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  1. gcreptile

    Hares Death Pool 2019

    My recent hits are Barbara Hammer, Manohar Parrikar and Max Van Weezel - the first triple-digit hit of the year?
  2. gcreptile

    The 100 Club

    Joe Vento recently became a "citizen of the month": https://veterans.nv.gov/spotlight-focuses-on-beloved-long-time-vegas-musician-army-veteran-joe-vento/ Mentions of his declining health, but nothing about cancer. Edit: Wait a second... that's the same story as posted above.... why does Google show it to me as an April 4th 2019 article?
  3. gcreptile

    Death By Numbers 2019

    Alright, a quick update before I leave for a few days and before the ketchup bottle of death ejaculates: New hits: Baroness Warnock, Bill Heine, Con De Lange Also: I only just realized Cpt. Chorizo had Pedro Morales - who died in February with NYT obit. Sorry! This is the new scoreboard, and it shows that Con De Lange was a very significant hit for the new leader! (Gets me out of that awkward position, too....) 1 Death Impends 736 2 GCReptile 725 3 Phantom of the Midway 624 4 Cpt Chorizo 616 5 Banana 588 6 Devon Death Trip 573 7 msc 561 8 Joey Russ 558 9 Clorox Bleachman 548 10 drol 522 11 Sir Creep 478 12 Skinny Kiltrunner 412 13 Grim Up North 334 14 YoungWillz 268 15 Yorkshire Banker 148 16 Book 129 17 Fixed Business 84 18 Prophet 83 19 markb4 81 20 Deathray 73 20 Gooseberry Crumble 73 20 John Key 73 23 Grave Danger 56 24 theoldlady 49 24 The mad hatter 49 26 The old crem 35 27 Bibliogryphon 0 27 The Unknown Man 0 27 The Quim Reaper 0 27 Pedro 67 0
  4. gcreptile

    Death By Numbers 2019

    BBC obit for Con De Lange: https://www.bbc.com/sport/cricket/47986814
  5. gcreptile

    Cricket Thread. Only Mad Dogs And Englishmen

    Scottish cricket player Con De Lange is dead of brain cancer at 38: https://m.sport24.co.za/Cricket/sa-born-scotland-cricketer-passes-away-20190419 He never told how bad it was. Quite a miss for us.
  6. Pig brain partially revived after brain death: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-47960874 Here we go... zombie pigs...
  7. gcreptile

    Where Will The Next School Massacre Be?

    Did she think she was born in the wrong time? Survivor's guilt by proxy?
  8. gcreptile

    Political Frailty

    Strangely enough, ANOTHER former president of Peru is currently in intensive care for high blood pressure: https://www.france24.com/en/20190417-former-peru-president-hospitalized-with-high-blood-pressure Alberto Fujimori, of course, will outlive them all.
  9. gcreptile

    MMMDP 2018

    Everyone thinks the Death By Numbers is a PITA to run - there have only been two deaths in three weeks!
  10. gcreptile

    Political Frailty

    CIA taking over?
  11. gcreptile

    Political Frailty

    There's an interview with Nauru ex-president Sprent Dabwido tonight: https://10daily.com.au/news/a190417bni/torture-former-nauru-president-regrets-allowing-refugee-detention-on-his-island-20190417 His claim of having weeks to live has turned into "days to live". And it's supposed to be his final interview. I wonder if he's going to look the part (teaser video restricted by location).
  12. gcreptile

    Time Added

    All clear: https://www.90min.com/posts/6346084-jose-enrique-given-cancer-all-clear-after-brain-tumour-surgery
  13. gcreptile


    Concerts postponed after a "mysterious accident": https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/8864014/morrissey-cancels-gigs-medical-emergency-canada/ He probably bumped into Vanessa Redgrave, leaving them both with concussions.
  14. gcreptile

    7. Robert Mugabe

    Time for another trip to Singapore: https://www.newzimbabwe.com/mugabe-health-woes-persist-ex-leader-to-spend-month-in-singapore/
  15. Man who was temporarily dead asked God about the meaning of life: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1114104/afterlife-man-died-surgery-god-meaning-of-life-spt God was only willing to tell, if the man turned around to face him - which would have meant dying for good.

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