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  1. faustus

    David Bowie

    The Man Who Fell To Earth....and then back again...
  2. faustus

    Kirk Douglas

    Yes, old Kirk is knocking on a bit now...one to watch..
  3. faustus

    James Doohan

    Yes, he of Star Trek fame, is 84 and just been diagnosed with alzheimers disease...Looks like he could be up in the heavens again shortly..
  4. faustus

    Sir Patrick Moore

    According to teletext (bbc) he's still in hospital, but recovering ! I fancied a point from this one....damn..
  5. faustus

    Slobodan Milosevic

    Either way...lets hope old Slobo rots in a very nasty hell...
  6. faustus

    Hrh Angus Ogilvy

    You could be right on that one, well worth keeping an eye on....
  7. faustus

    Jack Palance

    ...also Richard Widmark and Norman Wisdom BOTH 89 ! well worth keeping an eye on these two..
  8. faustus

    More Ideas & Possibles for 2005

    I think this forum should just be for well known / famous people, lets try to keep it tidy ?...any comments are appreciated on this subject..
  9. faustus

    The next two to go off the 2004 list?

    I predict Michael Foot & Simon Weisenthal to passover shortly ( i hope )..
  10. faustus

    Margaret Thatcher

    Yes, I refer to the most hated woman in british politics, dear old maggie thatcher, she looked about to keel over at ronnies funeral....or is that wishful thinking !
  11. faustus

    Fantasy Deathlist

    Well, he's not dead yet as far as i know !!
  12. faustus

    Fantasy Deathlist

    Ronnie Corbett !!!...Hopefully..
  13. faustus

    Fantasy Deathlist

    Does anyone agree with me that talentless celebs should be comitted to an early grave ? Celebs (allegedly ) like brian conley, matthew kelly etc.....Your views are welcome..
  14. faustus

    Charlie Drake.

    If he's not dead, he friggin well should be !!
  15. I was in the supermarket the other day and I thought I saw Beckhams name on a loaf of bread. Upon closer inspection I realised it said THICK CUT....
  16. faustus

    World's Strongest Man

    ....It's the steroids that do it, I think so anyway..
  17. faustus

    Simon Wiesenthal

    At least by the time he goes, most or all of the nazis will be dead by now as well..

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