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  1. gcreptile

    The 100 Club

    Some news from the people I picked in the Centenarian deadpool. Harry Goldsworthy recently celebrated his 107th birthday. He's still living in his own home and fit enough to ride a motorcycle... or at least to sit on it. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/news/air-force-general.html Ruth Apilado is now Illinois' oldest living person. And also, after the death of Hester Ford, the oldest living American is now Thelma Sutcliffe: https://1440wrok.com/midwestern-woman-becomes-oldest-living-american/
  2. gcreptile


    Shaun Ryder says that the 20 years of heroin abuse (he didn't abuse it, did he? He used it the way it's supposed to...) didn't lead to any lasting damage. Apparently, he had low testosterone, but he got it fixed and now his hair is growing back somewhat.. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/may/10/shaun-ryder-i-was-a-heroin-addict-for-20-odd-years-but-theres-been-no-damage-off-that He does have hereditary thyroid problems, though, and a new hip. And ADHS and dyslexia. There'll be a new album.
  3. gcreptile

    The 2021 Deathlist Cup

    "A familiar face in every gym"... My mind is so tainted by the past years.
  4. gcreptile

    Alexey Navalny (pronounced uh-lex-YAY nuh-WAHL-neey)

    Apparently, the doctor is back: https://www.spiegel.de/ausland/russland-alexej-nawalny-ex-arzt-alexander-murachowski-wieder-aufgetaucht-a-ee91872f-2378-4a14-ae72-00e687863c7e
  5. gcreptile

    Alexey Navalny (pronounced uh-lex-YAY nuh-WAHL-neey)

    You know, Russia tries to protect its image, denies poisoning, throwing people out of windows, shooting down planes, etc.... But I have to wonder, isn't it better now to just admit to what they're doing? It seems your risk of dying in Russia due to some accident is intolerably high. I would not want to live in such a dangerous country full of insecure windows and dangerous woods.
  6. gcreptile

    Political Frailty

    Argentine local politician Miguel Lifschitz dead of COVID at 65: https://pledgetimes.com/miguel-lifschitz-died-messages-from-alberto-fernandez-cristina-kirchner-and-horacio-rodriguez-larreta-for-a-man-of-integrity/ Another winning COVID lottery ticket for the Cup, but nobody drew it.
  7. gcreptile

    Dead Architects

    Big name in Berlin, he designed the Sony Center.
  8. gcreptile

    India - How bad can it get?

    Body-eating fungus in India as a COVID side-effect: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-57027829
  9. gcreptile

    Political Frailty

    Former Delaware governor and congressman Pete DuPont, yes, the DuPont family, dead at 86: https://delawarebusinessnow.com/2021/05/former-governor-congressman-pete-dupont-passes-away/
  10. gcreptile

    Stairway To Heaven/ Highway To Hell

    Johnny Solinger, ex-singer of Skid Row, and apparently only the second-biggest frontman in the history of the band, has been diagnosed with liver failure, possibly because of Hepatitis: https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ex-skid-row-singer-johnny-solinger-diagnosed-with-liver-failure/ Prognosis is "not that good" but he wants to get a fundraiser going etc...
  11. gcreptile

    Disc Jockeys

    Whispering Bob now has cancer, I don't yet know what it is...it's probably out there somewhere:
  12. gcreptile

    Non-British Royals

    New Zulu king is Prince Misizulu: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-57035157 However, apparently there's been a family dispute and a brother really doesn't like that. Also, the rumour that Queen Dlamini died of poisoning was just a "misunderstanding".
  13. gcreptile

    The 2021 Deathlist Cup

    Well, I said this month is a lottery, with all the Covid people... only, every ticket wins. I guess it's because the health systems in Latin America and on the Indian subcontinent have collapsed. I see a slight decrease in hospitalizations in recent days. So maybe this wave has peaked. Some scientists though say that it's going to get worse in India. That would make the semi-finals a high-scoring but also pretty stale event. Let's see...
  14. gcreptile

    The 2021 Deathlist Cup

    My pick Cassiano has died: https://wepublishnews.com/news/brazilian-singer-and-songwriter-cassiano-dies-at-77#:~:text=The singer and songwriter Cassiano,then at Carlos Chagas Hospital. The same "wepublishnews" outfit that also scored for Rodolfo Garcia. I'm not sure how legit that is, though.
  15. gcreptile

    Ask A Deathlister

    I see... the mental relaxation for the intellectual. Thanks!

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