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  1. Book

    Sarah Harding

    The only song I know from Girls Aloud (beside from covered songs) is Sound of the underground which would make a good headline for her if she's a hit on next year's DL.
  2. Book

    20 /20

    Grrr, it's a shame! And I'm riding on Mel Brooks since September 2017!!!
  3. Book

    how long till' the next hit ?

  4. Book

    20 /20

    Sorry, it was my fault, I sent a list to Biblio which wasn't updated.
  5. Book

    The 19th Death of 2020

    Tom Smith because he is my joker. Need some more points
  6. Book

    Thoughts and Opinions on the 2020 List

    Congratulations to the Committee for creating a record-breaking DeathList! Well done! We all watch out for 2021!!!
  7. Book

    The DL Prediction Game 2020

    Not only YoungWillz and the Committee had the record breaker Valéry Giscard D'Estaing but also Book, BuffaloPhil, Cant Wait, CaptainChorizo, Clorox Bleachman, Etushispushingupdaisies, Great Uncle Bulgaria, msc, nantonian2013, RadGuy, Sean, The Mad Hatter, Vaagheid.
  8. Book

    19. Valery Giscard d'Estaing

    Oh, some nice news in the morning: Another hit for my theme team and a broken record!
  9. Book

    Advent Avalanche 2020

    Congratulations, Spade!
  10. Book

    20 /20

    I think it's a wise decision to end and to change this game! And there is still enough time for more hits until the end of the year! It's not over yet!
  11. Book

    Advent Avalanche 2020

    Damn, nearly missed this! So... Ged Stokes for me.
  12. Book

    The DL Prediction Game 2021

    Please breathe
  13. Book

    The DL Prediction Game 2021

    All the teams for 2021:
  14. Welcome to this fine competition to predict the frontpage of this site: The DeathList Prediction Game 2021! In 2015 our very dear Vaagheid started the DL Prediction Game. After 3 years of hosting this competition he decided to retire. And because I really like the game, I've taken over as your new host. But what is it all about? Not that hard: What do you think the official DeathList 2021 will look like? Which celebrities will be chosen by the Committee in which order? If you were the Committee how would you compile the list? Please tell us by picking 50 celebrities listing them from No.1 to No. 50. There also will be a scoring system: +10 points for the exact position +5 points if the person is on the DL 2021 but 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 positions away from the original position +4 points if the person is on the DL 2021 but 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 positions away from the original position +3 points for every newcomer who also entered the DL 2021 +2 points for every returnee who entered the DL again +1 point if the person is on the DL 2021 but more than 10 positions away from the original position 0 points for unique picks -3 points for every pick who is not listed at the DL 2021 You are allowed 3 extra names (in order of priority) who will replace a name if one person dies before the list is online on New Year's Day. The player with the most points will win the DL Prediction Game! But even after this announcement, which will take place on New Year's Day or maybe one day later, the game is not over because it is exciting and interesting to see, who will win a little side kick game at the end of 2021: Were you smarter than the Committee? Did you have more hits than the original DL? Would your list have won? Please send me your DL Prediction Top50 through PM until the 30th of December 2020 at 23:59 CET (mainland Europe time 22:59 GMT). All entries are welcome if they include 50 different people in a chosen order from No. 1 to No. 50 (also your Shadow List will do, for example) and 3 subs. Hall of Fame: 2016: Book 2017: Book 2018: John Key 2019: Vaagheid 2020: TomTomTelekom
  15. Book

    The DL Prediction Game 2020

    This time the force was with Clorox Bleachman, nantonian2013, Radguy, theoldlady and ThereWillBeDeaths7. Currently there is a tie between theoldlady, TomTomTelekom and me: 21 hits each. TomTomTelekom is already the winner anyway, but can he also win the side game?

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