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  1. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    50. Johnny Clegg

    Condolences to the handful of people who had heard of him 7 months ago...
  2. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Quiz Time

    It's actually "Wombling through, I'll tune into you, you tune into me." It's a reference to some old CB radios that Bungo found on the common and Tobermory mended, thereby enabling me to communicate with Madam Cholet at the other end of the burrow whenever I want a nice horlicks before bedtime. (And that's not a euphemism btw)
  3. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Quiz Time

    Boybands (exemplified by the 5 pretty boys sat in a row type like Westlife and Boyzone, but the lot of 'em really, going back to the bay city rollers) Anybody connected to Simon Cowell or Louis Walsh Any music produced by girl pop stars whose principal/sole talent lies in pouting in their undies in videos - Cheryl, Ariana and dozens of others in between (The videos themselves can stay, albeit on mute) 95% of reggae music 99% of disco music 100% of house music spice girls anything elton john has done in the last 40 years anything cliff richard has done in the last 60 years ..and Mud's Lonely this Christmas, which kept our 'Wombling Merry Christmas' from being the seasonal no 1 in 1974, and which rankles to this day.
  4. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Sexy Politicans

    My MP, Layla Moran (LD). Usually wears unflatteringly thick specs but is an attractive woman (and a good MP)
  5. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Class of 1943

    Toni Basil - don't want no body
  6. Great Uncle Bulgaria


    Better (17 months) late than never, here's my thirty to go... 1. Clive James 2. Bill Wyman 3. Susan Maughan 4. Roger Hunt 5. George Cohen 6. Buzz Aldrin 7. Sean Connery 8. Warren Buffett 9. John Leyton 10. Michael Caine 11. Petula Clark 12. Jim Dale 13. John Cleese 14. Little Richard 15. Dion DiMucci 16. Julie Andrews 17. Woody Allen 18. Donald Sutherland 19. Ian McKellen 20. Maggie Smith 21. Valerie Harper 22. Barry Briggs 23. Ove Fundin 24. Bjorn Knutsson 25. Little Richard 26. Sophia Loren 27. Mikhail Gorbachev 28. Andrew Parker Bowles 29. Richard Bonynge 30. Tommy Steele Thanks GUB
  7. Great Uncle Bulgaria


    OK here goes. Went for people who I'd heard of before I came anywhere near this site, until I got to number 40 and remembered the object of the exercise. In case anyone looks unfamiliar, 1-7 are footballers, 8-18 are male pop/rock stars, 19-26 are fanciable women (sorry, singers and actresses) of the late 60s and early 70s, 27-30 are athletes, 31-33 are former international speedway riders, 34-36 are UK politicians. 1. Nobby Stiles 2. Martin Peters 3. Peter Lorimer 4. Charlie Cooke 5. Alan Mullery 6. Tony Brown 7. Jimmy Greaves 8. Billy J Kramer 9. Don Powell 10. Colin Blunstone 11. Mike Batt 12. Brian Bennett 13, Roy Wood 14. Pete Budd 15. Cliff Richard 16. Andy Kim 17. Andy Scott 18. Gary Glitter 19. Julie Driscoll 20. Francesca Annis 21. Gabrielle Drake 22. Sandie Shaw 23. Judy Geeson 24. Sally Carr 25. Melanie Safka 26. Olivia Newton-John 27. Ian McCafferty 28. Ian Stuart 29. Heide Rosendahl 30. David Bedford 31. Anders Michanek 32. Terry Betts 33. Ole Olsen 34. David Blunkett 35. Virginia Bottomley 36. David Mellor 37. Joni Mitchell 38. Prince Michael of Kent 39. Princess Michael of Kent 40. Kathleen Blanco. Thanks GUB
  8. Great Uncle Bulgaria


    I wanted it to be one of those can join any time pools for those who missed out on the major dead pools, hence why I revealed my team now. You can join anytime if you want. This game looks fun. Does 'join at any time' run to '17 months after everyone else started' by any chance?
  9. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Been To Any Good Gigs Lately?

    Took other half to see (ahem) Michael Buble the other night. Not really my thing but he's quite charismatic and does what he does pretty well, if you like that sort of thing. audience loved him although he lost them for a bit in the middle, told an anecdote about visiting Bournemouth and made a few mildly off colour remarks about old people which were received in silence - after all this time doesn't seem to have noticed that his fan base are not edgy teenagers but their parents (and in some ases grandparents). He got tham back on side well before the end though. Reasonable night out but given I had to pay Viagogo £350 for a pair of tickets won't be doing it again. In his 40s now and filling out a bit but obviously not going to be of interest to us professionally for decades.
  10. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    MMMDP 2019!

    Sorry yes, know who he is too, but none of the others...
  11. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Guess The Song

    Yes, well done Toast, you win. The other hit was indeed the Stones' Ruby Tuesday and the successful British MOR band with two number ones that also had a minor hot with one of her songs was the New Seekers with 'Look what they've done to my song, Ma'.
  12. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    MMMDP 2019!

    congrats Clorox. ~and thank you for saving me wasting half an hour of my life indulging my curiosity by looking up all those people I've never heard of (barring bracknell and Ricksen) who everyone else chose...
  13. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Guess The Song

    The American singer song-writer is a woman
  14. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    MMMDP 2019!

    kathleen blanco
  15. Great Uncle Bulgaria

    Overrated People

    And Emma Watson is indeed sufficiently drop dead gorgeous to play any role she chooses. She's in my 5 permissible infidelities (see 'Friends' episodes passim) along with Jenna Coleman, Madame Cholet, Anna Friel and Katharina Johnson-Thompson (scouse accent notwithstanding).

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