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  1. gcreptile

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo Deadpool II

    Yes, none of the seasoned deathlisters had him, NONE. And if someone had him, that person was not a seasoned deadpooler - qed.
  2. gcreptile

    Businesspeople, Investors, Ceos

    Interesting, another "Life extensionist" (see also my post in "Death Links"). Wouldn't it be funny if all his methods actually worked but his coffee kills him?
  3. gcreptile

    Death Links

    Article about "life-extensionists", i.e. people who do everything to live forever: https://www.theguardian.com/global/2019/jun/23/how-to-live-forever-meet-the-extreme-life-extensionists-immortal-science Lots of potential for future ironic deaths.
  4. gcreptile

    African Despots

    Ambachev Mekonnen and Se'are Mekonnen, an Ethiopian politican and an Ethiopian general, were killed in a coup attempt: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/06/ethiopia-army-chief-staff-shot-regional-coup-attempt-190623051059851.html When I saw those names, I was immediately reminded of my joke above, refering to a post by alt obits guy mentioning the Prince Mekonnen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mekonnen_Haile_Selassie
  5. gcreptile

    Reality TV

    Yowza, Beth Chapman in medically induced coma: https://metro.co.uk/2019/06/23/dog-bounty-hunters-wife-beth-chapman-medically-induced-coma-amid-terminal-cancer-struggle-10032805/
  6. gcreptile

    Diego Maradona

    Maradona denies having Alzheimer's: https://www.marca.com/en/football/international-football/2019/06/21/5d0d248c46163f4a4b8b45df.html
  7. gcreptile

    Rupert Murdoch

    He recently had a bout of pneumonia. It's unknown whether he actually was hospitalized. Currently doing better: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/06/20/media/rupert-murdoch-pneumonia/index.html
  8. Tribute video to a german bucket-wheel excavator - Bagger 288:
  9. gcreptile

    Death In The Family

    I'd say, only if your son wants you to.
  10. gcreptile

    Overrated People

    Greta Thunberg - the Climate Change school strike girl. Apparently, she's having the biggest impact in the countries that already have the most ambitious CO2-reduction plans, i.e. Germany and Sweden. The biggest protests are there and here. But look, these countries alone won't change anything. They could return to the stone age and it won't save the climate. In the USA, India and China and so on, nobody really cares. She'll probably get the Nobel Peace Prize this year.
  11. I have a few names that I consider very Spadey. I might even field one or two of them in the Poker Pool. I'm sure your team will be very interesting.
  12. Wishing good luck for you!
  13. gcreptile

    Things To Do While Waiting For Death

    Season Four in November I think? My body is ready.
  14. As BIll Wyman is releasing an autobiography in moving pictures form, he says that he's been completely cured of his cancer with radiotherapy: https://variety.com/2019/music/news/bill-wyman-interview-quiet-one-documentary-1203250428/
  15. I just realized that with Zeffirelli dead, the list is now complete. Zeffirelli was the odd man out - dying 5 1/2 months too late. Reason for this renewed attention is the death of cancer campaigner Andrew Winterbottom: https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/17704316.obituary-fight-bladder-cancer-founder-andrew-winterbottom/ One of the 100%-ers on my list for 2019. I think I have even fewer 100%-ers on my list than last time - of those who already died this year, there are only Rick Elias, and Bruce Corbitt. But that's because I put all those dead-certs-but-not-quite-famous-enough-or-not-living-long-enough-anyway people in a separate list for Cup purposes. There are 14 living 100%ers right now on my list, among them many already known names, but also Marlene Brewer of "Cats in Crisis" and cancer husband Tommy Harris of Northern Ireland. These two might be dead already. Four of these names are additions I made during 2019 - and two or three of those have had an upward adjustment during the year.

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