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  1. Book

    DL Prediction Game 2019

    "Thanks" to Fernando Ricksen, I'm one step ahead: 9 : 8
  2. Book

    Fernando Ricksen

    Always sad when a person dies at that age. RIP.
  3. Book

    22. Stirling Moss

    Let's wait and see, first of all he's getting 90 today! This article says, that Moss was not well enough to be present for the 90th birthday celebration at last weekend’s Goodwood Revival : https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/motor-racing/formula1/f1-lewis-hamilton-sir-stirling-moss-90-enzo-ferrari-juan-manuel-fangio-a9107131.html
  4. German designer Luigi Colani has died at age 91. https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2019/09/16/world/europe/ap-eu-germany-obit-colani.html My father was an architecture and design student in the 1970s, and he had contact with Colani during that time. As a student, he had no money but a pregnant girlfriend, and so Colani gave my father a stroller designed by him. The stroller must have looked like that, but the frame was red and the folding roof orange, I think. Unfortunately, I have no access to my personal children's photos.
  5. I was in Cologne too. I wonder if we've met. 

    1. Book


      Really? When did you live there? I lived in Cologne up to 1997, afterwards in Düsseldorf. Do you speak German?

    2. Handrejka


      I was in Cologne from 2000 - 2002. It's a lovely city, I'd move there again if I had the choice. I actually have an MA in German Translation though my everyday spoken German is a little rusty now.  

  6. Book

    9/11 anniversary.

    On 11.09.2001 I was shopping in Cologne with my best friend. We were in a CD department when suddenly a lot of people were staring at the monitors, on which a skyscraper - not immediately recognizable for us - was burning. We could not associate the event at all, went later to a cafe where we learned everything. When I got home, my partner was cooking for us and had not heard of anything. Then we sat in front of the TV for 2 or 3 days and skipped our classes in the university.
  7. Book

    The 9th Death of 2019

    Vera Lynn again.
  8. Book

    20 /20

    Yes, very fine! 1920: Javier Perez de Cuellar + Eileen Bennett 1921: Hugh Downs + Jackie Stallone 1922: Pierre Cardin + Janis Paige 1923: Larry Storch + Pearl Carr 1924: Budge Patty + Eva Marie Saint 1925: Michel Piccoli + Arlene Dahl 1926: Mel Brooks + Alison Lurie 1927: Jerry Stiller + Cleo Laine 1928: Bernard Cribbins + Ethel Kennedy 1929: Ed Asner + Imelda Marcos
  9. Book

    7. Robert Mugabe

    Why are you being so racist?
  10. Book

    Sean Connery

    He should be included in the DL again in 2020.
  11. Book


    Valerie Harper is my fifth hit here.
  12. Book

    Shadow Lists

    Thanks to Valerie Harper I'm at 11 now. It's a little sad, but a hit is a hit...
  13. Book

    DL Prediction Game 2019

    Still a tie because of Valerie Harper: 7 : 7
  14. Book

    The 8th Death of 2019

    Vera Lynn, just because.

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