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  1. faustus

    The Tenth Death Of '09

    I went for Kirk Douglas, he's had a few strokes now and he's getting on, could be a safe bet... Is there a prize ??
  2. faustus

    Keith Floyd

    Oh Bugger....I had him down for next year as well, was gonna have him in the DDP stakes..
  3. faustus

    Michael Jackson

    Farrah Fawcett and Jacko both dying on the same day !!! Wow, one played with Majors and the other played with Minors.........
  4. faustus

    Michael Jackson

    Could this set a record for most users on line ?...
  5. faustus

    The Next Piper At The Gates Of Heaven

    well, beefheart gets my vote..
  6. faustus

    Pope Benedict XVI

    Does anyone know if any pope in history has ever been assasinated ? Just my curiosity lol....
  7. faustus

    Where Will The Next School Massacre Be?

    Ok, so it aint a school, but wow am I psychic or summat.....maybe not lol http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8028317.stm PS...is Denmark dutch ???
  8. faustus

    Bird Flu

    Coffins in the USA Worrying US Show "phone-in" (uploaded a week before Swine Flu was reported The government will love this swine flu thing, as it will take everybody's mind of this recession. It will give them the chance to 'bury' a few other of their failings...
  9. faustus

    Formula 1 & Other Motor Racing

    Well if Lewis & McLaren didn't tell fibs & cheated, then they wouldn't have lost points. Bizarre. All they had to do was tell the truth, and at worst they would've lost 1 point - and if Brawn & Toyota are proved illegal (which I doubt), then they would've won. Now they've got nothing & look like cheats. To top this, they've sacked their team manager & Lewis has been grovelling today big style. Very, very strange behaviour. This is all I've got to say about it - I haven't got time for all the side issues above. Besides, is all this the correct thread? Surely, we should have an F1 extra-curricular thread for the discussion, a la football & leave the rest of the thread for illness & death related info (as per the football thread & the Final Whistle or whatever the death football one is) .... Is this possible? Yeh, keep it to a different thread...
  10. faustus

    Barack Obama

    They had a thing on his car in one of the papers at the weekend. It's basically a tank made to look like a limousine. I doubt very much that Obama is going to be driven around London with the top down, on account of the weather and all. There wasn't an option to vote for 96 months, so I went for 48. He has to leave this tank at some point or other, or will they hold this meeting inside the tank ? Knowing the yanks it will be a pretty big tank of sorts.... Oh well, wishful thinking, will find another 'Get rich quick scheme'...LOL
  11. faustus

    Barack Obama

    I hear he's visitin London for this G20 s**te. It might be worth a visit down south, armed with a camcorder, cos if i'm in the right place at the right time I could get his assassination on film, like that geezer did with the Kennedy shooting and make an absolute shed load of dosh by selling it to the highest bidder....
  12. faustus

    40. Josef Fritzl

    Fritl's kids were in a dilemma last weekend, they didn't know what to buy their sister for mothers day ! I shall get my coat....
  13. faustus

    The Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Thread

    How about Anthony Zerbe - Actor D.O.B. 20th May 1936... I think he's still alive and kicking.....I remember him in a film called The Omega Man along with Charlton Heston in the main role...
  14. faustus

    Jane Goodie

    FOR SALE... One blond wig, unwanted mothers day present, never been used.... Apply to Jack/Jackie in Essex..
  15. faustus

    Where Will The Next School Massacre Be?

    Just read on ITV teletext that 2 people are arrested, for plotting to blow up a school and or shopping centre in Tameside, Gtr Manchester, on anniversary of Columbine massacre... Anyone who picked the UK came very close I think... Good job they caught them though...

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