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  1. Book

    James Bond 007 (Connery/Moore/Villains etc)

    ...and the 4th hit of my French theme team (which is doing better than my German theme team ).
  2. Book

    DL Prediction Game 2020

    Some of us had Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Book, BuffaloPhil, Cant Wait, CaptainChorizo, Deathray, gcreptile, Joey Russ, msc, RadGuy, Sean, The Mad Hatter, The Old Crem, theoldlady, TomTomTelekom & YoungWillz + the Commitee. RIP RBG. + Lee Kerslake: Etushispushingupdaisies, Joey Russ, nantonian2013, The Mad Hatter, The Old Crem, theoldlady & TomTomTelekom.
  3. Book

    The 15th Death of 2020

    ok, Bob Dole then...
  4. Book

    38. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Oh, terrible news on this morning...
  5. Book

    Shadow Lists

    Benedict XVI should be included on next years list, yes. The main problem is the lack of interest of the UK press in German actors, musicians, politicians imo, so no qualifying obits for many of my hits in the past.
  6. Book

    Shadow Lists

    That only makes it worse!
  7. Book

    Shadow Lists

    Based on my current shadow list, I also didn't know 22 people when I came across this forum in 2013 (minus 6ix9ine, as he was not yet public). But over time, I also took the obvious candidates into my teams so that I could get points. And that is the goal: to get more points than the biggest competitor, maybe better than the committee, better than your own team from last year. Also, I have never heard of Tom Smith or Genesis P-Orridge before, but they were much discussed people here in the forum from the art/music or sports area, it was obvious to include them. With Bill Gates Sr., that wasn't so clear, which is why he's considered one of the most controversial DL picks this year. Genesis P-Orridge certainly too, but as I said: They were a major topic and discussed. For most people, Gates Senior was simply the "father of", which for many users is not enough to get on the list. And while the DL had a hit with one of the most controversial picks of 2020 (Gates), my shadow list also had a hit with Pat Smullen (whom, of course, I didn't know before) - an Irish jockey with incurable cancer. He could have been a very good and fitting pick on the DL ... Regarding the remaining candidates on my shadow list: I think that everyone is a well-known personality in their own right, famous or known through music, drama, politics, media, etc. Certainly it always depends on the personal point of view, e.g. Jackie Stallone (also a mother of ...) is a celebrity for me, Gates Senior is not like that. And about the Germans: More of them could be represented at the DL! Three French in 2020 but not a single German? - A scandal!! But no matter: With their tactics, the DL has 13 hits so far, with my tactics I have 17 hits. All is well.
  8. Book

    48. William H Gates

    And why she isn't on the list? Sounds like an A-lister! Would love to see her on the next DL!
  9. Book

    48. William H Gates

    So finally time to include Jackie Stallone, mother of... ehm, Frank for example
  10. Book

    Shadow Lists

    Up to 17/50 thanks to Bill Gates Sr. Pat Smullen.
  11. Book

    DL Prediction Game 2020

    Only The Mad Hatter had Pat Smullen; nobody had Bill Gates Sr. - how come???
  12. Book

    20 /20

    You have to know that nobody knew about his existence before
  13. Book

    The 14th death of 2020

    Next hit is one for the heart... Betty White.
  14. Book

    48. William H Gates

    His death must be some kind of satisfaction for the Committee. Well played.

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