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  1. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    50/50 Reboot

    My pick Linda Lusardi was 'at death's door' with CV 2 days ago but is now on the mend, happily. Maybe it was my having picked her that saved her, does the trick for most of my selections. Got a lot of 1970s sex symbols on my team, don't want to see any of them die, not least because some of them aren't much older than me.
  2. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    What are you doing to kill the boredom.

    Write an English singing translation of Vivaldi's L'Olimpiade. View a load of (mostly obscure operatic) DVDs I've accumulated in recent years and never watched. Try to avoid watching too much of the Complete Ally McBeal box set that GAB is planning on watching. Try really hard to discourage GAB's notion that this is a great opportunity to have a massive spring clean/clearout. Try and do some fun things with the young wombles, who are going to have to spend a lot more time around GAB and I over the next few months than they had anticipated, particularly the older one who - having thoroughly enjoyed the first half of his first year at Uni - is now stuck back home with us for the next 6 months.
  3. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    awaiting clearance to include a very well-known but as yet unannounced one? maybe someone whose son was announced to have got it today...
  4. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    I agree, we can all laugh about having to buy the Sun to make up for the lack of loo roll (for a week at least) but at some point somebody somewhere (probably some idiot youtuber doing it for a 'prank') is going to start online rumours about a lack of basic foodstuffs, which will quickly go viral (pun intended) followed by (even more) stockpiling and we could be looking at food riots within a month.
  5. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Coronavirus Playlist

    Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor - YouTube
  6. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Old Folkies Home

    Foster and Allen (remember them from late 70s?) resurfaced yesterday on an Irish-themed Pointless. Both looked in decent shape but Henry Kelly looked awful. Could be one for DL2021 if he makes it that far.
  7. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    The 7th Death of 2020

    Stirling Moss as usual
  8. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Holiday Thread

    Son was due to spend a week in Poland from yesterday, until Poland abruptly closed its borders and said anyone arriving would be put in quarantine. Had he flown out 24 hours earlier could have been stuck there for weeks, so at least the timing of the move was OK. Have week in Kefalonia booked for end of June. Odds on things having settled down by then lengthening by the day. Most travel policies will cover you getting ill while abroad. but their cancellation clauses don't cover pandemics. Was going to say 'read the small print before you go', but don't suppose anyone is going anywhere next couple of months anyway.
  9. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    26. Genesis P-Orridge

    Ok, maybe I was wrong when I said he was a nonentity who wouldn't obit. That said, with sport and the entertainment industry (major sources of news normally) shutting down, the threshold for what is newsworthy outside of CV is going to be so low that a lot of people who wouldn't have obited in normal times will do so, just so newspapers/online websites still have something else to write about, albeit something depressing like death.
  10. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Coronavirus death toll 2020

    National League (formerly the Conference) is mostly going ahead this weekend, as are National League North and South.
  11. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Guess The Song

    Yes, that's the one! The chorus is more memorable than the verse in all honesty.
  12. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Guess The Song

    Right idea Mr Bond, wrong GB single. Think the follow up, which made about no 35 at a guess....
  13. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Guess The Song

    Nope, nice obscure shout, but that's earlier than Thunderclap Newman. Have you read the Clem Cattini biog btw? (There's an amusing bit about Heinz in there).
  14. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Guess The Song

    Nope, good call but later than that.
  15. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Guess The Song

    Minor UK hit for a man who had previously been lead singer of a band that sounds like a weather phenomenon. Could have been about Boris Johnson, had it only been released nearly 40 years later.

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