a mother who lived to 101. If I had to bet on one sub-95 person in the world to see 100 it would be her.
  4. Great Uncle Bulgaria


    Belatedly noting Harper my first hit here. No sign of anything more than a bad cold amongst most of the other 29...
  5. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Curse Of The Eurovision

    Yeah, but she's living in the land of make believe...
  6. Sister's eldest's wife produced a son. I am indeed a Great Uncle. To Tomsk, Orinoco, Bungo et al add.....Arthur. At least Ford Prefect or Zaphod would have been funny...
  7. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Deathlist Football Prediction League 2019/2020

    yep agree with the others, whatever works for you
  8. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Deathlist Football Prediction League 2019/2020

    Thanks. Off for a nap after that lot.
  9. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Deathlist Football Prediction League 2019/2020

    Charlton 0 Brentford 2.
  10. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    46. Larry King

    She looks good for someone who is 3 months off 60, no doubt all plastic when you get close but even so could pass for his granddaughter.
  11. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Windy City Deadpool 2019-2020

    Due to some incompetence on the transcription front I see I submitted a team with no 10 or 11. Due to further incompetence on the observation front it has taken me 4 months to notice this and yet further incompetence on the administrative front means I have lost my record of who I intended the lucky people to be anyway. I assume I am unable to promote subs to fill the gap and this is my own tough sh*t for being useless, but thought I would ask the question anyway (?) Thanks.
  12. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Placido Domingo

    Nah, still working. In better shape than Carreras, I'd say.

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