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  1. David Cassidy

    Yes, and Gary Glitter knocked David Cassidy off the No.1 spot. 1973 also marks a new record in chart history because for the first time 4 singles went straight in at No.1. Beside of Gary Glitter 3 Slade singles achieved that (Cum on feel the noize, Skweeze me, pleeze me and Merry X-mas everybody).
  2. David Cassidy

    His chart run was like: new at 8-2-1-1-1-3-11-13-23-30-30-30-30-28-out. But DL material imo, if he makes it that far.
  3. Death List Convention

    Oh I see, the ordinary German lifestyle!
  4. Death List Convention

    Really?! You are always welcome here! Maybe next year? What did you do back then? My brother also lives near Hanover (Hannover in German), it's called Garbsen!
  5. The 17th death of 2017

    Praying for Billy Graham
  6. Death List Convention

    Good idea. Maybe we can meet halfway. This could be in Hanover. So... DL Convention 2018 in Hanover? Is anybody interested?
  7. Little Richard & Jerry Lee Lewis

    Chuck Berry in March 2017, Fats Domino in October 2017, maybe Little Richard in May 2018?
  8. Death List Convention

    Our little DL-Convention No. 2, this time in the hot city of Berlin on October 21st, 2017. Best weekend of the year!
  9. The Hartlepool Deadlypool

    2 in 1: Gord Downie and Danielle Darrieux for my team, both died on October 17.
  10. There had to be more style on the Crowdsourced DL, so Danielle Darrieux was the perfect pick imo (beside my other ladies, haha!).
  11. You're right. I had her in 4th place, so 47 points from me.
  12. Hooray! Many Thanks, msc!
  13. A hit for my French Theme Team if she's getting a qo. I really liked her in 8 Femmes. German link. It says, she died on Tuesday according to her partner. http://www.focus.de/kultur/kino_tv/im-alter-von-100-jahren-franzoesische-schauspielerin-danielle-darrieux-gestorben_id_7736024.html
  14. 16. Gord Downie

    The DL front page picture of Gord Downie looks like he was Freddy Krueger
  15. Rotten Dead Pool

    Same here