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  1. Perhaps

    Celebrity Chefs

    Seemingly fine. I occasionally subject myself to checking his tedious social media posts to see if there's any sign of decline. Apparently not. His wife posted this a week ago:
  2. Perhaps

    American Football Players

    Jacoby Jones dead at 40. Second Dancing with the Stars contestant to go recently after Shannen Doherty, will there be a third?
  3. Perhaps

    Inverse Dead Pool 2024

    Not feeling so charmed right now. Position 14.
  4. Perhaps

    Shannen Doherty

    Dropped from every pool I entered this year due to her James Whale/Linda Nolanisms. Tine may be finally running out for the attention seeker terminal cancer folk.
  5. Perhaps

    Donald J Trump

    Ffs, I knew you would be wanking yourself off all over this thread before I opened it.
  6. Perhaps

    Ideas and possibilities for 2025

    Did an interview for his birthday which was yesterday.
  7. Perhaps

    The Deathlist Poker Tournament 2024

    Team sent.
  8. Perhaps

    Death By Numbers 2024

    Out: James Whale Frank Bowling Patrick Murray Daniel Barenboim Bobby Tambling In: Jane McAlevey Sven-Göran Eriksson Nelson Acosta David Irving Yuriko, Princess Mikasa
  9. I know people have acclimatised to the pollution Diego brings but does anyone else think it's getting a bit much? If the ignore option actually blocked their post notifications I wouldn't be arsed, but surely it's getting to the point now that it's spam. Films with entirely dead casts thread, 10 posts since 4th June, 0 likes. Time Added posts since Monday, total likes: 1. Summer Olympic deaths/Dead medalists thread. 7 posts since Monday, 1 like I'm not asking for his head on a pike, it's clear that the admins have decided he's here to stay, but *surely* his quality control needs mentioning. And before "just scroll and ignore" brigade come, I know that it's widely accepted that he's "trying his best" but when you view this as a place to document notable deaths, this sort of posting just degrades the quality of the forum.
  10. Perhaps

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    I believe I've reached my peak at second place. Mutombo was a punt due to the lack of information, Scolyer's glioblastoma seems to be in control for now and gobshite James Whale will never fucking die. I also think Theo Burrell will be a 2025 death. A Caveney or Doering death would be very welcome at this point!
  11. Perhaps

    Twisted DL 2023-2024

    I'll add Mike Peters to the sub bench following Mr. Cowell's death.
  12. Perhaps


    He’s a nutcase. Look at his post history. Let’s just hope he hasn’t reproduced.
  13. Perhaps

    Derby Dead Pool 2024

    Aga-stop posting obits in here when the person you mention is not a pick.
  14. Perhaps

    The Dictionary Deadpool

    I don't think Malachy McCourt has been scored for me yet.
  15. Perhaps

    MMMDP 2024

    Amarildo (Brazilian footballer)

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