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  1. gcreptile

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Thanks people for checking the database on your part, by the way. I updated here and there.... for example, Gustav Gerneth was picked four times. As his death went without great notice (well, none at all outside of Germany), he is sub-able. Only one out of those 4 people did provide subs though.... Conway Berners-Lee seems similar. A google search now doesn't immediately show his death, so I subbed him as well, new joker is the 2nd picked person on that team (Murray Walker). Kenneth Alwyn moves in at nr. 20. LotL and LotM are next. Theme team league....not immediately, probably next weekend. Edit: Now that we know how this all works, the process should be better and faster next year. The master datalists need updating. It will happen in the course of the year.
  2. gcreptile

    Hares Death Pool 2020

    Oh yeah, my pick Danny Oosthuizen died in the night from the 5th to the 6th....another massive point haul: https://www.iol.co.za/capeargus/news/beloved-cape-argus-columnist-and-dignity-project-champion-danny-oosthuizen-dies-40143472
  3. gcreptile

    Hares Death Pool 2020

    Deathray, if you have time, you can add those massive 3 pts for Karen Simpson for me again.
  4. gcreptile

    Deathrace 2020

    Banana has two people without q/o now....so yeah, it could have been over. Well, I had Qaboos and David Stern on other deadpools. I could do a whole lot better, too (Grindstaff for me, too). This year, we all were just a little poor with the "fringe famous about to die" people. So now we must wait for the "standard" picks in ill health, you know, Tobin, Arap-Moi and so on... Main disappointments for me: Warren Strain and John "Bam" Carney, probably.
  5. gcreptile

    Inverse Dead Pool 2020

    Well, I do find it very hard this year.... 1. Linda Nolan 2. Angela Lansbury 3. Bill Turnbull 4. Dick Van Dyke 5. Betty White 6. Rolf Harris 7. Billy Connolly 8. Doddie Weir 9. Paul Gascoigne 10. Queen Elizabeth II 11. Barbara Windsor 12. Olivia Newton-John 13. Henry Kissinger 14. Greg Gilbert 15. Olivia De Havilland 16. Leon Spinks 17. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 18. George Alagiah 19. Pope Benedict XVI 20. Jimmy Greaves 21. June Brown 22. Jill Gascoine 23. Prunella Scales 24. Leslie Phillips 25. Nobby Stiles
  6. Well... no more royal highness: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-51163865
  7. gcreptile

    Death By Jazz

    Jazz musician Rex Martey fulfills his life-long ambition of getting a record deal, at 82, and suffering from prostate cancer: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-england-london-51155914/jazz-musician-rex-martey-signs-record-deal-aged-82
  8. gcreptile

    Death By Numbers 2020

    To be fair, Samantha Last is/was an iffy case - but she was a beneficiary of the rule that in cases of doubt, "BBC coverage in any form will convince me" (it's in the rules!). And Last had it: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-norfolk-49771450 By the way, I think the person that gave me the most headscratching was Sir Creep's own pick Erminia Motika, who basically is the mother of an American celebrity chef. She might have a different last name than given, or the name "Motika" is an anglicized version of "Mattichio". But well, it could be that she was in front of a camera herself a few times. So I thought I just go with it instead of a big discussion.
  9. gcreptile

    Death By Numbers 2020

    Yep, Last and Tolkien are in! Also, I had to adjust my formulas for the jokers..... and Deadsox already hit his one, so instead of the previous 40 pts he got 80. Otherwise, slightly quieter than last year, this previous week? Rank Team Points 1 Clorox Bleachman 153 1 Joey Russ 153 1 Death Impends 153 4 RadGuy 152 5 gcreptile 113 5 JiroemonKimura 113 5 Banana 113 8 Book 112 9 drol 108 10 Skinny Kiltrunner 84 10 Torva Messor 84 10 Toast 84 10 msc 84 10 Cpt. Chorizo 84 10 DevonDeathTrip 84 16 Deadsox 80 17 theoldlady 69 18 The Mad Hatter 44 18 Etushispushingupdaisies 44 18 The Quim Reaper 44 18 Kenny 44 22 John Key 40 22 ThePrematureBurial 40 24 markb4 24 25 The Unknown Man 0 25 YoungWillz 0 25 Great Uncle Bulgaria 0 25 Bibliogryphon 0 25 Gooseberry Crumble 0 25 Sean 0 25 Grave Danger 0 25 The Old Crem 0 25 Chilean Way 0 25 Pedro67 0 25 Sir Creep 0
  10. gcreptile

    The Dead of 2020

    List of the missed, as I had him in a theme team. Now I see he obited, but we I couldn't find any news in 3 years.
  11. gcreptile

    Deathrace 2020

    Yeah, thought he might die off the radar. I would now be surprised if something comes up. Too much stuff has happened since the baptism. Such people have to die fast, or they will be forgotten.
  12. gcreptile

    44. Tom Smith

    Telegraph article mostly behind the paywall: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/rugby-union/2020/01/16/former-lions-prop-tom-smith-fight-against-cancer-didnt-want/
  13. gcreptile

    Larry King

    Yeah, pretty bad drop. He's a shell of his former self.
  14. gcreptile

    Only Famous For Being Ill And Dying

    Yeah, it seems to me that the medical sciences (thankfully!) made quite a bit of progress in the bowel cancer department in the past two years. That's how, in my opinion, Greg Gilbert, George Alagiah and Deborah James, could so well so far.
  15. gcreptile

    Derby Dead Pool 2020

    Lol... well, we are three, you were only one! Goes to show where credit is due.

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